Former Cop Freed of Charges | $800K Fine to be Returned - February 26 2021 1

Former Cop Freed of Charges | $800K Fine to be Returned – February 26 2021


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  1. Customer harassing employee would be left for the employer take action if the the employee feels offended and make complaint to her boss. The employer can either ask the customer to leave, if he or she doesn’t then call the police to deal with the matter. As simple as that

  2. This man is so innocent.,..him never do anything you a police …. Me don’t believe you… Prisoner get one month in prison and police VEX….. SO NOW POLICE FREE UNO A SKIN UNO TEETHS ….. DIRTY JUSTICE SYSTEM…..

  3. Sometime when these people talk the world is heading in a crisis one them lie to their hypocrite for all traders we all know in the workplaces if I should lead the investigation do you know how many people I would take in for sexual harassment to workers do we know time and time again where the big boss promise to give work to a nice lady but when his request is not fulfilled that young lady terminate is nothing new sometime the people who come into the news they make me sick

  4. This woman really go live and talk about the altercation? Then counter the reported # of stab wounds and say it wasn’t so much. “I gi yuh 2 stab, 2 stab!!” . ahmmm She no come from planet earth?

  5. As far as i see prominent ppl exempt from the law, but i want to see who ago exempt from god it your sin don’t wash away

  6. Justice in Jamaica is only for d poor, the law is only for d poor. No wonder the youth them want to get rich quick.

  7. One sign and garden cost two million dollars….. It seems like they will be made from refined silver and fine gold. When will the country get some honest politicians….

  8. The justice system is so flawed that even when a person is considered innocent of the charge for real it still doesn’t sit well. Unuh need to fix that sincerely..

  9. Why when they reading the news on Covid they fail to talk about the recoveries . They all make it seems like that big figure is still there come on man talk about who recover.

  10. The anchor laughed….. Mi laugh too….. Someone can say ‘bite of the week’
    We a real sample…. ‘If u dead mi sorry’

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