1. Yep. No thanks. Guess I’m a conspiracy theorist racist now for having one of the diverse opinions.

  1. Doug’s a big dude. I’ll let him have my shots,just because he’s doing such a great job 👏

  2. What a rude ignorant person. Needs to step down,take his “medical experts” with him. Has destroyed this province and cost lives.

    1. @Wientz More lockdowns? We are already in a lockdown. I can guarantee we wouldn’t be in this lockdown if Andrea were Premier.

  3. slug is so brave. give that gastropod a free cherry cheesecake donut ! oh, hell ! make it a dozen !!

    1. You call in…what? Did you even try to answer the question? Did a teacher in school ever tell you to try and figure out the question before you throw your arms up in the air and say “i dont know”?

    2. You might want to do some research on the shot before booking your appointment that’s all I’ve got to say

    1. You don’t look 55-65 to me, I don’t think you’re able to get the AstraZeneca shot anyway dude. You’ll be fine.

    1. @Butterfly Lady ya fr, kinda confused. I haven’t been caught up with everything. I’m busy with school like all the time

  4. It’s always confusing when you’ve been confused most of your life, and it doesn’t get better usually.

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