Fmr. CDC Acting Dir: Increasing Trust In Public Health System Is 'Critical' | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

Fmr. CDC Acting Dir: Increasing Trust In Public Health System Is ‘Critical’ | Katy Tur | MSNBC


With the emergency use authorization around the corner, the difficult work of actually getting the vaccine in people's arms begins. Former Acting Director of the CDC, Dr. Richard Besser, joins Katy Tur to discuss. Aired on 12/11/2020.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Fmr. CDC Acting Dir: Increasing Trust In Public Health System Is 'Critical' | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. Life only returns to normal by being grateful for these Heaven sent Vaccines. Do it for the ones we’ve lost to this nightmare.

    1. Science sent vaccines. I’m not trying to be an a-hole but part of this entire problem is people thinking science doesn’t matter or they want to put other things above science. The truth is that science works and magical thinking doesn’t. If you jump out of a window you will fall because of gravity, that is always true. You cannot change that by the power of conviction.
      Hopefully when this vaccine works people will realise this and next time trust science above everything else.

    2. @Wally Censorship Nobody believes man evolved from apes. But, intelligent people know that apes and mankind evolved from a common ancestor. Why else would we share 99% of our DNA with chimpanzees? Or is that too complicated for your understanding?

    1. Autumn Soy, Dementia Joe was against travel bans and said that preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic,while Trump made travel bans! Its estimated that over 2 million Americans would have died from Cuomo-19 under Dementia Joe Kid Touch!

    2. @autumn rain No I will just follow the truth and the truth is you can’t say anything that I said is wrong!

    1. Republicans are going to have to accept that their Party doesn’t believe in American Democracy. As their Party’s leaders have made clear. They may be fine with that where “their guy” loses in a free and fair election. But, now they have to OWN that view.

  2. There are too many liars and Scrooges who think they are in charge. The only thing they are in charge of is, is absolutely nothing!!!


  4. Half of the hospital personnel in Florida say they will wait. When your governor is deceptive about the numbers and testing its hard to trust anything else.

    1. Yeah, I’m extremely worried about states like Florida and South Dakota, where the governors have been defying all of the public health recommendations from the beginning – and in some cases even denying that COVID is serious at all. Here in Illinois, our governor is working closely with physicians and other public health officials, and I think we’ll do okay. But I worry a lot about friends in states like Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi, where the high office officials have not done nearly as well.

    2. @David Whiteis Trump thinks he’s going to come a run Florida. Tallahassee Dems and Rep. won’t have it. DeSantis has left us into herd immunity. Hopefully he gets investigated by FBI and is compelled to resign soon. They have a lot on him I hear.

  5. The foregoing step-grandfather directly stare because barber biochemically wrestle until a sloppy brother-in-law. well-groomed, broken look

    1. @Frail Bones Biden
      So where’s y’all’s Trump Care?
      Why did my late husband and I leave the Republican Party?
      Why are y’all HATERS?
      And Go pay my VA Healthcare and include Medical Marijuana for real patriots. Fake Patriot.

    2. @Frail Bones Biden
      Republicans are traitors and murderers and terrorists and kidnappers of Democrat governors KKK

      Y’all leave a trail Morons

    3. @Frail Bones Biden
      Socialists like y’all can’t handle the truth. Lemmings like you are nothing but squatters.

  6. Congress and Senate should be locked in the room until they make a deal, as long as they go home each day to their Mansions why worry about Americans

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