Forensic Pathologist Says George Floyd Death Was Not Sudden Or Caused By Overdose | MSNBC

Forensic Pathologist Says George Floyd Death Was Not Sudden Or Caused By Overdose | MSNBC 1


  1. Miss Framing, a knee expert, will be testifying this afternoon. The trial is currently out to lunch.

    1. @Jerry Escobar c’mon, man…
      You know that when the mob is chanting for blood at someone, you shouldn’t be surprised at their capitulation.
      That was what the Minneapolis Police Department did.
      The decision to fire those four officers was a political decision, under the guise of upholding their motto of ethics, integrity, etc. b.s.

      The four officers represent the scapegoats.

      Many others of the department should’ve been released, mostly brass. For that matter, the city’s representative government requires a royal flush, including the pandering mayor.

    2. @imsrini that says more about the department and the rank-and-file’s union, than of Chauvin, don’t you think?

      For example, the department’s chief testified to his department’s extensive training and review protocols. The protocols must be pretty weak, if an officer like Chauvin, allegedly had questionable performance was squeaking through ‘quality control’ — annually, according to the chief’s testimony.

      You might not be fond of Chauvin, but your outrage is misplaced.
      At least place some of the blame on head-honchos at the department … the city council … the mayor.

    1. @Scary! the Number 4x comes based on his Bodyweight otherwise taking the average he had anywhere from 6-10 times the lethal dose in his system. Fentanyl is the reason why Hypoxia is listed as a hazard on Opioids, and Multiple medical professionals testified that under examination it is impossible to determine if his lung failure caused the Hypoxia or the officers. As is written by Law it is up to the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that George Floyd died as a direct result of the Officers. Considering the testimony from almost all Medical Examiners has determined that it could’ve been either, he is probably getting acquitted.

    2. @Rose Coleman People who are addicted or have used a drug actively arent totally immune to a drug but people do build up resistances, it’s why when you get addicted you start taking more and more because you’re able to handle more without getting high. Your body adapts to it and gets better at handling more without suffering the side effects, including the high. This is very basic drug stuff and the fact that you’re unaware of this literal high school concept is not only baffling but very telling to the level of knowledge you have in the subject. The same thing happens with alcohol. It happens with crack. It happens with basically every drug in the book, including fentanyl.

    3. @Adam B And I need to see your source before I accept that, so I’d appreciate a link if you have one.

    4. @Scary! have you been watching the full videos of the trial? Everything was from the Multiple testimony and evidence that has been brought up. I recommend watching them on 1.5x speed if you short on time but its still worth the watch.
      Unfortunately Youtube won’t let me share or link the full videos but MSNBC has the full trial videos starting from day on Youtube.

  2. When asked what the cause would be if she found George on his apartment floor….answer was heart disease. When asked if she saw the toxicology she said it would’ve been overdose

    1. @Aperson156
      So if someone has a pre existing condition do they get to break laws and not get arrested? How is a cop supposed to know about the pre existing condition?

    2. @Kate Moon *Can* be, but isn’t a death sentence.

      Expert testimony also stated that he exhibited no signs of a fentanyl overdose.

    3. @Aperson156 I already addressed the argument and when you proved to be incapable of understanding the information presented I then addressed your capacity to objectively analyze what has been presented. I’m not going to go round and round, give you a dozen examples or scenarios or walk you through it; i.e. my way of saying I’m done trying to help you. You’re entitled to your opinion even if it is inconsistent with the available evidence.

    4. @Aperson156 oh, and agitation and trouble breathing are signs of a fentanyl overdose. Floyd was clearly agitated and said he couldn’t breathe. Lastly, you can find a hundred impartial and reliable resources online telling you this.

    5. @Tēōdēdē So the expert is committing perjury by saying he was not exhibiting signs of fentanyl overdose? Or are you not being objective?

      The death certificate points to the restraint being a factor in the death. The testimony so far has shown to me that he would not have died that day without the actions of Chauvin.

      He did have drugs in his system, yes, but the prosecution has showed that the levels he had, in conjunction with the image of a junkie that the defense is portraying, that the amount of drugs he had in his system were not fatal.

      I don’t need your “help”. It’s fairly clear that you have your biases just like I do.

  3. LOL wow this person is extremely gifted. She did all of that by watching a video and never examing the body or toxicology reports. Weird that the person who did do the autopsy and toxicology report says otherwise.

    1. @Anthony Rodriguez
      All the experts have ruled it a homicide. The prosecuting attorney job is to create doubt.
      Opioids drug over dose slow down your respiratory breathing. Floyd breathing was not depressed or abnormal prior to being pinned down by Chauvin.

    2. @mystic22 G All. Except the ones that don’t. Was not abnormal til being pinned? So then you are calling Floyd a liar. Floyd said he had trouble breathing while being alone sitting in the back of the cop car. So that means you say Floyd himself was a liar and therefore could not be trusted.

    3. @Dennis Fitzgerald
      Cardiac arrest is sudden. It was established that Floyd didn’t have a heart attack. If someone kicked your 88 year old grandmother in the face, and she bled to death as a result of the kick due to an underlying bleeding disorder, what would be primary cause of her death? The kick in the face or the fact that she bled to death due an underlying health condition of a bleeding disorder. The fact is the kick in the fact would be the primary cause of death which is murder and her underlying bleeding condition contributed to her death.
      This is what the experts are saying. Floyd death was a homicide. The knee in the neck caused the lack of oxygen was the primary cause of his death and underlying health conditions contributed. Floyd didn’t die from opioids, he was murdered. Just like the scenario that describe the murder of a grandmother.

    1. @Stephen Darrenkamp Hold on a second. You still believe the guy who said covid would be gone by last April and cheated on all his wives didn’t have a wink wink with Putin? I never expected Mueller to find anything. Can’t find a wink wink.

    2. @Stephen Darrenkamp You said “actually believed”, implying beforehand you believed it was false, implying you believed atleast one side.

    3. @Simba Simba
      No I said millions of democrats “actually believed” Russiagate. I never said I believed Trump or anyone else. I never said I approved of anything Trump did. You just assumed I did because I didn’t fall for the pathetic Russiagate lie perpetuated by the MSM. Russiagate was the media’s scapegoat for Clinton losing so badly. Trump lost because he shot himself in the foot too many times even before covid. Not because of mass election fraud. Winking at Russia isn’t even illegal even if he did do that. Trump was smart enough to know that getting along with world powers that have nukes (such as Russia and China) is important and his responsibility to have a good relationship with them. Unlike the war-mongering Democrats, Trump actually had good foreign policy.

    1. @typheran1 Reasonable doubt abounds. But America fell a long time ago. That’s why Kyle Rittenhouse went to jail, and Gaige Grosskreutz, who KNOWINGLY attempted to murder someone fleeing to the police, walks free.

    2. @mystic22 G sorry but the cop is getting off. Prosecution failed. A knee on the neck is police procedure not a kick in the face. He had more than double the lethal dose of fentanyl in him and a bad heart. Today the medical examiner said the overdose could have killed him. You’re not watching the trial

    3. @robotron17 i din’t know the giage story, but Rittenhouse will not be convicted of murder either his gun charge might stick though.

    4. @typheran1 Yup. Gaige foolishly livestreamed his brief verbal interaction with Rittenhouse. He should have been in jail day one.

  4. She actually stated falsehoods. Well known falsehoods. She said Floyd’s heart looked perfect (we know he had major obstruction in an artery, and enlarged heart, as well as other issues). She said in one statement that no dose of meth is safe, then says it was only a little bit of meth in his body. Then she acted like the amount of fentanyl wasn’t that much when we know it was 3x’s over the average OD amount. She said that Chauvins knee killed Floyd, but she has no way of knowing this, only her clear bias. They acted like Canada’s study was like some 3rd world country on the use of the same restraint. They acted like he wasn’t already high before shoving even more pills in his mouth when police arrived, but it is clear he was pretty drugged up when inside the convenience store.

    She also said that there is no way of telling when someone took the drugs, which is simply untrue. She was just awful and lost all credibility. Other witnesses have at least remained professional, and honest.

    1. @DirtyD23 1 Facts are poison to people on the left. Their thoughts and actions are guided by feelings.

    2. I don’t believe that the officer used anything less than excessive force, as in, once Floyd was subdued, he (the officer) should have readjusted and reevaluated his scene. He absolutely could have done things differently. I absolutely believe that Floyd’s drug use played a part in his death and I believe that there is enough mistakes on both sides to make this accidental. I don’t believe that The officer intended on killing Floyd, and I don’t believe that Floyd intended on Overdosing but that he intended on further trying to cover up the crimes he had committed like he had done previously. However, because of the way racist and racism is loosely thrown around today, if this officer is not convicted, this country is going to erupt in riots that will make last summers riots look like Sesame Street on Broadway….Floyd was being detained for committing crimes, more than 1. The first, passing counterfeit money, 2, engaging in a drug deal that was caught on camera, resisting arrest, and it could have even gone as far as dwi/dui because his keys were in the ignition while clearly under the influence/ intoxicated. All it takes for a fentanyl od is particles. There didn’t need to be large quantities for an od to occur. However, Floyd is not who is on trial, and more than that, death for his alleged crimes seems excessive as well.

      I disagree with police brutality, and o disagree with racial profiling. However many of our Victims who have been killed in recent years all have been from officers responding to crimes in progress. And not all were CIP, I can’t remember the gentleman’s name, but the man was shot and killed after a traffic stop. The guy had a c/c permit and the cop was absolutely in the wrong and was charged with murder. As he should have been. I believe this officer committed involuntary manslaughter. Accidental homicide. Absolutely, but Floyd had just as big of a role in his death as the officer did.

    3. Literally everything you said she didn’t say or you dumbed it down in such bad faith that it’s clearly not what she meant. People, please don’t listen to this dude.

    4. @Ruby Shaw they called an ambulance when he said he couldn’t breath and they performed cpr on floyd right after he went unconscious…

    1. @UltimumDraco like the same exert chief that also testified that he was within his rights to taze the man but he didn’t and chose lesser force… but nice try with that fake narrative.

    2. MSM wants destruction, racial division, and “defund the police” as part of the bigger “Great Reset” agenda, aka “Build Back Better”.

    1. @DGRIFF! i blame the judge too
      if i was a judge id have thrown half these ppl out
      and hold them in contempt ordering investigations into their testimonies

    2. @charles wheelock do you think that they were selected as part of a conspiracy to put the officers away to prevent more riots?

  5. “Hello, this is your pilot speaking: I’ve never actually flown a plane but I have watched a video. Sit back and enjoy the flight.”

    1. @ZizzerLV Since the prosecution is prosecuting the cop, then no, they wouldn’t have used a forensic pathologist to argue for the cop. Maybe you don’t understand enough about the criminal justice system.

    1. @Jimmy James • 25 years ago He asked if it was possible in hypothetical reality that Floyd could have hypotheticals died of anything except Derek hypothetically. Theoretically.

    2. @Jimmy James • 25 years ago yes, definitely it’s me who is crazy not the person who’s literally ignoring every expert in this trial and your own eyes LOL

    3. @ryan wolfe if you have been listening to the countless doctors, emts, pathologists, etc who have all explained that the amount of drugs found in his system was not enough at all to cause death and he was lucid, calling for breathe during his death meaning this was not due to drugs and still have taken away somehow that he was not murdered than you are beyond saving

  6. Gee, and all these years we’ve been hearing about how deadly fentanyl was. I guess that wasn’t true as far as George Floyd was concerned.

    1. @Captain Howdy actually the medical examiner that performed the autopsy said he did. He had a heart attack caused by drugs, heart disease and fighting the police.

    2. He is the only Fentanyl overdose (3x the limit!) in history that didn’t die AND the only person in history to die with Covid but not be considered a covid death. Truly, a miracle man.

  7. was it just me or did i hear someone ask her if she sat on a baseball or baseball bat for some reason??! i wasn’t even high when i heard it either

  8. She was a great witness … I mean, that whole Canada incident !! Whoa! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Well done

  9. His blood was drawn immediately after death at Hennepin County Medical Center. The official autopsy report shows a concentration of 11 nanograms per milliliter.
    How much is that?
    Handwritten notes taken when the Medical Examiner briefed prosecutors on his findings suggest it was very high – but not necessarily fatal.
    “If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an O.D. [Over Dose],” the notes say.

  10. If that one didn’t give their pronouns before the testimony then i don’t trust him/her/it/that

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