For Trump, Climate Change – Like Everything Else – Is Not About The Facts, It’s About The Fight

For Trump, Climate Change - Like Everything Else - Is Not About The Facts, It's About The Fight 1


In today's #Unbelievable, Katy Tur explores why President Trump continuously ignores the science on climate change. Aired on 9/15/2020.
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For Trump, Climate Change – Like Everything Else – Is Not About The Facts, It's About The Fight

71 Comments on "For Trump, Climate Change – Like Everything Else – Is Not About The Facts, It’s About The Fight"

  1. If you defend lie after lie after lie from a person you call ‘The Chosen One’’ …

    … you are probably in a cult

  2. Laura Zaboraski | September 15, 2020 at 4:37 PM | Reply

    Every time I hear him say that….🤬

  3. The science of Trump, nothing that’s what’s in his head. Let’s get rid of this joker. Dump Trump Go with Joe.

    • Joe Biden called Obama the “first African American who is articulate and bright and clean” and said “poor kids can be just as bright as white kids” and called the African American community monolithic and that if they didn’t vote for him then they weren’t black. He also said that if the Republicans won then they’d “put them back in chains” to a group of African American supporters. We can also talk about how he opposed school integration many years ago, voted for the Iraq war, sent all of our jobs to China, how he assaulted a woman (just ask Kamala), only talked about violent riots when his polls went down (riots that are hurting small businesses and especially minority groups such as Hispanic Americans and African Americans), and to top it off has to read from a teleprompter because of his dementia. Come on mannnn

    • @Jennifer Quinn
      Yall ignorant racist GOP magats can’t get over Obama’s big dk energy and chocolate smoothness can you? 😁

    • @Dave Schultz
      Jesus was a brown socialist Palestinian jew, he wouldn’t like no ignorant racist GOP magat, true 😁🙏

    • Joe is a russian

    • Sorry there are no real climate or environement candidates. The following has vilgar language.

  4. This man should be in a home, screaming at the television.

  5. Homicidal psychopaths don’t care how history is gonna remember them.

    • @Jennifer Quinn Joe Biden was never outsmarted by an umbrella. Or tricked by toilet paper. Or tried to Nuke a Hurricane.

    • Ian from FNQ we have different interpretations of mentally unfit. I’m talking about a cognitive decline as a result of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease possibly due to his old age or brain surgery in 1988 due to an aneurysm. Let’s take a moment to go through his many mishaps: “we chose truths over facts”….”you know, there’s a uh, during World War II, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with the thing uh”….“We hold these truths to be self evident. All men and women are created, by the… know, you know…..the thing”. We can also talk about how he keeps reading things from his teleprompter that he shouldn’t be such as “end quote” and “top list.” It’s elder abuse what the Democratic Party and his family is making him go through.

    • Ian from FNQ Here’s a video of Joe Biden waiving at an empty field. Who’s he waiving to?

    • @Jennifer Quinn He’s only doing it to free our country from trump. He’s made that clear many times.

    • Ian from FNQ Look nobody wants Kamala Harris as president. If you actually looked at her policies it’d ruin the United States. Just recently she said “her administration with Biden.” Even she doesn’t believe that Biden will make it the 4 years. Even Biden said “Kamala/Biden administration” by accident.

  6. We have a president who believes that the dumber you are, the stronger and more patriotic you are. And his followers have completely bought into his reverse logic.

  7. He’s been told, he knows, he just refuse to believe it ..

    • Donald before country.

    • What preventative measures has California taken to combat these fires that are not in any way new to us? If you want to make change, let’s only buy American products made from recycled American products. China and India aren’t on board with either climate change or, at least, going green.

    • I guess he’s downplaying this too

    • He’s an evangelical. Evangelicals refuse to accept science.

    • @Julie Frazier which science? The “boys can be girls” science? Or the “climate has always changed since the creation of this planet (intentional or otherwise) and no matter to what extent we combat it, it will still happen as an inevitability” science?


  9. President of the Virgin Islands | September 15, 2020 at 4:50 PM | Reply

    Quit saying he’s the leader of the free world, he’s the leader of nothing, he couldn’t lead his way out of a wet paper bag.

  10. Trump: ” the heck with climate science…are our snackcake suppliers safe”?

  11. He thinks it’s a problem that’s affevting people that don’t support him so he’s happy to see them punished

    • Planet G . He is a NARCISSISTIC sob for sure. I can see him qualifying things like that. Hes like a child that always needs attention and a pat on the head

  12. The smug look on Trump’s face & the sarcasism in his voice says one thing, Trump knows he has California, Oregon, & Seattle on their knees. They need Federal help with these fires. He’s enjoying their devastation. What a sick SOB.

  13. Always so amazing to hear a moronic narcissistic science-denying bully explain how science works…🤔

    • @Vlad5903 Gaming … like you would be around for me to prove you wrong… that’s pretty stupid…

    • @Vlad5903 Gaming
      I follow the science pretty closely, and while there are certainly some scientists who feel that climate change will end up being mild enough to deal with, there are almost none who think that we are not affecting the climate at all.

    • Vlad5903 Gaming | September 15, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      @Jock Young i dont follow it, its what i do. i research and study climate based phenomena, including climate change. the number doesnt necessarily matter in the scientific world. im sure youve heard this before but science is not decided by popular vote or opinion. it only matter weather the findings and tests come to a correct outcome. the tests and finding in every major study on it comes to a fair outcome based on what was found. they all conclude with a correct hypothesis. they cannot logically all be right however. which is a problem. either it does or doesnt exist and we currently lack the amount of required information to say for sure.

    • Derald porter, climate science is really only speculation so it’s not science at all. Kind of moronic of you

    • He speaks as if ‘science’ is a person he can denounce.

  14. Puttentane Same | September 15, 2020 at 6:33 PM | Reply

    Body fat, combustible hair and gaseous soul….Trump really took a risk visiting California.

  15. It is about the facts. The climate has been changing ever since the earth was new. The Arctic was at one time a tropical forest, Kansas was a swamp and the Sahara was a sea. Science can prove that climate is driven by solar, Astronomical and geological events. Science can also prove that CO2 is not a driver of climate change but follows natural climate change. Science can also prove that 95% in the last 10,000 years the earth has been warmer than today.
    The models have proven to be wrong. The most ridiculous prediction was that the Arctic would be ice free by September 2013. That really worked in it? Science and facts are important.

  16. This POTUS is the same man who said that his own “Vietnam war” was dodging STDs from unprotected promiscuity. So it’s not surprising he says he knows more than science 🤣😂

  17. “A house divided among itself cannot stand” – Ullyses S. Grant

    • Mark 3:25
      And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

    • @Sans lies, rumors and misrepresentations led to even the persecution of Christ. The media has divided us. They have convinced the public to divide themselves. Convinced the public to hate a man they never knew and were told lies about. Jesus loved tax collectors, murderers, thieves and prostitutes.

  18. “Do these things that the Prophesies are fulfilled.”
    Trump’s HOAX? Judgement Day. For our religious extremists.

  19. Trump doesn’t need you, he only wants your vote.

  20. Trump’s entire world is based on conspiracy theories.

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