Former DHS Official On Violent Rhetoric Aimed At Election Officials | Deadline | MSNBC

Former DHS Official On Violent Rhetoric Aimed At Election Officials | Deadline | MSNBC 1


Elizabeth Neumann, former Assistant Secretary for Threat Prevention and Security Policy at the Department of Homeland Security, responds to Georgia voting official, Gabriel Sterling, calling out the president and senators for not condoning the violent rhetoric against election and cybersecurity officials that has emerged in the wake of Trump’s loss. Aired on 12/1/2020.
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Former DHS Official On Violent Rhetoric Aimed At Election Officials | Deadline | MSNBC

86 Comments on "Former DHS Official On Violent Rhetoric Aimed At Election Officials | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Elizabeth Nash | December 1, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

    Thank you, Mr Sterling! Outstanding! Elected officials, encouraging violence against other ELECTED officials is NOT what the US is about. It is NOT acceptable! And it MUST BE CALLED OUT FOR WHAT IT IS! Thank you!

    • It’s truly disgusting that we’ve gotten to the point where Sterling had to step forward as he did. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

    • Elizabeth Nash | December 1, 2020 at 7:45 PM | Reply

      @low key I hear you, my friend. That you, I and anyone else reading this right now should ever HAVE to read/watch something like this, or even THINK about such a thing in the United States, is beyond comprehension.
      The 1st Amendment does NOT protect speech that incites or encourages others to acts of violence. The DOJ needs to pull some honorable soul out of it’s core to start leveling charges against the politicians that make such statements, up to and including Trump. Our laws are meaningless if they don’t apply equally to ALL of us.
      Arrrggghhh! I’m SO freaking angry about this! This is NOT the United States I’ve respected and lived in for my 55 yrs!

    • I don’t remember this even being an issue prior to 2016.

    • Elizabeth Nash | December 1, 2020 at 9:29 PM | Reply

      @Dan Clarke Exactly. It would have been inconceivable at any point prior to 2016. This is the kind of thing we’d watch on the news in developing countries that are either pulling away from a dictator, or being overcome by one. But never HERE.

  2. Talilena Justan | December 1, 2020 at 7:22 PM | Reply

    He is absolutely right. Ga. has someone of whom to be proud. We all need more leaders willing and able to speak the truth.

  3. Absurdities and Atrocities

  4. Republicans will not support our democracy, they will only humor trump who is a loser.

    • Think about it | December 1, 2020 at 10:27 PM | Reply

      Speaking of that…WOW…Racist Joe is really screwing over Bernie and the Left…how quickly they forget. Where is the contract they signed???

    • @Yvonne Tomenga oh you mean people that have been enabling trump until the get a little bit of what they help create? Any republican crying because now they are getting bullied by other republicans is a joke. All is fine when your on the side of being a pos. Beyond pathetic

    • President Trump’s supporters in Georgia know the Senate runoff election will be rigged

    • @Ron K I’d be skeptical about a Republicans hat votes for tump claiming they “know” anything. All that really shows to the rest of the world is how little they actually know about anything.

    • The Blessings Of Jesus Channel | December 2, 2020 at 12:54 AM | Reply

      Drop dead you laughable evil frauds at MSNBC!

      The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are vindicating President Trump and demolishing all the weapons coming against President Trump and dealing with all those who perpetrated this voter fraud as well as dealing the fake news soon enough!!!

      Jesus Christ IS LORD!!!

      Go cry on Michael Avenatti and Robert Mueller’s shoulder’s you stupid dumb laughable irrelevant screwball jokes!!!!!!!!!

  5. Bravo sir, trump gop I’m sure you would be screaming if the shoe was on the other foot. Is there not a way to prosecute trump and anyone that uses this rhetoric!

    • the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure. You are the tyrant

    • Think about it | December 1, 2020 at 10:27 PM | Reply

      Speaking of that…WOW…Racist Joe is really screwing over Bernie and the Left…how quickly they forget. Where is the contract they signed??????

  6. The right starting to eat their own!

  7. You can thank Trump for this violent speech, remember Trump at his Nazi-hate rallies? Trump is to blame!!!

  8. Trump the only real threat to America.

  9. Why is law enforcement shirking their responsibilities?
    Silence is complicity!

  10. Death threats? absolutely pathetic.

    • That’s how they are. Oh why weren’t there death threats when Russia helped trump cheat? What a bunch of snowflakes. There the biggest cheaters!

  11. the only legacy trump have when leaving office is a divided country, corpses and washed up careers

    • And lots and lots of obvious criminal activity.

    • Don’t forget, he nearly took America from being a country that was respected to a cult dictatorship, with people listening to his inarticulate boasts about how Amazing he is. We find that nauseating in Europe and we see through him why don’t so many Americans.

    • @Forest Walker … unfortunately so many Americans and foreign adversaries want this kind of destruction, Trump is the true macharian in their eyes to get it done

    • Ghokoh

    • But he will be #1 in something – Worst president/ruler in world history.

  12. Obligame Contuhermana | December 1, 2020 at 7:34 PM | Reply

    Moscow mitch only cares about his Senate majority ,don’t expect him to say anything before the runoff election on Georgia

    • Teva L. Hancock | December 1, 2020 at 8:29 PM | Reply

      Bet ol Mitch boy is sweating buckets with the runoff election not looking so good for the GOP. Both GOP senators are crooked as they come and should be held accountable for their insider trading bs! Let’s get then gone too!

    • Can't Get Right | December 1, 2020 at 8:34 PM | Reply

      BIden will be a terrible President… he’s a weak,feckless old racist… he will sell us out to China,again…he represents no one ….

    • I’m pulling for all Georgia residents to vote blue for the sake of our democracy- please! Trump has somehow mesmerized & terrorized our Republican party- their silence is complicit & enabling. Make no mistake this is a cult of division, hatred & violence & no- it’s not OK to participate in a sloppily executed attempted coup! Ignoring this for the sake of “unity” will backfire,, prosecution of all involved will be appropriate & necessary for our democracy to survive.

    • Dimitri Prince | December 1, 2020 at 8:46 PM | Reply

      He better say so after it’s certified!!! Gawd he’s way past due. If a dem did this he would never let them live it down.


      WATCH: Highlights from Michigan Hearing on Election Fraud

  13. Everything Trump touches dies.

    • Yvette Hébert | December 1, 2020 at 8:43 PM | Reply

      @Zach Wells And you open your eyes ,you don’t need to see it on the news Trump is saying it , its coming from that mouth full of….i will stop here…lol

    • @Brad M Oh I hated him for his fascist rhetoric in the years before Covid hit.

    • Bob Davidson political trolls are so 2016, get a life, your just embarrassing yourself

    • Piecrustyumyum | December 1, 2020 at 8:51 PM | Reply

      @Katherine Raven Actually no, clearly you have no seen what really happened in Portland and cities like Portland. So be sure to look up a few videos of live footage on what the aftermath looks like, during the “protest”, and look at the reactions of minorities. Come back to me and tell me again that’s it’s out of context if you’re blatantly ignorant enough.

    • @Bob Davidson How is Trump’s fascist regimen working for you? Are you aware Trump is going to pardon his family members? Those dictator friends like Putin and Kim Jong Un must be proud of him.

  14. photonrayswaves | December 1, 2020 at 7:42 PM | Reply

    Why aren’t they arresting these people making death threats?

  15. He is so correct.. The so called drainer of the swamp has in fact turned the swamp into a septic tank of corruption.

  16. Teresa Rodriguez | December 1, 2020 at 7:43 PM | Reply

    About time someone told them off😷

  17. kim kristensen | December 1, 2020 at 7:44 PM | Reply

    Thank you Sir
    This IS what America sadly has become

  18. Bravest man I’ve seen in 4 years. Now if elected officials could grow a pair and speak out against this illness we call Trumpism, I would hold hope for our future.

  19. This is really getting out of control , you lost, go home

  20. “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
    ― Isaac Asimov, Foundation

    • Think about it | December 1, 2020 at 10:25 PM | Reply

      WOW…Joe is really screwing over Bernie and the Left…how quickly they forget. Where is the contract they signed??????

    • So true! ANTIFA was financed by democrats.

    • Wow, I didn’t know that one yet, thank you. So true.
      Their incompetence is why I walked from them, when they went cuckoo over HCQ in March or so.
      Have you seen the USPS truck driver’s testimony of today? His professionalism truly unveils their amateurism and arrogance.

    • leftist suppoted antifa, blm come to mind

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