Fmr. NSC Member On Afghanistan: 'What We're Seeing Is A Tragic Collapse' 1

Fmr. NSC Member On Afghanistan: ‘What We’re Seeing Is A Tragic Collapse’


NBC Pentagon Correspondent Courtney Kube, Washington Post White House Correspondent Anne Gearan and former National Security Council member, General Barry McCaffrey, joined Ayman Mohyeldin to discuss breaking developments in Afghanistan as the Taliban seizes more provincial capitals and gains strength in major cities. They explain how the Biden administration is grappling with the situation on the ground. "The Taliban has executed a real military coup here," Gearan says.

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Fmr. NSC Member On Afghanistan: 'What We're Seeing Is A Tragic Collapse'


  1. Unpack everything after coming back from downrange.
    “Ok, guys, we are going back because higher-ups are a bunch of dumb politicians.”

    1. @John Freedman CIA? Thats way later.. Try Iran and Pakistan. They’re the ones that need to be blown off of the map. Once that happens, no more money or weapons for the Taliban.

  2. General Powell told bush many moons ago, that going in there, we would never get out and what do we have, wars in lands that are not even on our soil. This is never going to end we will be trying to get out of there another 20 years

    1. 20 YEARS…and countless deaths of our honorable soldiers and many trillions.. What do we have to show for?
      Free giveaway of pricey arms to continue Taliban wars. Inept government full corruptions is what we have left. Any Afghans have packed up the loads money living the good life in Europe…We cannot stay any longer!

  3. It’s sad but the Afghanistan government was so corrupt and impotent that it wasn’t able to mobilize against the threat. I don’t think staying there for another 20 years would have fixed this.

    1. Of course not.
      There are far far far too many people indoctrinated since birth that they will be suicide bombers in order to fulfill their destiny.

    2. I absolutely disagree. Another 20 years of U.S. presence would have made a huge difference.
      It would have been better to move American forces out of South Korea, which is capable of defending itself, while Afghanistan is not able to do so at this time.

    3. @Bering Strait Railway and it never will Afghanistan is more corrupt then America and that saying something

    4. @Bering Strait Railway I would love to agree with you but there would need to be some coherent criteria that would need to be met in concert with that time frame that would ensure the type of conclusion you are positing. I would love to see some sources you have that would argue your point in more detail.

    5. The threat is a combination of both Iranian and Pakistani financial backing. Afghanistan supplies opium to Iran, Iran processes it into heroin. Iran gives the Taliban whatever they want. Same with Pakistan.

  4. We trained their army for 20 year’s and the US finally admits that there is only a handful of group’s that can actually fight back!!!! They have their own army but they won’t fight!!!! What a waste of US money!!!!! Republicans say we can’t afford Health Care for the USA

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot weak economy? GDP growth was 6.5% (annualized) last quarter. Jobs growth is fantastic.

    2. @Kelly Cox What I see out in the US economy is chaos and shortages. I also see a whole wave of real estate speculation, price instability and construction projects being driven by zero interest rates rather than demand. If GDP growth is 6%, inflation is probably 5.5% of that.

  5. There is no Afghanistan, it is a combination of tribes loyal to themselves not their country. Our values cannot be imposed on a people that do not want it. Let them fend for themselves and evacuate those who helped us.

    1. @Dbg Dbg Did you stop to consider he might be using a second language? Get off your high horse and have a little empathy bro.

    2. @Dbg Dbg Did my comment trigger you snowflake? I was in a rush but I really do appreciate the corrections. I’m so sorry you got triggered. NOT! Before I go, let me congratulate you for unlocking the clown outfit.

    1. Afghan troops defected to Taliban = US trained Taliban……..

      What the f that US loves to keep meddling in other country’s affairs that is thousands of miles away from US ?…….

    1. Everybody knew this would happen. They just pretended not to know to hide the fact that they don’t care.

    2. It was popular conversation among the Canadians back in 2010 that were in Afghanistan. Even among infantry privates.

  6. They’re going to have to deal with the taliban its impossible to conquer Afghanistan ask the British and Russians.

  7. Send all the refugees to isreal after all they are America’s greatest master cough cough i mean allie.

  8. A lost cause I say for the Country. Just try to save as many as we can and get out. This fight is over

  9. Saigon fell and Vietnam is a better place to live then the United States, LOL, go figure.

    1. From what is unfolding now in Afghan, have US learned anything NOT to meddle in other country’s affairs ?
      US can’t even defeat such a poor regime like Taliban……..

  10. The US didn’t learn a thing from their leaving Vietnam.

    Now thousands of Afghans are going to be killed.

    1. This is us turning our backs on the people that trusted us, just as we did the Kurds. We will pay the price for this for decades.

    2. US will never learned………..
      US is addicted to meddling in other country’s affairs…….like drug addicts addicted to drugs…..
      Every time after US has left a place it meddled, the place become a worse place…..

    3. taliban has already issued multiple statements that anyone from ex military or govt. will not be attacked ; but ur media is a warmonger that want u to believe that afghans are in danger to prolong war.

    4. @Ta ko
      Post WWII Germany?
      It is possible to help other nations, when we are no compromising our own principles to do so.

  11. It has been said that Afghanistan is where empires go to die. And there is an Afghanistan saying, dating from when the British were there in the 1850’s: “You have the clocks. We have the time.”

  12. Funny how only now the media cares about Afghanistan while being quiet about all of it for 20 years.

  13. The phone banks are probably off with the time difference and all but:
    “The mission hasn’t failed… yet.”
    Joe Biden

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