FLA Boss Fires Back | Dog Attacks in Santa Cruz | TVJ Midday News – Feb 18 2022

FLA Boss Fires Back | Dog Attacks in Santa Cruz | TVJ Midday News - Feb 18 2022 1


  1. What is happening to Shane Dalling , he should not be complaining, he did not let it be known to the public that illegal activities had being taking place, after he toke office, he kept it a secret, the murder of that business man in Swallowfield which ended in a shoot out with the JCF last year that man had no business owning a license fire arm.

    1. Better late than never, we need more Shane Dalling, knowing how politics decide everything in Jamaica, if you want to keep your job you have to remain silent and loyal and this is not good for Jamaica.
      We need constitutional changes, this winner takes all politics is not benefiting ordinary citizens, it’s only suits the party that win the election.

  2. All business establishments in Jamaica should have a restroom for their customer, Jamaica need to stop live in the pass they adapted all the bad things from other countries, but the good things they ignore.

  3. God Bless America 🇺🇸, if it was here in America 🇺🇸 police would have been involved already, but Jamaica police all they do is prey on taxi men.

  4. The man speak the truth now they want to remove him
    Jamaica is so corrupt no wonder the country not getting any better

    1. That is exactly what am talking about and they talk about a better country with these wicked politician it will never happen

  5. All I know is he’s the first person to talk about what we already know, so he should stay and keep telling us what’s going on and try to fix the situation

  6. They give gun license to so many criminals and so many legitimate businessmen a law abiding citizens can’t get one. What d f…k is happening ..why should be hard to get a legal firearm…why …

  7. 2 days ago me and some other person’s were having a discussion about this same FLA issue. And one person said to us, “uno c peter bunting, uno tink him easy” and now to hear this new, Mr Bunting a ask for this man to resign? 🤔 Lol

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