Fmr CIA Director On The Lack Of Preparation Ahead Of January 6 | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Might have been sheer incompetence, but considering who the President is it was probably far darker than that.

    1. Might crap out rainbows and unicorns too.. what brand of Meth are you on? Nobody with a brain cell believes that this “might” in any way be incompetence.. This is obviously planned… Lets stop the whitewash

    2. @mr ady and mim yay Ther is no way a CIA operative should be on the news. That is obsurd. Why would anyone believe John Brennan ? Oh I forgot …they are all “useful idiots” watching.

    1. There is a problem in that Trump is not a planner. Someone else had to do the planning. Trump incites, but any details were done by others (Erik Prince, Flynn, Miller, Russia, Steve Brannon, ?).

    1. Agreed. The next obvious step is to prevent Joe Biden being sworn in. How “the Insurrectionist mob” plan to do that I have no idea, but I sincerely hope the the professional FBI, Secret Service, Air Force and their compatriots are geared up and ready, both on site and in the air.

  2. Donald Trump’s future headstone will read:

    Everything is Obama’s fault. I was merely an innocent bystander.

    1. @Randy Horton you think all the rioters at the capital should be shot? Turnip agrees with you because he made sure firing squads were a thing again and the punishment for treason, as we all know, is death.

    2. @Tim Smith all the treasonous terrorists he sent to smear feces on the walls of the capital building after they built a gallows? Those are the seditious animals Turnip sent to do his dirty work on the 6th…

    1. and it will magically disappear… we’ll just let Trump explain it to you on wednesday after all the excitement

    2. @DSAK55 Yeah….I’m going to believe a chopped up political ad from the leftists and take it as the truth. Get a grip DAKASS55

    1. Guess we’re just gonna have to declare a War on Racism. Like the War on Drugs, War on Terror and War on Poverty it will be must-see tee-vee.

    1. @John Galt Robert Byrd was part of the *older* Democratic Party not the current Democratic Party today. This should be common knowledge amongst most people today.

  3. Trump and his cronies were responsible for protection of Federal building around the country but they are the Arsonists who burn the buildings.

    1. @JOSE Morass TRUMP will be indicted for multiple felonies. Sorry bout your luck with that.
      Buck up Buttercup.

  4. Only 500 out of over 2000 officers scheduled to be on duty… That was intentional lack of protection..!!

    1. I worked on the Senate Floor for years. ANY time there was a joint session of Congress for any reason, EVERY officer, both uniformed and plain-clothes, was on-site. No exceptions. EVER.

    2. I worked on the moon for years. Anytime I wanted to go home I just opened my eyes. After clicking my heels 👠

    1. @Morty Tashman Seriously! The apathy was unreal… Complaining & waiting for someone else to fix it :o( Hope the lesson has been learned! If not I have little hope for the future tbh.

  5. Look at the equipment the rioters had on them. They knew when they left there homes what they were coming to do.

  6. No question there was planning from the inside. And the dogs were called off far in advance. Trump was selling the day as being “wild”. The truth will eventually surface.

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