Fordham Professor: Black Officers On Jan 6th Had To Protect Themselves

Christina Greer, Fordham University professor and TheGrio politics editor, and Frank Figgliuzi, former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence, discuss Lester Holt’s interview with Lt. Michael Byrd, the officer who killed a rioter on January 6th in an effort to keep upwards of 60 members of Congress and staff safe.

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  1. “Last night, a man stole my Prada purse at gunpoint. After it happened, I told him, “I’m calling the police mister.” He responded “Mrs. Bowers, please don’t. That won’t promote unity and healing. And we need to come together after that horrific robbery we both just experienced.”

    I’m kidding.That wasn’t someone who robbed me. It was the Republicans who aided and abetted Donald Trump’s domestic terrorists who swarmed the Capitol in hopes of overturning our democracy. Instead, they just posed for selfies in silly costumes while criming. Yeah, they’re that stupid. Oh, and they also ki//ed some people. Yes, the same folks who are all about “Blue Lives Matter” and “Respect the Flag” disrespected the flag to end a blue life. It’s almost as if they don’t REALLY believe any of the things they say. Which is why I side-eye any calls for bipartisanship from them now. “Oops, our attempt at a bloody, treasonous insurrection failed. So let’s just forget the whole thing. Bygones and hold hands.” While they regroup on their latest app for white supremacists.

    Remember after 9/11, when everyone was all, “Let’s not go after Bin Laden for that lapse into terrorism. If you do, he’ll just do more terrorism. Instead, let’s just send him a Gwyneth Paltrow vageen candle, and work with him towards unity and healing?” Yeah, I don’t either. But the insurrection at the Capitol never would have happened without 2 things: 1 Donald – and the rest of the Republicans’- lies about the election. 2, something not getting nearly as much attention: Christian nationalists. The riot was full of them. But then again, so is any gathering of white supremacists. There were Dominionist prayers before, during, and after the Capitol’s windows were smashed. The mob was invoking their “Thou Shall Not Ki//” mascot, while they were ki//ing.

    So what is it now? “Render unto Caesar – a Molotov cocktail!!” Or ” Onward Christian domestic terrorists?” Frankly, I blame in part the gimmick called “Religious Freedom.” It has taught us that the laws that apply to so-called “everyone” don’t apply to conservative Christians. That makes us….oh, what is the word? LAWLESS. Because when I hear the “Well, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley didn’t actually storm the Capitol” defense, I’m reminded of how popular the “Well, Bin Laden didn’t actually fly the planes” defense was after 9/11. You know, cause Charles Manson never actually ki//ed anyone either.

    Criming is so much more tidy when you get others to do it for you. Because pretending to care about pretend election fraud, to overturn a REAL election, is inciting REAL sedition. And when the Christian Nationalists you inspire namedrop you while they’re committing domestic terrorism — congratulations!!
    You know your reckless encouragement worked.”

    –Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

    1. Thanks for reminding me about BB’s channel. I’d love to see her address Congress.

    2. “FBI finds no evidence Jan 6 riot was coordinated” – WaPo (Aug 19, 2021). No charges or investigation into alleged sedition or insurrection.

    3. @Lillian Matthews The same John Sullivan with a reputation in leftist circles for being an attention hound who doesn’t hesitate to get activists entrapped into police arrests, has a MAGA cult brother, and engaged with the Proud Boys. An indictment of the left, riight… 🙄

    4. @Jack Of trades maybe that is the reason for those cop suicides: they understood their failure . while they could see other cops their friends overwhelmed and crushed.

    1. uh they had to protect the congress members first and foremost. Its called putting your life on the line.

    2. @Tone Tek We’re not in disagreement here. Greer is saying that black officers had to protect themselves on Jan 6th. I’m simply saying that officers of all races were risking their lives for a higher priority.

    3. @epinephrinsr71 for sure. i wasn’t being antagonistic. the “shoot first ask questions” later crowd think that only applies to them and their right wing friends. THe officer had no idea if she had a gun and might have opened fire on him and the congress members

  2. Imagine what would have happened if Babbitt had made it through the window of that last barricade. The horde of insurrectionists behind her would have surely followed her. That last barricade was the last line of defense against insurrectionists who were determined to bring an end to our democratic Republic, and an end to America as we know it. That one shot saved countless Iives, and it also saved our democracy.

    Well done Lt.Byrd.

    1. @dsndicmsa “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be?”  (Donald Trump basically blowing that Russian on stage in Helsinki in front of the whole world and agreeing with Putin, and experience KGB agent yet, that Russia didn’t hack the US)

  3. One would think that if they are going to willfully participate in a violent “INSURRECTION” attempt pretending to be a friendly tourist would think logically that they may be possibly harmed in a serious manner. But, Babbitt made the decision to willfully participate in a failed violent illegal “COUP” attempt of her Country, and placed herself In harm’s way “FOOLISHLY.” That was a terrible decision she decided upon.

    1. @szechuanfire “a reader” lolz…tell me youre weak at strawmans without telling me youre weak at strawmans

    2. @The Annoyin’ Goyim Yes, man. I absolutely try to get my news from multiple sources. From the far left TYT to the far right Fox and everything in between. It’s the minimum standard that makes sense to me to avoid echo chambers.

  4. What about the cops on the streets of big cities every day. If these “cops” are crying over what happened on one day, if they were real on the real streets they would be holding a bankie and never get out of their cars.

    1. LT.Byrd is a 28 year veteran
      … You honestly think in 28 years he never patrolled the streets? Come on now you cant be that naive

  5. There is so much of the things we Americans have done to other Americans, motivated by white supremacy–heinous, hideous atrocities kept quiet and hidden from those growing up in America. All such hiding is a factor of complicity in those atrocities. Who said, “The religion of America is whiteness”?

  6. You better protect yourself. In photos of the that day you see black officers reeling from being maced while his white counter part chats on the side with a traitor.

  7. Whatever happened to the law that if a person is killed by the police during a felony act the partners of the killed person can also be charged with a felony act. In other words, who was with the lady that was shot during the insurrection?

    1. Yes, that’s a principle of all state and federal law. You can’t go along in a convenience store robbery-murder and be excused because you weren’t holding the gun.

    1. @mrbozo Because Michael Byrd is an enthusiastic supporter of BLM, and anytime an enthusiastic supporter of BLM shoots an unarmed defenceless white woman who has her back turned to him, that’s a racist hate crime.

    2. @Leroy Parker She was a violent rioter breaking into the Capitol Building when Congress was in session. Her back WAS NOT turned to him. She was moving forward through the broken window. Watch the video. Leroy Parker, you’re logic is impeccable.

    3. @mrbozo By Michael Byrd’s own admission she was unarmed, and wasn’t facing him when he shot her. You need to listen to what he said.

    1. The mystery is why Goodman and many others didn’t use their weapons.

      And no, they weren’t peaceful protesters.

  8. The type of people this office was dealing with are the same who said shoot him with his own gun to another officer. The focus should be on the domestic terrorists. They are the criminals.

    1. We demonize cops when they break the law, and praise them when they enforce it. Lt. Byrd gets our praise for doing a difficult job under assault by a violent criminal mob.

  9. If Byrd had accidentally left his firearm in a men’s room like he did in 2019, Ashli Babbitt would
    still be alive. If Capitol police cared about public safety, Byrd would have been fired for this infraction
    and thus not even be in the building on Jan.6. Then he wouldn’t have become a national hero for the left

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