Fmr. CIA Director: ‘I Saw A Travesty’ | Deadline | MSNBC

John Brennan, former CIA director, reacts with Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire, former congressman David Jolly, Politico’s Jake Sherman, MoveOn’s Karine Jean-Pierre, and former DNC senior advisor Doug Thornell to the president’s press conference where he railed against the impeachment inquiry. Aired on 10/02/19.
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Fmr. CIA Director: ‘I Saw A Travesty’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. He might just unite them before he leaves , if his supporters wake up and there is a landslide against him.

    1. Says the party that paid millions for the fake Russian dossier. Trump is the GOP. Without him, they would have been trampled and left out to dry. Too many status quo people, just waiting for their turn to be enriched.

    2. @peachion2 Not really, I am very happy. And I love to support causes that expand individual freedoms and smaller government.

  1. In the military it’s known as Conduct Unbecoming.
    Should the Commander in Chief be held to a lower standard?

    1. Even Graham during the Clinton hearings specified that impeachment does not require a crime…only conduct unbecoming.

    2. well i dont know how america and hte elctoral collage put a military and draft doger as commmander and chief but i think you comment and question says it all

    1. We all must believe and obey whatever our great leader Trump says. May I have another cup of kool aid please.

  2. All of his education was bought. All he knows how to do is bully and extort his way through his life.

    1. The Democrats are the intolerant bullies, not Trump. Did yall see the celebration at the White House the other day for Hispanic Heritage Month? Liberal media didn’t show you or tell you about it did they?

    2. Yeah, sure did see it, covered on MSNBC. So what? Does that change the type of person Trump
      is? There hasn’t been enough apologizing for his past behavior. Central Park 5, Obama secret Muslim Kenyan, Trump university, saying he’ll release his taxes. The way he operates his life makes me sick

    3. @Owen Marble That’s all you got? You’re a moron. Everything good he does or will ever do, will be over shadowed by the hate of people like you. The intolerant ones.

    1. I don’t know about genius… but Trump has an uncanny sense of the essence of issues, and can communicate that essence to the people. Any lessor president would be dead by now from stress. These deep state players and the unlelected bureacrats have unlimited resources and manpower. How big is the American’s corruption problem? Just look at who hates Trump at all levels. They cry for a return to the status quo because they wish to go back to raping and pillaging our country.

    1. davidcr …you’re not really an Ivy League scholar, and much like the stable genius like Our Lord Liddlehands, your Pussygrabber god … or are you?

    2. @davidcr the irony of calling Clinton corrupt when they have been investigated for over 20 years with no charges. Trump hasn’t even served a year yet and his administration already has 5 times as many convicted felons as all of the Democrat administrations since Eisenhower combined.

  3. It’s the Russian mob – a division of Putin inc.
    Just wait till the Deutsche Bank records come out  , should be great reading .

  4. “I defy any Republican to look at that press conference today and say, ‘Yeah, this is the President of the United States that we’re proud of,'” Former Director of the CIA. This says it all.

    1. Hey Erik, put yourself in his shoes. He has been pounded by the MSM Propaganda machine 24/7 since inauguration. He is innocent of any crimes, he is guilty of leading with beliefs that you don’t share. That doesn’t make him evil or guilty. Best President ever Trump 2020. Former Director of the CIA? You don’t read much, do you? Talk about corruption and writing his own laws of conduct, Brennan is a spook through and through.

    2. Erik does not get it, lol. I thought the left was for justice and truth. Now they look to former CIA officials who are political hacks no less.

  5. The Democrats have written legislation to prevent attacks on our elections. Moscow Mitch refuses to bring them up for a vote.

    1. @B.J Cameron wht planet are you living in? Other Countries hate the U.S. and this lemonhead of a president even more.

    2. Nefarious520
      He’s not able to differentiate between laws passed by Congress or laws being blocked specifically by Moscow Mitch…

    1. You’re right,he never disappoints when it comes to disappointing,He just can’t seem to do enough to embarrass this country,

  6. The thug in chief should follow the example of Epstein the only friend he had & they ‘ll be together, the 2 stinkers.

  7. I hope to God that Pelosi gets rid of this low down dog, before he does something worse. I just can’t imagine getting him back in again.

    1. There will be a collective of a couple of billion voices saying it. And celebrations.

      First round of drinks on me!

  8. I wonder how much he has spent on trying to prove that “deep state” is real? As he pay his officials to go to investigate all over the world! He seem to really believe on this nonsense….

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