Ford's criticisms of border measures 'a diversion' from his own failed COVID-19 response: analysts 1

Ford’s criticisms of border measures ‘a diversion’ from his own failed COVID-19 response: analysts


Analysts Greg MacEachern and Greg Weston say Ont. Premier Ford's attacks on the federal government are a 'diversion' amid his mounting problems.


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    1. If the hardware stores were open then I’d say you nailed it. But it’s hard to buy nails now, so I guess your a xenophobe. Political commentator logic at work. 2+2=log(π^2), believe it because I said it.

    2. Hardware stores weren’t closed if they were large box stores that probably contributed to political parties…

    3. The answer was to close neither. The virus was already here, and the talk about “variants of concern” is pure fearmongering nonsense.

    1. Are you blind or just illiterate? He’s been calling for border closures before Christmas.

      No wonder liberals scream in a debate, they don’t have the required equipment for an intelligent conversation.

  1. Maybe he is trying to save face, but he’s also right. The only reason we have variants here is travel from other countries.

    1. @devonmackify I believe what I said is that the variants are here due to travel. Just one case of a variant is all that’s needed to spread.

    2. @devonmackify Are you for real Every single case outside Chyna was caused by needless international travel.

    3. @Insightful Eyes OK, so you honestly think that the only thing that would have made a difference is closing the airports ? That is what would have saved his butt ?

    1. All that needed to be done is control air traffic 1 year ago. Even Trudeau’s wife returned infected

    1. We’d also be able to operate on alcohol (all Chevy’s are flexfuel). Wait, we’re Canadians, we do operate on alcohol…

  2. I loved what he said because it was all to true.Those who ignored the recomendations are those travellers.

    1. And those travellers are mostly Canadian. How come no one is talking about Canadian travellers who are using the land border loop holes or who refuse to quarantine upon arrival ?

    2. And they shouldn’t have been allowed to ignore the recommendations. It wasn’t so much the travel but the lack of effective enforced quarantines. Banning travel is always too late but effective enforced quarantines could’ve and should’ve been done early.

  3. Um… isn’t it possible that Ford is doing a bad job AND tighter border measures are needed? Imagine how quickly we could handle this thing if everyone stopped blaming each other and did what was necessary.

    1. Yes, it isn’t a matter of blaming Ford or Trudeau, there’s plenty of blame for both and fundamentally it’s what we didn’t do because we weren’t led to do so

  4. I’m not a Ford fan but you don’t hear from other provinces about boarder because it’s Ontario where everybody is coming in!!!

  5. Border restrictions were late and the initial voluntary self isolation of February 2020 wasn’t even communicated to travelers and the two week “quarantines” were really non-existent as they were again voluntary and at home with no restrictions on cohorts in the same household then the three day hotel quarantine for test results was completely screwed up so certainly travel restrictions could’ve been done better especially the quarantine and subsequent contact tracing but international travel did drop to 5% of pre-pandemic levels and only 2% of contact tracing traced to travel so it was community transmission that was a problem, variants did get in but that’s the lack of effectively deployed quarantine. Ford failed in that he did not titrate measures to the community load so he never allowed the foothold of disease to burn down and it simply accumulated setting the stage for subsequent waves. If you are going to do something as damaging as lock downs, you’d better be sure each lock down actually burned down the community load and that’s what didn’t happen. Granted we have no effective measure of community load other than the sewage tests and positivity rate and there are many contributing variables to positivity rate which can’t be estimated but it’s the focus on the late indicators such as hospitalization and deaths that is at fault, with such indicators it’s already too late to react, even those indicators are too soon to relax measures as they are not indicators of current risks. The federal government has a lot to answer for with international travel quarantines but Ford has no one to blame but himself.

  6. Sanctuary Cities = Hotspots
    High % of Immigration …
    Like Kingston & Missasauga = Hotspots

    See the Connection.

    1. The connection is that immigrants have no choice but to work as essential workers. Or did they take your job too ? See that connection ?

  7. The Problem is he listen to much to the Health Officials ,when will he Start to investigate the Doctor’s and Health officials,

  8. Close the borders and anyone caught entering through land borders or disobeying the rules should be charged with domestic terrorism

  9. While standing I could get the Flu.
    Sitting down and I’m at no risk bahahahahahaha but science 🙂

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