Fmr. House Impeachment Lawyer: Senate Trial Could Show Trump’s ‘Foreknowledge’ Of Capitol Riot 1

Fmr. House Impeachment Lawyer: Senate Trial Could Show Trump’s ‘Foreknowledge’ Of Capitol Riot


Daniel Goldman, former House impeachment inquiry majority counsel, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that incitement does not only mean Donald Trump giving rioters the idea to invade the Capitol. Incitement can also mean encouraging his supporters who were already planning to storm the Capitol. Aired on 02/09/2021.
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Fmr. House Impeachment Lawyer: Senate Trial Could Show Trump’s ‘Foreknowledge’ Of Capitol Riot


    1. Fair enough. America has been a country full of stupid poeple for a long time. Trump just pulled back the covers. Either way, I’m glad that blathering reality TV show host is finished.

    2. @Alfred Nueman America is full of morons. But some were easier to recognize because they wore those stupid red MAGA hats.

    1. @jeck jeck But Trump was an investor, that is why he is the most hated man. Trump did more than all the other president;s combined. Trump doesn’t go to events, he works, works, once he saw Nancy doing the nasty in corner. Nancy moved too fell and Trump calmly called 911. That thoughtful, and how hatred started. Jeck Jeck I don’t know you, but many Biden fans speak nasty. Have a good day.

    2. @George Sansoucy
      *Failed investor. Who did more crimes than most presidents combined. So in that regard, he is historically different… because of his treason:/

    1. @jeck jeck Yes. If you count Masta Biden’s ORDERS with no input, no debate, no oversight, no representation from the people.
      Biden has certainly killed more jobs than Trump ever did.
      Trump is the most admired man in America and possibly the world.

    2. @Guided Meditation WOW you put together a keeper, hitting all the points I agree, I get strange calls could that be You Tube related?

    3. @Guided Meditation trump is the most admired man in America? HAHAHAHAHAH! you’re kidding, right? this is an act to get attention, yes? his approval rating never came close to 50% when he was POTUS. biden is in the 60% range right now. how much disinfectant have you been injecting?

  1. It’s so nice not to hear someone explaining some asinine statement from Trump the next day, on a daily basis.

  2. Why aren’t the coordinators for all the left organized protests for the last 4 years that turned into riots and destruction we seem before?

  3. Sunrise Movement Sunrise Movement’s!!! That girl didn’t even die there was actors there it was all staged to make the Trump supporters look bad.

  4. You how to get a Actors Guild award because you lie so good you can almost get away with it that’s all right I’m praying for your soul because when it comes to it you have to face the man upstairs on judgment and it’s coming soon a lot sooner than you think everyone of you will be facing treason charges so keep talking just keeps adding up your ear time in prison good luck I pray for

  5. You also have to remember that this was Trumps sucurity, he made dam sure that his terrorists or proud boys had no problem getting into the Capitol.

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