Fmr. Rep. Barney Frank On Coronavirus Escalations | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Fmr. Rep. Barney Frank On Coronavirus Escalations | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Watch Stephanie Ruhle talk to former Congressman Barney Frank, who was instrumental in legislation after the 2008 financial crisis, about his biggest economic concerns and where the U.S. should go from here. Aired on 03/13/20.
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Fmr. Rep. Barney Frank On Coronavirus Escalations | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @Admiral Crunch fun fact. America has the worst response of all countries hit by this virus and now we have the highest number of infected. Do you know why that is? We are not going about it line every other country. Your example of petty selfishness is exactly why our healthcare sucks and why we fail every standard of epidemic defence. I bet you think its socialism. Well you are not allowed to have your trash picked up by the county anymore. Or use public mail. Both of which are socialist in nature.

    2. @Admiral Crunch cdc says we have only one percent of cases known. With cases in every single state. One hundred thousand cases alone in single states. From the cdc head themselves. Our numbers are higher.

    3. @ErykaSoleil Don’t expect compassion from a man that has none. But I am so sorry for your string of misfortunes.

    1. @Cort …the Epoch Times is not reliable. It may be anti-China but that doesn’t make it pro-America.

    2. @Kevin Preston …there were no test kits available. People could not be tested if they wanted to. You are spreading misinformation.

    1. brian lucas Super clever. I see what ya did there. You sure showed me. Are you one of those bathroom stall speed-dater too?

    2. brian lucas Why? Because you just MUST be so much smarter than someone with a different point of view? Happy hunting

  1. Trumps handling of this Whole Corona Virus Outbreak is at Best a Dangerous, Dangerous Embarrassment to the United States . At Worst, Criminal Negligence..!

    1. @snoop alert i dont see your dems crying, i see the donnie dementia minions crying
      wishing your dems would stop (righteously) picking on poor ole donnie
      he’s a big boy (obese, even)
      why dont you let him defend himself?
      why are you always making excuses for the fat slob?

    2. @Kevin Mezentsev its a hoax, it’s the Dems, now turd 45 doing stupid things like travel ban when should of monitored those coming in as stupid as his wall. Ha ha PATHETIC Anyone who supports turd 45 needs mental help.

  2. Socialism at his best the 1% millionaires or have their hands out for the federal government to give them trillions of dollars not the middle class or the poor that’s screwed

    1. What’s wrong with that? They have money to make politicians do what they are told. What’s the problem?

    2. @Tyrade Shift no dude right now Wall Street corporations and millionaires have their hand out for socialism I do my own research and you do yours God bless you stay safe

    3. @Dawn Oceanside Democrats and Republicans have been sitting on the couch and raping this country of all the wealth you can look at one side without looking at the other side either just look at the Nationalist oops sorry the white nationalist that’s an office right now making millions why he’s in office triple charging and quadruple charging anybody that sits in his hotels

    4. @Brian Clarke its not a gov of the people, but only special interest and corporations, very sad.

  3. “No, I’m not worried about it. We have it under control.” – t’rump on Fox News Jan 29, 2020
    Good to see he was on top of this early on!

    1. @Kevin Preston did the stock market crash then? Then shut up the virus adults are talking boris. Go home to mother russia.

    2. @Kevin Preston Willy S is correct. There was a stellar team put together in the Obama administration. Trump dismantled it because of his personal grievance against Obama. That team was set up to act immediately, protocols were already in place to target locations and place teams in place to work with locals. Tabletop exercises had been run on schedule to cover and re cover any eventuality with med experts, virologists, enforcement, any kind of assistance needed. And with a snap of orange fingers, it was GONE!

    3. @Kevin Preston NO he didn’t. NO it isn’t. If it makes you feel better, just remember viruses are human predators and serial killers. Nature’s way, you see. Our only other predator is each other. We are so many and, apparently, not killing each other enough to be in balance with nature. We could stop breeding when our resources are lessened, like bears do, but we don’t seem to have as good sense as other mammals. Pity.

    4. @Elaine Daprano No he didn’t. What Trump.xid was disband to groups that were set up to respond to the Ebola outbreak in 2014. None were part of HHS. There are other viral infections that are more lethal then this one. The reaction to COVID 19 is an overreaction.

  4. The world is infected, world-leaders are worried these days (even Kim)…
    Well, there is one who can’t wait to play some golf this weekend…

    1. @Kevin Preston That’s not true yet. This is a MUTATION. They’ve identified some grouping with other genomes, but not enough, and they don’t have enough material yet.

    2. The Netherlands just close all there schools, restaurants, public buildings, etc etc two hours ago…
      Our goverment tells us: “stay at home”, do not visit family if you feel sick 🙁
      Love from Amsterdam

  5. What I dislike about trump and his WH press conference is how he has tried to blame his disastrous response to this virus on the Obama administration. When trump first spoke about the virus he claimed it was a hoax, perpetrated by the Dems and the media. What he failed to tell the public is, his administration had the opportunity to meet this head on in December when test were offered from the WHO. He has also indicated that his administration acted faster than the actions taken by the former administration who dealt with the swine flu. The Obama administration never called for a shut down or quarantine of the offices, businesses or schools, what they did, and did well, was speak honestly to the public about the virus and was out front with combating the cause and had available inoculations, and they worked closely with the WHO and other countries. I’m aware how trump never takes responsibility for his lack of actions or missteps but to blame the Obama administration for his failure to act responsibly and honestly is just too much to allow to go unchecked. When the reporter tried to pin him down on this accusation he brushed her off with a non answer. So folks I don’t trust him and you would be wise to consider his missteps when you vote in November. America could have been ahead of the curve if only his administration had not disassembled the personnel of both the CDC and the committee placed by the former administration to deal with such a pandemic. We all know how much he hates President Obama and has tried to dismantle everything he introduced or accomplished, so I feel his hatred has caused unnecessary suffering and will cause financial hardship. In the end the deficit will increase and long after he’s dead and buried we’ll be dealing with his financial mismanagement of our tax dollars. He’s still more concerned with the keeping “the numbers” of the infected unknown to try and save his woefully unqualified leadership in order to save his second term. THINK ABOUT THAT.

    1. d. nuzzio you are just like Trump, you deny even when there is video evidence. Stop living in a false world.

    2. @d. nuzzio what Trump said was that the it was a democratic hoax to say that the coronavirus was dangerous.

      And you’re thinking about the press conference. The next day at the rally, he simply said it was a hoax.

      Mr Trump also suppressed testing in January due to concerns it would affect his chances for re-election. This is breaking news today. It’s on Twitter, NPR, and here and Business Insider magazine. Probably appearing other places too.

    1. @Schmelson Hefflefinger youre certainly appearing to be
      and to define which type of troll, i’ll go with flaming troll
      In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community
      pretty much bang on, eh?

    2. @dan mac Hey Yupster….read the comments on this channel….every single person here is a troll including you. MSNBC is your organized cable news trolling outlet.

    3. @dan mac Trolling Dan…read my other response. You are a troll along with every other person who comments on this MSNBC YT Channel. Virtually 100% trolls. Read the comments out loud little buddy.

    4. @dan mac My….I hate to use this well worn social media retort…but it seems you are really triggered here…judging from your multiple trolling responses. Triggered Duncery Dan….triggered.

    1. Too bad we don’t hold our bankers accountable, instead we bail them out with Socialism. Banks rule for money most power in Capitalism

  6. People dying and these “politicians” just keep talking about money. That’s always the most important thing in USA. I believe the delay in implementing testing was to try figure a way to monetize it. Smh America.

    1. He shut down the pandemic team in 2018, and he proposed 10% cuts of the CDC the 2020 Budget Inn early 2019.

      If you were talented and work for a company that announced they were having 10% budget cuts next year, what would you do?

      Administration officials today confirmed they are still pushing for an increased 15% cut and the CDC budget.

    1. thats a great plan except for step 3…which is put the people back in power for the democrats that led to step 1.. …what changed for democrats? Lets see. Obama/Biden led to trump ..Hillary, running for president while at the same time being under a felony FBI investigation elected trump….so now after 3 years of the corporate dnc planning on how to stop sanders from being the nominee, and the best they can do is the person who helped lead the way for trump to get re-elected…except 4 years later and showing signs of mental instabilities?

      And pertaining to the control of this virus…unlike the rest of the major countries we are not equipped nor have the ability to contain this virus. Why? 30 million uninsured and many more 10’s of millions of under insured to the point their insurance is virtually worthless. Half of the nation living paycheck to paycheck with no savings, no money for an emergency……those people are not going to run to the doctor when sick…….no real testing…..lots of people not showing symptoms spreading it all over cause trump didn’t want the ‘numbers ‘ to go up. what an ahole.

    2. Oh Patty , if you don’t like Trump win an election….oh wait …. ha ha ….ain’t gonna happen. Never , ever


    1. You really have to admire China. And pity Iran, because their economy is SO BAD, they HAD to work!

  8. I appreciate that Mr. Frank is looking at this from the viewpoint of trying to keep the economy running, but he doesn’t seem to understand that at least a portion of those young, healthy people are living with—or have regular close contact with—those who are at the highest risk. For example, my husband and I are in our 30’s. My husband is pretty healthy overall, but I have multiple autoimmune diseases, including one that makes me especially susceptible to respiratory infections. We also have young children, who bring home who knows what from school on any given weekday. The parents of children who are undergoing cancer treatments, or who have autoimmune diseases or severe asthma, may be perfectly healthy themselves, but if they bring COVID-19 home with them from work because a coworker is asymptomatic and hasn’t been tested, their child could be killed by it. I have lost friends who seemed perfectly healthy to illness that suddenly took a turn for the worse due to heart conditions that were only discovered upon autopsy.

    I don’t know how to keep production and the economy afloat while simultaneously managing a pandemic, but I also don’t think just having anybody without a diagnosed risk factor continuing to work like there’s no risk to it is a good idea, either.

  9. We need to love our fellow citizens and take care of each other. We can overcome anything but our President is an embarrassment unfortunately. DO NOT COMPLAIN GO VOTE IN NOVEMBER AND SAY ‘YOUR FIRED’

  10. Donnie spanks is such a baby. He’s still too hurt to talk to pelosi because of the impeachment issue. Even when it’s for the health of the country…. Such a loser when it comes to leadership

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