Food prices in Canada | Galen Weston, other execs to testify about record profits

Mike Le Couteur explains what to expect from Parliament Hill as Galen Weston and other grocery store CEOs testify over record profits.

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  1. Oh so Loblaws is the largest food retailer in the country? I wonder if that could have anything to do with their profit, because it’s not like a liberal would have the logical reasoning that more stores means more profit.

  2. Dont shop at loblaws the CEO is greedy and increased the prices himself their are plenty of other grocery stores with affordable food especialy chicken

  3. Is it a market economy in Canada? Why competition is not very helpful in the sectors like supermarket chains, banks and carriers? Who should be blamed for that really?

  4. So we’re just going to pretend that trudeau’s carbon tax has no affect on this? Because when gas and such costs more, nobody increases shipping costs and such because of that, that’s completely unheard of lol

  5. Raise carbon tax which costs companies and farmers more for shipping and such and then blame those companies for raising their prices, what a joke.

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  7. They should testify, then lets have the Telecom (Rogers/Bell/Telus,) Oil companies, Insurance companies, Banks, Air lines etc etc do the same. When the public is suffering, so should the corporations, or at least they shouldn’t be making hundreds of millions and billions like they currently are.

    1. Makes me wonder why they even have monopoly and competition laws if they never inforce them or look into the apparent price fixing and conclusion going on. Their profits go up and up while many of their employees work two or more jobs and some get food from foodbank to get by. I worked in grocery for a couple years and most employees only made a buck or two over min wage. The union was sold out and so corrupt.. the whole industry stinks.

  8. I am already changing my habits by avoiding these corporate grocery stores as much as possible and buying in small local communities and non-branded groceries, even when getting a little more expensive.

  9. *for every dollar they earn in profit, a percentage of each dollar should go to reducing the prices for the things that matter. lets vote for that*

  10. Hmm, well I just bought a LOT of inexpensive meat in the meat department. Bought a bag full of on sale baked beans several flavour versions from Heinz. Been eating green grapes like candy. Speaking of candy, hasn’t made it hard to buy my usual cookies. It’s not like I’m rich I am most certainly not. I am choosy. I prefer to buy day old bakery bread. Nothing wrong with it. Cereal is stupid expensive. You shouldn’t be buying that sugary crap anyway. Coffee can be expensive. Glad I don’t drink it. I wait for chips to be on sale. 99 cents for No Name chips if I have Optimum is fine, 2.50 for the same chips the next day means I don’t buy them. For 99 cents, I buy one of each flavour and enjoy having them for a week or more. There’s always sales, I wait for sales. I also like deli food 30 minutes before closing on Saturday 🙂 Smart shopper are not suffering out there. I half price box of chicken tenders from the deli 9 pieces normally 16 but half price provides enough chicken meat for chicken sandwiches for 2 for a week. You can shop smart, or you can suffer. Yeah, they are making record profits, but not off of me.

  11. Can we plunk them on an island for one month with a few apples🍎 and crackers? It might be a possible cure for greed.

  12. Competition is a nice word to say, but thefts and profitability play a factor in running a store’s business.

  13. Also keep in mind the price fixing that lowblows did ,and tax payer founded upgrades to their freezers,while corporate get profits,🤔🤷

  14. Govt should introduce Profit Tax on these big Grocery Stores. BOYCOTT LOBLAWS – they increase the prices beyond our control.

  15. Price fixing, Wage fixing, supply fixing…..

    You name it. Its happening…

    Wages arent going up. Operating costs are the same. Figure it out.

    Govt should mandate profit sharing amongst employees post dividends.

    Share the wealth.

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