Florida Sets New Daily High For Covid-19 Hospitalizations 1

Florida Sets New Daily High For Covid-19 Hospitalizations

Florida set a new daily high for Covid-19 hospitalizations with over 10,000 new Covid patients admitted, majority of those patients being the 40 percent who are unvaccinated. NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard reports. 

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Florida Sets New Daily High For Covid-19 Hospitalizations


    1. @JK F1 You’re making too much sense. It’s inconvenient for them. Take it easy, you might stress them out which would lower their immune system and weaken the “vaccine” that they already have. They’re just worried about your safety.

      And theirs? I’m confused. What does the vaccine do?

    2. @JK F1 Again, it sounds like you don’t want unvaccinated people voting. I do agree, It would keep a lot of dumb-dumbs from voting for their favorite clown, but it won’t stop all of them.

    1. @Kristin S Well, it’s nice to know Mr. DeSantis is a thing, a “which” not a “whom”. I always suspected he wasn’t really human.

    2. Let’s be real with all the people moving from PA and NY DeSantis won’t be reelected. There moving by the thousands from blue states

    3. @Americas Most wanted true. Same with Texas. We were really considering making the move and then the flood from California started. Ugh no way!

    1. @MACCLOVEN ik what the other symptoms are . My 31 year old som died as I watched him on video . Only way I was allowed to see him back when trump told us it was under control.

    2. @Cant belive the bs Never ever that thing you got alters your genes…there no fact saying you are not the new wave…

    1. @Da Debbil yeah the Qanuts are everywhere. They’re actually killing themselves for their cult leader. Jim Jones ain’t got nothing on Donald Trump’s body count!

    2. What’s interesting is the less lethal Delta strain is causing more hospitalizations?? Why? Has there been a change in public health policy? As we have seen, public health officials are willing to mislead and manipulate the public to suit their purposes…what ever that may be.
      Fauci – masks, masks, masks and masks
      Fauci – herd immunity
      Fauci/WHO – lab leak “conspiracy theory”
      CDC – reporting COVID related deaths
      Facebook/Twitter/YouTube – censorship

  1. “Someone should introduce a bill mandating that you have to show your vaccination card to vote, and watch everyone on the left’s brain malfunction and explode”

    1. @Reversefiltration well they just showed in this video that Cali had the most new cases over the last 72 hours….

    2. California is reinstating a lot of their Covid safety precautions as they face an increase in new daily infections. Florida is determined to do everything they can to remove these safety measures despite their increase in daily new cases.

      What blows my mind is that you clicked on a video about Florida, then complain in the comments about how the video talking about Florida wasn’t talking about California.
      If you really wanted to find info on California, why did you click on a video talking about Florida?
      Why didn’t you find a video about California?

      Do you just like to complain, or did the US education system let you down too?

    3. @Joel Weber I think the point is that there ISN’T a video about California even though California has more new cases while also having more restrictions.

    1. @Kyle Bolton I think Sgt Nordell was referring to the non-stop death counters during Trump’s administration — which immediately disappeared when Biden’s “refreshing” administration took over. The media are obviously circling the wagons for Biden’s failures — especially with Midterm elections just over the horizon.

    2. @Duke of Prunes II Hm, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I feel like the federal government is doing as much as they can right now and it’s not Biden’s fault. If you look at things politically (which is always dangerous haha) the states that voted for Biden by solid margins are all doing far better than the deeply conservative states and it’s almost entirely due to vaccinations. I think a lot of that is due to state governments and I think liberals are frustrated with the states lagging behind. I don’t think they’re really blaming Biden for this because it’s such a state-specific issue that coincides with the people who are ignoring the recommendations of him and his scientists. Still, however, I do agree that they should continue to have the numbers there. I don’t like how the media pretended that Biden’s inauguration suddenly saved the country from covid. I appreciate his leadership and policies but I don’t like what is essentially propaganda. Thank you for listening if you read all the way through!

    3. @Duke of Prunes II well yea, and I’m sure they’re not confusing dying with covid, and dying from covid anymore which ate 2 different things bit were conflated when Trump was in office.

  2. Florida Man at his finest, keep up the great work until he makes the endangered species list, as Democrats my whole family thanks you.

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