Fmr Whitewater Prosecutor: House Dems Played It Safe With Impeachment | MSNBC

In an exclusive interview, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber sits down with Former Federal Whitewater Prosecutor Robert Ray to discuss the President Trump investigation. Ray defends Trump’s Ukraine plot arguing “there is nothing wrong with the president asking for an investigation and receiving some commitment,” however, adding it is “bribery” to “expressly” condition that “only one will be done in exchange for the other.” Aired on 1/7/20.
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Fmr Whitewater Prosecutor: House Dems Played It Safe With Impeachment | MSNBC


  1. Trump has been a liar and a cheater his entire life. No morals, no empathy either. Anyone who still believes him needs to enroll in a cult deprogramming center.

    1. You are a total imbecile who knows nothing about anything, other than the dreck the mainstream media pours into your empty cranium in hopes you’ll vote Democrat in November. But all you losers and haters have one thing to look forward to. When Trump wins in 2020, you get to come in here and shout infantile tRump insults to each other every day for five more years. Won’t that be peachy?

    2. @Andy C You live in a universe of “Alternative Facts”. Learn actual history and the actual present. SMH.

    3. sunrize601 Alternate facts …. Yeah, yeah. Pelosi just tweeted she was monitoring the situation in Iran and 5 minutes later someone posted a picture of her drinking at a restaurant opening in S Fran. She’s so fake it’s pathetic and she lies constantly …

  2. Trump has been a liar and a cheater his entire life. No morals, no empathy either. Anyone who still believes him needs to enroll in a cult deprogramming center.

  3. Trump’s presidency is so incredibly exhausting. He needs ro resign immediately. His crimes, his incompetence, his lies…..ENOUGH!

    1. For one second I thought you were talking about Obama.
      You do remember he helped topple a government live on TV? RIGHT? Lied about the cause of Benghazi live on TV. RIGHT?
      YES. Lets talk about lies.

  4. Christianity Today: “Trump Should Be Removed from Office”!

    1. Marlowe Dugger Obama’s economy?!?!?!? 🤣 But Obama said “those manufacturing jobs are never coming back”. Trump brought them back.

    2. Trump Business Failures:
      Trump Casinos
      Trump Airlines
      Trump: The Game
      Trump Magazine
      Trump University
      Trump Vodka
      Trump Steak
      Trump Tower Tampa
      GoTrump.Com Travel Site
      TrumpNet Communications Company
      Trump Beverages
      The U.S.A

    3. Trump lies about everything, he’s a horrible thing! I can’t even say human being cause he doesn’t deserve that. This spoiled brat that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and had fake bone spurs while others were dying and he ran around being the playboy.

    1. @D R You are brainwashed, get real. Where is all the evidence? All they had after 3 years is abuse of power? What happened to Schiffs treasure trove of evidence? “I have incontrovertible proof of the Presidents collusion with Russia” His words. Where is it?

    1. We have NEVER had a president attack the USA from within. And our democracy is very fragile to begin with, that it’s rather easy to dismantle it from within. As a USAF veteran myself…it is sad to see. I’m not sure I’m a patriot anymore…just a citizen.

  5. The “abuse of power” article of impeachment also cites a violation of the Take Care clause of Article II of the Constitution, which is probably the most important clause of Article II. Violating it is impeachable. It was also in two of the three articles of impeachment against Nixon.

    1. …And The Reason Lawyers Of His And McConnell’s Ilk should be disbarred and Legally Removed from Office. They are Legal And Political Panders.

  6. *Iran if your listening…you’ll find Trump at an American “Cultural Site” called Mar-a-largo!🤫😉*

  7. HIGH CRIMES ……. HIGH CRIMES , not crimes . This is the HIGHEST OFFICE , so again ; high crimes and misdemeanors . SMFH

  8. Robert Ray is the kind of lawyer that makes all lawyers suspicious! Full of legal lies that put everyone in jail except the rich and powerful 😤

    1. Fananimation Interesting. The Clinton Foundation received hundreds of millions from Russia. The Bidens took millions out of Ukraine. Yet the GOP is corrupt???

  9. It’s like dealing with an orange 5 year old having a tantrum along with the other 5 year olds in his thug group, every few sec….exhausting

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