1. This happened to my wife
    In Texas a few years ago
    We were devastated I can not imagine other families in the same situation as ours now in Texas

    1. So sorry for your loss and the suffering you and your wife have gone through and it probably still weighs heavy on both of your hearts.

  2. The strength of Rep Lucy McBath is incredible. To share this part of her life must have been incredibly difficult. Most of us know the most tragic event in her life which was the murder of her son Jordan Davis. Now to learn of the multiple loss pregnancies and the one child she did have was tragically taken from her. I understand why she had to have notes so that she would stay on task and be sure her point was made.

    1. @My True Crime Library
      Gullible woman who is ruled by her female body part.
      This is why you can’t be in charge of your own body.

  3. My daughter carried her dead baby a week and it was horrible, horrible.
    A family not going through this cannot understand.

    1. ​@Marvis Smith but you can’t carry a dead fetus ( that dies in the womb at four months, or even seven month gestation) to “term .
      you as a healthcare worker should know that .
      yes ,it can be toxic ,but also as a healthcare worker you should also know that doctors won’t allow a stillborn to remain inside a woman very long .
      two weeks seems a bit of a stretch .
      she must have had a horrible doctor in my opinion.

    2. @Vivian Spinarski Thank you. I said she is either lying or had a horrible doctor. A good doctor wants the fetus out of the mother asap or another whole set of health issues will crop up.

    3. @Melanie Jay You don’t know the circumstances of that miscarriage or why the doctor made that decision do how dare you call her a liar.

  4. I had five, including a still birth. Worst thing is the medical term is habitual aborter. That was so insulting.

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler Really? My 36 year old daughter just had her second child. And she was really ticked off, when she was called a geriatric patient.

    2. @Deborah Freedman I said it wasn’t widely used today, not that it wasn’t used at all.

    3. @Vlad the Inhaler good question. It is insulting to be called things that infer you are less than, or inadequate, or a catastrophe waiting to happen. My last baby was born when I was 37, and I gave birth to him at home, by myself. 9.5 lbs, breastfed like a champ, he’s now 15 years old and 6’2”. I wasn’t high risk, I was 37. If my midwife had ever called me by a term that suggested I wasn’t healthy and capable of birthing a healthy baby, she and I would have had a long talk about it.

      If I remember the studies correctly, the reason mothers over 35 are considered high risk is that the risk of stillbirth doubles. That sounds alarming, but going from 1 out of 1000 to 2 out of 1000 shouldn’t make moms feel scared.

      Try to imagine any health concern for men in which the medical professionals indicate through language that the man is now at risk for complications because he’s over 35. We don’t call men geriatric the same way. We don’t need to scare women over 35, they can have beautiful pregnancies and babies.

    4. @Trisha Yamada you’re being awfully harsh to Vlad the Inhaler. It didn’t seem like he was trying to troll ya at all. Just explain updated terminology.

    1. I can sympathize with Ms McBath. I had one healthy child and then… I had 5 miscarriages. There is no worse feeling -it made me feel like a failure as a woman.

  5. Ideally our heart is touched and moved by the stories of our fellow human beings. Unfortunately to often we have virtues of stone that inevitably conflict with others. Much love to this beautiful lady and those open to her story ✌️🕊️

    1. Problem is. This is the big problem that’s going on already in Texas. Infact women are having troubles even getting care or a doctor visit. The problem is being exasperated by the 10,000 dollar bounties. Wondering why not put those resources into help for women and their families. A lot of things could mitigate these problems. Instead the political things are blowing up the problems. It’s handicapping doctors and their ability to treat their patients. Thus more women will probably die from complications and kids too.

    2. “So true” — I was referring to Tim Faucett’s so true sentiments, not the person’s comment above mine!

  6. Thank you for speaking out. Those of us that have had to make agonizing decisions don’t deserve to be continually tortured.

    1. And those of us who are fortunate enough to have no been in such a horrible position should never have to fear legal punishment should we endure it in the future

  7. My God, the strength of this woman is only matched by the courage it must have taken to publicly share that level of pain. My sorrow for you and women that have, and will endure similar pain is beyond measure or words.

    1. It is sand and tragic. It is also shameful that people want to take a fundamental right way form woman. Abortion should be legal and without restrictions. It should be left to the woman and her doctor.

      There has NEVER been a valid argument against abortion.

  8. Yes yes my story, I went for checkup around 4 months and I was told the heart bits wasn’t found !!! I screamed I was furious confused, I carried my fetus for 3 days i cried and cried for this 3 days,my big relief was that I was given choices, one removal by surgical or to be induced,I chose to be induced so I can hold him in my arms. Still today I never healed from my lost 😞.

  9. I had this happen to me but I was much farther along. I was very visibly pregnant and the psychological effect of knowing I had a dead child in me was torture. I’m glad my doctors moved quickly and I did have to wait 2 weeks. I cannot imagine 2 weeks of that.

  10. One of my first jobs was as a records clerk at an Anchorage medical clinic. One of the first charts I read was of woman whose dead baby was literally decomposing in her body. This was in 1978. I don’t know why it wasn’t removed before it started to rot, but as an 18 year old girl, it made a huge impression on me.

    1. @Vivian Spinarski there are women in prison for miscarriages in Equador. Just following the same “logic”

    2. @Vivian Spinarski Just judging people, do you know her medical history, do you know her doctor abd why he made that decision? No you don’t so stop acting like you do.

  11. I am crying right now because this happened to me 24 years ago. I was three months pregnant and one afternoon I found a spot of blood. I went to the doctor and it was determined that the pregnancy was not viable. I had to stay home from work because there was no way to know when I was going to actually physically lose the baby. Finally after two weeks one night I basically went into labor. I was rushed to the hospital where I bled and bled to the point where they thought they were going to have to give me a transfusion. My baby whom I wanted was gone. There was nothing anyone could do. This was the worst thing I had ever been through. Some women have spontaneous miscarriages but some women don’t and it is one of the hardest situations to deal with. I was blessed to become pregnant with my daughter a year later and I so greatly loved her because of what I had been through. People don’t know what others are going through. They have no idea.

  12. Great courage Luc McBath! Men don’t have a clue, Whatever laws concern women’s bodies should be decided and voted on exclusively by women.

  13. How horrible to force her to go through that. Now millions of women will be forced to go through this too because of a corrupt Supreme Court.

  14. Thank you for sharing your experiences in such a public manner.

    I empathize with you. I thought that my experiences with 4 miscarriages had been bad, and they were, but the trauma you had to endure was so much worse. I am so sorry for your loses.

    There are many different complications to carrying a dead fetus. I hope you didn’t have any of those very serious complications that can come with carrying a dead child. You could have developed sepsis and died. I hope that you did not develop a severe infection. If you did I hope it did not damage any of your vital organs or impair your ability to try for another child, because it seems that you really wanted a child.

    Please take care and stay safe.

  15. How absolutely heartbreaking! She is not alone. Thanks for sharing. Only a woman can understand her pain.

  16. That is my story.. except I had twins inside ..Baby (A) past away at 13 weeks.. but I was told that baby (B) was surviving so I was sent home with 1 baby that was demised and the other had a heart beat at 25 weeks, but when I went for my ultrasound the doctors came in one by one checking my sonogram and after 4 doctors gliding that cold instrument across my abdomen they had me sit up and told me baby B is gone and because I was in my 2nd trimester an abortion was not doable…they sent me home for 10 days, before they could schedule me an appointment to induce my labor.. so I understand and feel the pain of this lady.. I cried and blamed myself for almost 2 weeks. walking around the house with 2 dead fetuses inside me. and when that appointment finally came, I was admitted into the hospital. The nurse prepped me inserted these long (what looked like small tampons inside me to help stretch my vaginal walls gave me some medicine in my IV and I waited. 10 hours, then the back labor came.. it was excruciating,. I remember being on my knees in the hospital bed and feeling the crowning of the head. Can you imagine pushing 2 babies out of you and realizing there will be no sound of crying, no sound or movement of life… Now today I am 52 and have 2 handsome young sons that I love so dearly…but I often think about those twin boys that I lived inside me for a few trimesters 30 years ago…. My mom told me I was a boy maker and she was right 💗💗.. Now this was a circumstance where I wanted these babies, but there so many other circumstances that a baby is not wanted, such as rape, and incest… Can you imagine have a baby by your Father, because your father raped you.?? That has to be some heavy mental mess.. and these politician don’t give a damn… Sad!!! and harmful 😞😞

    1. why do I not believe this story ? at all ?
      first , they don’t stretch your cervix even if your induced, because the drugs they give to induce do that for your body .
      secondly was it a sonogram or an ultrasound? then there’s the fact that if you had one baby die inside you at 13 weeks but they didn’t remove it until the other baby died at 25 weeks you probably would have gotten sepsis from the first baby being decomposing inside of you for so long .
      but it makes for good reading, I guess

  17. I had a stillbirth at 6.5months due to pre-eclampsia. It’s traumatizing already, all on its own. Never mind having to carry the pregnancy to term because someone who has never gone through one decided what your rights are, it’s unfathomable. I never thought I would say this but I am lucky to live in South Africa, they treated me as best as what they could under the circumstances. The nurse who held my hand while I cried during labor, also shared her losses with me, and also cried with me, while my heart and soul broke 💔. My heart goes out to American Women who have had their rights taken away from them, it’s absolutely unforgivable. Shame on the male politicians for thinking they can have a say over a woman’s body and shame on those women who agreed with their male counterparts, clearly you have zero understanding about the pain, trauma and anguish a woman goes through during this time, and perhaps educate yourselves before judging those that are walking a heart wrenching path. Shame on you!! How lucky and blessed they must be to not know this Agony, because alot of women unfortunately do know, and every single day is difficult thereafter.

  18. These heart wrenching experiences are not uncommon. When the fetus dies the hormones that start labor aren’t produced. I’ve had two miscarriages. Shame on these people trying to control women and make medical decisions for them.

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