Former FL Data Scientist Has Home Raided By FBI: They Are Trying To Shut Me Down | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

Former FL Data Scientist Has Home Raided By FBI: They Are Trying To Shut Me Down | Katy Tur | MSNBC


Agents with guns drawn raided the home of a former Florida data scientist who helped track Covid cases. Now a GOP attorney appointed by Governor DeSantis has resigned in protest, saying the raid was meant to "intimidate." The scientist targeted in that raid, Rebekah Jones, joins Katy Tur to discuss. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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Former FL Data Scientist Has Home Raided By FBI: They Are Trying To Shut Me Down | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. Disgusting., behaviour, surely, against the law, but iff trump had his way, he would do it again and again, even the fan base trump does not know the meaning of freedom of speech, thus would act like a Dictatorship

    1. @John Coleman gullible? Did I not state the truth? Did the House not just pass a bill stopping troop withdrawal? Only 37 House Dems voted against it. 40 GOP reps voted against it. The Dems are more warlike than the GOP! Who would’ve thought??

    2. @Felicita Rodriguez oh sure let’s live in a “free” society that bombs countries indiscriminately

    3. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN Oh dear, you really struggle with the concept of global trade, don’t you?
      What are you lot so afraid of? I thought Americans like you were big and tough and strong. 
      Oh well, disappointed again, but don’t worry, I’ll get over it..

    1. Everything is going to be great now that Biden is in there! No worries Phil… He’ll get rid of Fascism like this and stand up for the American people. You won’t see anymore incidents like this in 4 more years and he’ll clean out all that government corruption.

    2. @Darth Canid That sounds logical to ppl like us, but I’m sure it’s drilled into FBI agents to follow orders…unfortunately in this case. I don’t know how she didn’t choke a mf’r tho, drawing guns on her kids like that. Hope she can sue…no doubt this was retaliation on a whistleblower.

    3. When a country such as Germany lost its soul to a man like Hitler, the world paid the price. America is losing its soul to Trump. History has a way of repeating itself.

    1. @A. Barrera The left and the right have to wake up or this country doomed, so you feed them psychological plants so that it burns into their skulls and just maybe their light bulbs might go off because we need them, we don’t need to be divided!

    1. @grandma k. He’ll get it done grandma! And he’ll do away with incidents like these fascist Florgestopoian agents.

    2. @If you don’t vote for Biden, YOU AIN’T BIDEN Here, mate, I’ve had an idea!

      Why don’t you just slither back under your log, you verminous, smartass, lying, bullying, miserable little fascist turd.

    3. People think this is a republic when in fact it’s not, a republic requires a dictator and fascism. Most republican voters are ignorant to these facts and it is why the GOP and Trump love the uneducated.

    4. @Albert GaymonI’m a USMC MARSOC E3 Ret and I got my battle rattle on and armed to my teeth ready to defend our democratic constitutional rights and our people.

    1. If Governor Ron De Satan thinks he can hide the. Truth about how many people are coming down with & dying from Covid 19 in Florida. He’s sadly mistaken the Truth *ALWAYS* comes out eventually & when it does he’s going to have to answer for his lack of action in protecting the people of his state.

    1. @TJ Roelsma Nah… All this nonsense will just be old news on the bottom of the bird cage. As time progresses, Trump, like all has-beens will be less and less relevant and fade. He knows it. It’s why he trying to squeeze as much money out of his little lemmings as he can before the bloom is irrevocably off the rose.

    2. @R. McBride With any other “Great Leader” I’d normally agree, but Trump isn’t your average opportunist who rises power only to fade out just as quickly. During his whole career of scheming, scamming and frauding the man has shown the resilience of a cockroach. He’s the quintessential “Teflon Don”, as in: he will ignore everything that would make any normal person bow his/her head in shame and slink away. Trump simply ignores it and plows on and his followers somehow love him for that. Just look at his tax-release promises (never happened), the audio tapes (no Republican cared), his multiple fraudes (again no Republican cared), his open and unabashed misoginy against women and last but not least his daily portion of blatant lies. Nothing sticks to the guy.

      Donald Trump is unique as an opportunist in the sense that he has managed to set himself up as the Saviour of the Republican Party and besides his “normal” 35-40% followers, a large number of Republicans are either too afraid to go against that very vocal and intimidating minority or have been swayed to join them. Therefore Joe Biden’s Presidency will be an even more difficult one than Barack Obama’s Presidency and we’ve seen how much that despiccable Mitch McConnell sabotaged and frustrated Obama out of sheer spite and “just becuase he could.” Expect the same treatment dialled up to 13 by Donald Trump. I can only see Trumpism fade into obscurity if after Biden the Republicans lose again, because then Trump will almost definitely lose his grip on the Party.

  2. This is worse than any dictatorship, because this is done under the guise of a democracy. This is Fascism, pure and simple.

    1. And they wanted Trump in office another 4 years ? if trump and his gang of Republican thugs would have destroyed the constitution and trumps red tie would be replaced with a hammer and cycle symbol as they cry false lies that it’s the democrats that want socialism when a man looses poorly this is what happens people threatening people over the truth that Americans during a pandemic choose to change things with a never ever ding the right thing for Americans as he lies and distorts the reality…. martial law and a dictator ship is not the American way nor division from the past in our own civil war that to this day still has its issues in a country that was once eight years ago was greater than it is today ….

    2. i say someone start a campaign to raise money to hire a good lawyer/s and take these people down. there should be evidence out there

    1. @Lene Danielsen lmao this is like when a cop kills an innocent black man and then try to justify it by showing his past records of smoking weed in high school.

    2. @Lene Danielsen and its funny that you can bring up people’s pasts and judge them by it but Trumps past gets a pass.

    1. What government? You mean Florida. Stay in your lane. When it comes to Covid-19, this isn’t happening in every state.

    2. This is what Republicans do to hide real information. Be clear about who who is doing what. This IS GOP……

    1. Absolutely! Everything is going to be great now that Biden is in there! He’ll get rid of Fascism like this and stand up for the American people. You won’t see anymore incidents like this in 4 more years and he’ll clean out all that government corruption.

    2. @Education is key and about the Trump family, except those ones were they were charged and found guilty (Trump charity etc)

  3. In Trump’s America honesty and transparency are fireable offenses, and will not be tolerated.
    Ron DeSantis should be ashamed of himself.

    1. simple tRUmp you’re FIRED, give him an orange jumpsuit , LOCK HIM UP, the assemble a firing squad to END trump broadcast live around the world.

    2. @Rich Relaxes really are you that ignorant? This is the first time in American history that we have done mail in ballots, people keep getting it confused, there is a big difference between absentee voting and mail out a bunch of ballots and anyone can send them in. Please do a little research do not listen to these big tech companies, there is a reason they changed the election laws in P.A. a month before election, and what they did is illegal, the governor and a bunch of judges bypassed the state legislature, if you d mb t understand that, well imagine the president coming out signing an executive order saying slavery is legal. That is the same thing. In Rome they called it the mob, if you please the mob you can do whatever you want. Now maybe u understand my logic

    1. This is the Law and order trump wants if he gets four more years he will abolish the courts he won’t trust them to do what he wants in the courts that is why he is trying to get law enforcement on his side you people are not seeing what he is doing he tried it out in Washington d.c. and he see what he can do .

    1. I believe this is happening in GA too!!! Our local news seems to report that we are doing much better than what the national news reports.

    2. This is scary stuff. If you ever thought ” It could never happen here,” Trump has proven that bad men can still rattle a democracy to its core.” I can’t wait to watch him languish in court and then rot in prison.

    1. Everything is going to be great now that Biden is in there! He’ll get rid of Fascism like this and stand up for the American people. You won’t see anymore incidents like this in 4 more years and he’ll clean out all that government corruption.

    2. You guys don’t know the whole story. It’s more about what happened in 2019 and her cyberstalking charge. She’s in some serious trouble.It’s about breaking into the state system but it’s also about a plea deal reference to cyberstalking and an unrelated case now

    3. @Televisionarchives Depot Should we also apply the same standards to the Trump kids? Oh, Ivanka comes to mind!

  4. Rebekah Jones is a an American Hero! She tells the true. From a European!! Desantis is a crook! Put your house in order America!

    1. @What Books well said! Love that last sentence. Thank you for caring about us. House should be in order Jan. 21, hopefully without Chump in attendance at the Inauguration. And decent Americans will once again party in the streets as happened when Biden was declared the winner.
      I can’t believe so many Chump supporters believe everything that he vomits out his mouth.

    1. @Stacey Northrup I live in Oregon & Kate Brown is doing just fine. Of course, she gets a lot of crap from MAGAts like Whitmer does.

    1. @G Hill if he has had his hands on anything, it’s likely been tarnished to an extent…Everything Trump touches dies!

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