Firings At Media Agency Spark Concerns As Trump-Appointee Takes Helm | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @Muddy Water Then if it’s everyone except America’s enemies who think Trump is bad news, what does that tell you?

    2. That is how you take out democracy. Little here, little there from the big picture until you have nothing left and it is too late. Trump is dictator in the making.

    3. @Kyte Diane Yes. First you get rid of all the honorable political and judicial people and replace them with sycophants, then you burn the Reichstag and blame it on (antifa) terrorists, then you take control of the (Voice of America) media for propaganda purposes.

    4. @Muddy Water , maybe no mainstream media coverage because it was a community gang shooting & not a cop shooting?

    5. @Muddy Water your right, and it’s sad for the family’s. When people die for no reason the news should broadcast. Everyone is important.

  1. Every day the News gets worse. Can’t wait until Trump is gone. I hope Biden reverses every Executive Order issued over the past 4 years.

    1. @The Tweatles Hey stupid. Haven’t seen you trolling in awhile.
      What happened? Did you get lost putting on a t-shirt again??

    2. @The Tweatles Of course he supports equal rights fool turmpkin.. He’s not a brainless A hole like you.


    4. @honest man I know, it seems to be the dawning of the age of the “strongman” when the world’s two largest democracies should be shining a light on corruption, attracting and encouraging soft revolutions for liberty and freedom. We have to trust in our institutions and act with purpose, pro-socially, under the law to defeat them

    1. It called an authoritarian dictatorship where we must praise our “Dear Leader” daily.
      Everyone will have to be a Trump shiteater and call it meatloaf.

    2. @Dark Star Yes, narcissistic behavior is a dease. More dangerous that pharrell’s phycopath intentions.

    1. this happened partly on the advise and order of brother Vlad. Yes, it is big. Turning everybody in minions is not so funny

    1. The White House elites need to wake up. I think Russia is the reason why Trump is still in Office. America has fallen big time.

  2. It’s all part of trumps plan to become America’s first dictator and the republicans are just standing by and allowing him like they are terrified of him

    1. Dawn Short your right Dawn but I don’t understand why they are doing what they are doing to America I’ve said before trump has become America’s first dictator and he has been allowed to get away with it I’m really surprised he hasn’t been given the Kennedy bullet I really am he is dragging America into further world isolation and the other world leaders are mocking him and no one in America is doing anything about it unfortunately Dawn trump has turned America into the biggest embarrassment in the world right now he needs to be stopped anyway take care of yourself my best wishes from Stevie in Britain

    2. K H KH your right mate if they were all prosecuted they would fighting among themselves to get the deal with the Feds they would turn on him your comment is a very valid one take care and my best wishes from Stevie in Britain

    3. DRUMPF 😈 and PUTIN 😈 have SO much dirt on these GOP😈 CREATURE 😈 DEMONS 😈 they’re scared shitless!!

  3. Federally funded means funded by Tax dollars. so the depth of his willingness to sell us out and steal democracy has no limit. c’mon Dems find a way to block this. this is the action of dictators.

    1. To block this would require the Senate Republicans[read:McConnell]to ally with House Democrats. Ain’t gonna happen, unfortunately.

  4. Imagine for a second if the republican enablers still controlled congress. We would likely be living under a dictatorship under Marshall Law.

    1. Trump TV …. more like A Nightmare on Elm Street. One hopes that congress steps in and totally defunds this for the next months. Trump and his corrupt cronies have sunk to lows that are unbelievable. The comparisons to Nazi Germany become more and more stark with almost everything these criminals try to engineer now.

    2. He is making a Steve Bannon approved white nationalist Murican propaganda channel. Wake up centrists.

    3. @FU T He has also forgotten that he has the blood of 120K dead Americans on his and the repubs hands.

  5. Yet another well-known US institution being gutted and turned into a Trump-centric propaganda machine. The destruction of the USA continues…

  6. Is he a King, a Dictator or a President?? Turning into North Korea…..This is scary people …

    1. @FU T Trump meets clinical criteria for both a Narcissistic Personality Disorder and an Antisocial Personality Disorder. The overlap between the two is referred to as a Malignant Narcissist and is common among murderous dictators.

    2. trump & his family are dangerous, they know nothing of politics.trump had 5 bankrupties,he can’t run a business, how can he run a country? His 2 sons are idiots ,ivanka a wanna be Barbie, kushner i don’t trust is eyes & that little smile gives me the creeps.Now he’s going to bankrupt the US. I hope they all go to prison &stay there for the rest of their sorry lives.

    1. Lying is pretty wrong! Trump said he was not involved and Barr says under oath he was! That my friend is a lie!

    1. NegroDamus The voting 🗳 places are greatly decreased! GREATLY! Look at the Moscow Mitch’s Kentucky!

    1. Desperado5501 Chaz is one community of morons. Trump controls an entire nation, which is only under half morons

    1. @Alex Hamilton A crime of betraying one’s country and/or trying to overthrow the government.

      Trump’s done both countless times. He’s implemented many orders that go against public interest (and basically just screwing the country to give his rich friends more money).
      He’s also completely destroyed many government agencies and replaced capable leaders of departments and placed brainless cronies in their place.

      So, yes, Trump is blatantly committing treason.

    2. @Adam Taylor No, he has gone against the left’s interest. Destroying many government agencies? Conservative. Placed brainless cronies in the place of capable leaders. (Obama) Got it LOL

    3. @Alex Hamilton sad little alex! You really having nothing worthwhile in your life to spend your time on so you spend all this time and energy trolling news sites to spew nastiness? Pathetic.

  7. Trump is doing as much as he can to stack the decks for him and his mates before he gets kicked out. It is stunning to watch the downfall of this country under this mobster.

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