Florida Law Fines Social Media Companies For Banning Candidates | MSNBC 1

Florida Law Fines Social Media Companies For Banning Candidates | MSNBC


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a law that gives the state the power to penalize social media companies when they ban political candidates. State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Dave Aronberg, discusses.

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Florida Law Fines Social Media Companies For Banning Candidates | MSNBC


  1. Forcing someone to carry your speech is the opposite of free speech. Conservative views are BARBARIC and NOT POPULAR and that’s not social media’s fault.

    1. @Damen Rabbitt just because you refuse to see the very obvious logic doesn’t mean that it isn’t there, it simply means that you’re entirely too stupid to understand even the most basic of concepts.

    2. @Justin – Basic as concepts as what? 1st ammendment or 2nd amendment of the Constitution….let’s start there lefty

    3. @Damen Rabbitt basic concept like… gee.. I don’t know, maybe being able to know what people actually said rather than what you imagine they said? Seems like common sense to me

    1. @Gary Campbell Sorry, shrieking purse swinger, my posts get deleted all the time by the fascist censors at MSNBC despite the fact I regularly stomp Moby Trump’s Death Cult (aka modern republicans)

    2. @mike briganti So, you’re so “manly” because you attack any female whose opinion you don’t like by invoking “gender studies”. What answer do you have for me, your clear intellectual and moral superior? (I should just change my screen name because I get tired of pointing out my graduate degree in abstract math AND undergrad degrees in BOTH chemistry AND physics). Maybe you _should_ have enrolled in women’s studies. Then your feelings towards women wouldn’t be hatred resulting in you being such a lonely angry LOSER

    3. @Heritage Karma Why don’t you act out on the hate liberals create for themselves on me? Well, you wouldn’t like your chances if you were in firm grasp of reality. Besides, I’m not a liberal

    4. @mike briganti Just wondering, angry “genius”, but are you a real account while I am fake? Let’s see: You – member for 2 years, 2 uploads, 2 subscribers, 103 views. In contrast, me – member for 8 years, 95 unique uploads (that is, things that I created), 460 subscribers (and I don’t know ANY OF THEM PERSONALLY), more 206K views

    5. And wasting time covering up the fact he has no beneficial policies at all and can’t be bothered to do his job.

    1. @Gregg It’s sure wasting our time! Real Leadership has no business whatsoever tweeting around like a self centered teenybopper. Let them use their own platform. Never Ever GOP Again!

    2. @MTN17 If the MSM weren’t colluding and lying AKA Russia Collusion delusion he wouldn’t have had to tweet.

    3. @Gregg If he weren’t such an imbecile he could have done the job and had plenty of intellect left over to give an address once in a while. On the MSM! But it’s not just trump. I’d rather no politicians were using social media. Their communications should be formal, civil and accountable.

    4. @MTN17 Well some of that I can agree with but the MSM had it out for Trump from day one and so did the new socialist party After all, they did say they’d impeach him from day 1. Someone has something to hide? I get the Trump thing, he’s hard to listen to with an ego the size of the WH but he was doing the right things for the country. If the MSM hadn’t suppressed things like Hunter’s laptop and his old man being for sale to the highest bidder Trump would be President. Enjoy dementia. As far as giving an address once in a while, Trump took all the hard questions almost daily from all the reporters. Dementia is pitiful. Can’t take a question because he’s going to get in trouble lol. He is weak and that makes your country weak which is why you are being tested by places like Russia, China and Iran. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

  2. I thought Republicans were for the free market taking care of everything? DeSantis has visions of the White House dancing in his head – I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher!

    1. Looks like you socialists fear DeSantis as much as they fear Trump…………as they should. He would make a great President. You lefties sure don’t like a level playing field do you? You won’t vote for DeSantis for a dogcatcher but you vote for a peon with dementia for President. Sounds about right. Let me guess, you’re going to say your and independent and didn’t vote for dementia.

    2. I wouldn’t let him or any other member in his filthy GQP within 10 feet of my dog, either.

  3. I would laugh if Facebook and google just had a laugh and instead of fighting the law they just opened Theme Parks.

    1. They can set up the paperwork on that pretty fast and both have theme parks “under construction” by the end of the month

    2. @schwig44 Buy up an existing mom-and-pop one, re-theme it in a deliberately cheesy, semi-ironic way. That way he doesn’t get to brag about creating jobs and there’s more money left over to pour into his opponent’s campaign.

    3. @nlpnt my point was they can do it on paper only if they wanted, even cheaper than buying a mom and pop

  4. I look forward to the court striking down Florida’s ‘Don’t hurt Donald Trump’s feelings’ law

    1. @Noreb Your two phrases in the second your second paragraph present a distinction without a difference. The TOS is “you can’t say,” cessation of platform access if the “or else.” Censorship is to me a broader term than prior restraint. Please stop pettifogging.

    2. @Heritage Karma dont know the constitution do you, supreme court has ruled on similar laws before as unconstitutional and it will again

    3. @N 827 can only hold 2 terms as president, got to win twice in a row before winning 3 consecutive times, sorry but the facts done care about youre reality or feelings

    4. @Christopher Oliver you don’t get to change the usage of a word to suit your argument. That’s dishonest.

    5. @TheKosmikid I use it as I always have. I am not equivocating. I believe it it instead dishonest to narrow a definition to support your argument. Don’t screw with me. I do not have patience with crap. Censorship is abrogation of another’s speech plain and simple.

  5. Social media companies should “blackout” Florida. Let Floridians punish DeSantis when they get tired of being isolated.

    1. @Andrew M You have no idea of the definition of Racist. People like YOU have ruined the true meaning.

  6. The first amendment includes the right not to speak or associate. Republicans are performing for an immoral movement. These people need to be locked up.

    1. Absolutely. Them Flat citizens can pick up the tan for more legal work on behalf of Governor Bonehead.

    2. @Mary Garcia probably… IP address BBC blocks viewers from other countries who try to access their content. Unless you actively go out of your way to get back on, blocking FL IP addresses should work.

  7. Exactly – Harvard should be ashamed their stamp is on his law degree and if they had an ounce of decency, they would revoke it…. The shine of the ivy league in general is systematically being wiped away by these disingenuous politicians they’ve supposedly trained imo.

    1. Wiped away from politicians haha! Not subversion lol! Those ivy league universities are the definition of compromised.

    2. I mean, a fly ultimately means nothing when compared to the elephant. Nothing is going away any time soon, but the 97% of Americans that aren’t part of the ‘swamp’, could only hope things change.

  8. They’re all for free markets, until the free market does something they don’t want it to do.

    1. @T. R. Campbell Free market does not mean a business has to do business with all. You keep confusing these two concepts. Also, the main issue with the baker in CO is the fact that they were being asked to design a custom cake that violates their own personal beliefs. It is a completely different and separate issue from the issue being discussed. Businesses have the right to refuse service to those who do not abide by their policies and their terms of use. Period.

    2. @Ryan Finney We don’t believe business has the right to refuse service. This is not a Democrat party platform issue. We must impose our will on everybody. We must not permit discrimination no matter the religious core values.
      I mention as an example of a Colorado baker, I also mentioned the Little sisters of the poor but I forgot Hobby Lobby. We have come out against the “my pillow guy “and are attempting to destroy his business through the Woke culture or the cancel culture has some call it. We are destroying Trump because he showed the American people that they can get along without the corrupt and entrenched political class and globalism.
      All of this is out there and very poignant.

    3. @T. R. Campbell Ummm so no business has the right to refuse service to someone that isn’t abiding by terms of service or the private policies of that business? Wow. So much for private businesses, eh? Also, I find it incredibly funny that you think somehow you’re in the right on this. This law will 100% be struck down once it is appealed.

    4. @Ryan Finney That’s the way it seems. I believe teenagers are exempted. But we demand their company is not discriminate you’re not refuse service. The Democrat party wants to impose its will on everybody no matter religious believes or court values. This is the USA today.

    5. @Ryan Finney ignore him, if he was born in 19th century, he would be hardliner in perry’s crew, the type to point a gun at your head and demand you to open up shop at 6am when you clearly states hours 9am to 9pm

    1. @Greg Jensen good for you..I will stand with Jesus Christ and his message..life is a flicker of a flame and can be snuffed out in a nano second..will put my faith in eternity with him..

    2. @d d Gaetz helped him get his position and now he is bailing on Gaetz, probably because he is involved with the same crimes

    1. Well, they haven’t had any business to the amusement parks and they need something to take up slack….
      Make another SINKHOLE!!

    2. if they dig any more holes, they’ll be under water- and with climate change, it’ll cease to be a state soon

    1. @T. R. Campbell By the way Capitalism doesn’t work either, to prove it just see the recurrent economic crisis, the beginning of the present-day notion of what is capitalism, appears around 16 and 17 hundred, and the first capitalist crisis know was in 1720, The bursting of the South Sea Bubble and Mississippi Bubble…and the reason Marx and Engels “created ” communism was to CURE the multitude of capitalist crisis that happened in the XIX century…

    2. @João Nunes I don’t think so. It seems to be the only social, economic and political system that is working.

    3. @João Nunes capitalism always bounces back and resumes prominence. Even the Chinese communist had to embrace the form of capitalism to save their government.

    4. @João Nunes I’m not ranting, I’m sitting here with a smile on my face. I am simply stating a fact. When I talked about a field social system communism is deeply ingrained with society meaning that nobody owns property and everything is communal. Face the fact Socialism and communism are proven failed systems. The best example I can give is Communist China having to go to a form of capitalism to save their government. This is not a rant, I’m still smiling, I’m just stating facts.

    1. That is just what I was thinking: No social media for a day and they all go back to chasing pythons and wrestling alligators.

    2. In some parts of the world, governments ban social media platforms to control the flow of information. Would we let a company control information flow into and out of a region of the US? Maybe funny to joke about but pretty scary in the end.

    3. Suits me if they saw Florida off and let it be an island free of the USA completely. Florida is disgusting

    4. Thats exactly what will happen
      Starting now
      to avoid fines
      Social media Services will be stopped for everyone in Florida
      till this law is changed
      Cant stop them stopping there platform in Florida

    5. I would laugh but I’m there, and these crazies will start eating faces off like its bath-salt-2012 if you take away their access to q

  9. Desantis can never become President. This shows how far he will bend to appease a wannabe dictator.

    1. a simple IP ban for all from FL should make sure no one from FL has a voice… which should make the world a smarter place 😛

    2. Yeah let’s not get into banning localities from information. You’d have dangerous precedent with that move.

    3. @62mer if you are getting your information from SOCIAL MEDIA…then you belong IP banned in FL with them… clearly FL isn’t getting SMARTER having access to SOCIAL MEDIA 😛 not IP banning FL from the internet… JUST SOCIAL MEDIA. 🙂

  10. The GOP and MAGA are just throwing permanent temper tantrums now. This DeSantis law (which will be struck down) is just laughably stupid.

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