1. As government continues to increase carbon tax and fertilizer pricing tactics it won’t be flattening anytime soon.

    1. @Groggy thays the attitude, almighty goverment gives you 1100.00 year in carbon rebate, as it costs you 5k+ extra per year.
      i bet you believe budgets balance themselves.

    1. @Healthy Happy Hippies Well, I actually track expenses monthly and look back at how much I’ve spent on groceries year to date for the last several years. So I’m working with actual data. You?

    2. Where are you shopping, here in Calgary maybe 10% for some items, bananas, Kale, spinach, mix berries, cheese are all the same, milk, eggs, bread went up a bit.

    1. @GO OlSEN Yes, because nearly every government foolishly inflated its currency supply over the last two years.

  2. Remember a few months ago when “they” said we’d see a 25 point interest hike. Or when Fräulein Landfree said we would see deflation.

  3. When minimum wage increases the food prices increased too by 10 times or more ,so don’t be happy when you make $15 in hour

  4. These grocery stores will be to used to the current revenues that they will likely capitalize on the increased profits, if in fact their costs go down.

    1. Once again, someone is blaming the wrong party.

      Price increases are not the cause of inflation; it’s the SYMPTOM of inflation

      The CAUSE of inflation is the federal government inflating the currency supply. So, if you don’t like the rising prices caused by inflation, go scream at your elected MP.

  5. Hahaha “expected to drop”. 🤣. I would like to see any grocery store drop prices after they’ve increased it.

  6. Sure, when mortgage costs and bank profits eat up 90% of household income, there’s no more money to drive up the cost of anything else. Thanks Trudeau. 👏👏

  7. Remember the liberals also said inflation was temporary and the budget will balance itself.

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