Fmr. Defense Secy. Cohen: Capitol Hill Riots Part Of Whitelash In America | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Fmr. Defense Secy. Cohen: Capitol Hill Riots Part Of Whitelash In America | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Former Defense Secretary William Cohen joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Capitol Hill riots. He puts the rage from the crowds in the context of the history of racism in the America, saying, "Now we're seeing the white backlash or 'whitelash' as it's called…What is the basis of all of the rage? It's because white people have come to the conclusion that the playing field that has been so uneven in the past is now being leveled." Aired on 01/11/2021.
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Fmr. Defense Secy. Cohen: Capitol Hill Riots Part Of Whitelash In America | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. So if this was “unprecedented”, then one would think the consequences would be equally “unprecedented” for Donnie and his supporters and enablers…

    1. @Salty and the Beef Cracker I am willing to have Maxwell be investigated and censured if warranted, but “whataboutism” does not change the issue of the magnitude of Trump’s attack on American democracy.
      So tell us all then: If Waters’ actions were so egregious in your mind, then what do you think should happen to Trump, Hawley, Cruz et. al.?
      Surely you will wholeheartedly support their investigation and if warranted indictment and imprisonment?
      Can you say that in all patriotic outrage?
      Let’s hear you on the record then…

    2. This is mild compared to BLM & Antifa’s burning, looting & killing hundreds for 8 month. Biased Media praising Dem..Bye Cheaters

    3. @John Kennedy sorry but “Evangelicals” and religious opportunists need to sort out their own houses before advocating prayer or forgiveness.

    1. @Donna Willams
      I’m actually an Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at Stanford and an Educational assistant at Berkeley.

    2. @Sun Dial You’re like tRump, who lies about himself all the time. You’re probably using orange makeup, dye your hair neon yellow, wear diapers too.

  2. The only thing worse than last Wednesday is the fact Trump and his cohorts are still free. Disgusting lack of action from USA.

  3. Isn’t everyone just tired of the neverending debate about what’s “wrong” with this country? It is really just as simple as he says.

    1. @Jed Kahn, sure, bud. That’s why a Texas CEO took a private jet to the insurrection, because she is in economic dire straights, lol. You, of course, missed the entire point of the original comment and launched into some convoluted explanation, again. Parsimony and Occam’s Razor rules the day here, my friend.

    2. Well stated Tarbosaur Jones, there is no debate, just human decency and morals which many Americans are in short supply of.

    1. Yes mam, momma,,that’s what my grandma use to tell me when I did something wrong and wouldn’t admit the truth

  4. When you look at his rallies, it’s all flags and symbolism. Trump is evil and dead inside. like another guy in history, also loved a rally. The world is in a pickle.

    1. Everybody with a morsel of common sense was able to see the evil that is Trump over four years ago.
      In a proper democracy that values human dignity, he would have gone to jail for hate speech long before being nominated, and after having it let come as far as the Republican party did, they would face scrutiny, possibly even being banned as enemies of the values of basic democracy

    2. Dale Anderson That’s right! Who else would believe these insane conspiracy theories or let themselves ER be taken in by this used car salesman? When I hear some of their comments it’s both frightening & inane. I’m saying a prayer

    3. America is dead now. Globalist have began ruling for a short time only. Then there will be a frightening sound. The planet will be split in two by the largest earthquake in planetary history. All will call on God for help as the world starts to fall. Cities will be gone one by one. Some washed away other swallowed by the angry earth then covered over. Fpur winds of destruction unleashed all at once, Where are the people of the world? Gone. Make peace with the ANGRY GOD NOW. Tomorrow is too late.

  5. Sec. Cohen, you are an American hero. Thank you for proving good people are not beholden to a political party or personality, and for your decades of service

  6. Why isn’t more being done about this insurrection; huge group of Republicans still are objecting the impeachment.

    1. Of course they are. It’s all part of the power play, the white supremacy a.k.a. white privilege. They don’t want to lose the base…..

    2. @water wave So, anyone who disagrees with you is a racist, ignorant, Tumptard who you want to go away?
      I disapprove of this entire government.
      They have allowed the wealth of the elites to skyrocket while 40 million Americans lost their jobs.
      They have left the nation leaderless during a pandemic, and they tricked you into blaming each other while they sell our futures away.

    3. They want to drain the swamp. But Trump gave the corps and the wealthy permanent tax cuts. He also used his office to benefit his private businesses. He tried to find votes. It’s also clear he hates immigrants. With Covid relief they benefited big corp’s directly, including Trump’s own. Thanks to Trump policies, big corps only got bigger. I am no financial expert, but I think this admin also propped up the financial markets to benefit the corps. Yet, they keep talking about draining the swamp while isolating America from the world, and turning its citizens against one another.

    4. @Salty and the Beef Cracker the DEMS actually tried to turn Trump away earlier but without a majority in the senate, it’s simply impossible. GOP turns a bit of around. Not because they want to, because they need to earn the trust back of the people. Now they do like to pretend they were righteous and hated Trump all along.
      If after this 4 years of Biden everything is still the same and he didn’t do anything he promised, I’ll join you. But give the DEMS a chance now they have all three majority.
      I’m a green party person but in a world of red and blue, blue has my vote.

  7. I have been WAITING for someone to speak truth to WHY white Americans are feeling so salty right now. And William Cohen said it. The most factual 3 minutes I’ve seen in a long time.

    1. A few months ago, I listened to an interview with a White “Nationalist” on NPR who insisted that genocide is currently being conducted against Whites in the U.S. Yes, genocide! You have to wonder how many others are convinced of something so absurd – and how easily White Nationalist leaders capitalize on the insecurity and fear of those who may see themselves losing the only advantage they have, as the playing field is leveled.

    2. It started in 2008. Racists could not fathom a black man sitting in the WH. They immediately created Tea Party and the rest is history.

    3. I’m white in the south so I’ve seen first hand plenty of white people say they’re fine with non-whites being around as long as they have no position of power.

  8. Thank you Secretary Cohen for saying it so eloquently. Minorities and in particular African Americans are glad the World is finally seeing what we’ve experienced and witnessed for over 400 years.

    1. @Vicki Richardville You’re country? This isn’t your country. You demscum will overreach and get thrown out of congress in 2 years. It happens every time, you’re morons.

    1. The election voting machines should of and must be examined!! Dominion voting machines are missing vital sd cards @ 47 and @ 24 times reinserted..think about it?? Thats were all the hidden election corruption maybe found. The way to inspect them is to get a electronic forensics expert. Focusing on the ballots recounting was meaningless..its all about these machines in the key states. If not the democrats got away with a fraudulent election. All this craziness was started 4 years ago by: The democrats, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS. They mocked and attacked President Trump every single day! People are not stupid these media’s created treasonous acts against President Trump. Now everyone will understand why President Trump is acting and feeling the way he is and all of us who are supporting him, just a reminder!! I welcome everyone reading this to continue to fight, don’t ever give up!! President Trump has accomplished more positives than any other president in our history. Watch “Arizona State Rep. Farnsworth gives update on Az. election audits” on YouTube
      The democrats and the media’s have crossed the line.

    2. ​@Roman Ward Which is why people like you unironically believe the folks who imperiled Capitol Hill are the real patriots.

      Youre name is not Roman Ward. Youre a white supremacist and a Nazi.

    3. @Roman Ward Georgia had recounted the ballots by hand, but Biden still won, so there is nothing wrong with Dominion voting machines. It is Trump spread the voter frauds conspiracies.

  9. “If you can convince the people to believe in absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities.” – Voltaire

  10. “It has NEVER been equal justice in this country”
    And we preach the world about equality, democracy and freedom ?

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