Former Congressional Aide Recounts His Experience During ‘Extremely Traumatic’ Jan 6th Insurrection 1

Former Congressional Aide Recounts His Experience During ‘Extremely Traumatic’ Jan 6th Insurrection


Jabir McKnight, former congressional aide to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, discusses his experience as a Black man inside the Capitol during the insurrection and what services Congress has provided to help aides with their trauma. Aired on 02/18/2021.
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Former Congressional Aide Recounts His Experience During ‘Extremely Traumatic’ Jan 6th Insurrection


  1. It’s time to clean house in Congress. Stacey Abrams I am ready to help you register people to vote and make sure no one stays home in 2022. Or if they stay at home it’s cause they did their mail ballot. All of the Republicans need to go.

  2. I was at the capitol and it was a peaceful protest just like the antifa and blm protests over the last year. No sneakers or TV’S were looted during the protest.

    1. @N W it is NOT anti police rhetoric you moron, they want funds moved to the appropriate department. and again those riots were caused from the far right,

    2. @Edwin Bertelmann The Right loves pretending their far bigger crimes are comparable and blaming everyone else for their violent behavior planned in advance.

    1. @Mike “Oh, there ain’t no rest for the wicked
      Money don’t grow on trees
      I got bills to pay
      I got mouths to feed
      There ain’t nothing in this world for free
      I know I can’t slow down
      I can’t hold back
      Though you know
      I wish I could
      Oh, no there ain’t no rest for the wicked
      Until we close our eyes for good”

  3. No one should be subjected to trauma in the workplace. He’s young and just starting his career. This is a horrible setback for him and I hope he overcomes it. We owe these staffers so much, they don’t get enough credit or recognition for the work they do to keep Congress afloat.

    1. @Brian Jones “Be Tougher”. If anything were to happen to your beloved Trump or his cabinet, you would be crying wolf and peeing your pants.

  4. I wondered if some of the over 500 aides and staffers, who signed the letter begging Senators to convict, would quit.

    I think the actions of the Republicans showed a vile disregard for the Constitution and the truth, and also for the people who worked with them on Capitol Hill.
    I could not continue to work for someone like that.
    By quiting now you have a very legitimate reason for walking away and starting a new career.

    You don’t want the Trump/ QAnon stank on you or you might never work again. ( except for Fox News)

  5. Only a half dozen Republican Congresspersons have ties to white supremacist groups? That number seems like a severe undercount.

  6. Here is a poll to help you understand
    Ask the people who do you support
    The Democrats or Republicans .
    Your question is to 1,000 known abused children and 1,000 known to be not abused . And let the result open your eyes

  7. Is there a link to the 500 staffer letter? Was there a NYT article or opinion interviewing him and about this? Yes, INSIDE job so bad people in the Capitol who helped the Coup

  8. Find them all because they said their coming back and I won’t be surprised when they do. Traitors are everywhere Folks.

  9. Tbh as a black women I wouldn’t feel safe working in any capacity for the US Government. I don’t even feel safe driving pass a cop in my neighborhood


  11. The staffers do all the work. The Senators just fled. It was STAFFERS who grabbed the electoral college votes to protect them & this is the thanks they get. I get angrier every day that goes by with no justice for this where it counts.

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