Flash Flood Warning | Tackling Student Violence #TVJMiddayNews – April 20 2022

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  1. How nobody not out as yet protesting for those senseless killing πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€·πŸ€·

  2. How come no covid report? smh..Covid just disappear like that after 2 years of trauma from the media et al.

  3. I dont understand some jamaican people them behaving like is mobay alone get flood out u people need a heart of love and mercy

  4. So the 3 person that lost their lifes have to wait till almost the end of the news before their stories get coverage or mention. Seems like verything is about views and youtube watch time these days.

  5. All these developments across the island is disrupting nature water drains and they not creating any

  6. Rain cause Flash flood this month, couple of month ago and couple of months before this, until the next flash flood nothing will not be done. They just like to talk. Action is required

  7. Ms. Ramsey and willing mothers like her should be paid by the government to do public outreach all across the island on TV, radio and social media. Just imagine the change that could be affected if the popular entertainers of today would be more like her.

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