Former Florida lawmaker charged with funding sham candidate 1

Former Florida lawmaker charged with funding sham candidate


A former Florida state senator who resigned in disgrace four years ago was charged with campaign finance violations related to a hotly contested state senate race in the 2020 election.

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    1. @Stephen Burke do you want to put some effort into adding something worth reading? Anyone can write insults, it doesn’t help anyone, you want to tell me how I owned myself and maybe we can get somewhere? Or can you not articulate that? a lot of people can only insult everyone who disagrees with them in some way, it means you have no argument, is that what you are doing?

    2. @Stephen Burke so what does triggered mean to you? Obviously the definitions are interchangeable with you people. If you think someone telling you something you don’t want to hear is then being triggered then you have a hell of a way of rationalizing the world, but it won’t get you anywhere, you’re just digging yourself deeper into your problems.

    3. @Stephen Burke so you’re the type to just insult people even though you have no ability to verbally or logically defend yourself or your points? You can point out spelling mistakes but you can’t point out a flaw in what I said, as far as I can tell you agree with me.

    4. @Jo Poveromo triggered snowflake ; why can’t you respond without editing your comment? It’s not asking a lot

    1. @Nera Kar I thought the courts of your land established there was no evidence of voter fraud. This shouldn’t be breezed over. Dont you Americans believe in the rule of law?

    2. Now some of them are admitting that there was no voter fraud and that they made it all up. Not that it would matter to their voters. There is one person I know, who lost a fair amount of money in the Trump University scandal and still voted for him.

  1. Funny how all voter fraud is committed by republicans yet they cry the loudest that the Dems are doing it

    1. @Dennis Feenstra
      You’re trying to explain science to an idiot. Thankfully it still benefits others; so don’t stop.

    2. @Harry Manilow
      No. The Democrats were talking about Russia affecting how people vote by spreading propaganda and disinformation. No one has claimed any votes were ever changed by Russia. “Election fraud” is when an election is directly affected in some way; and that’s never been alleged of Russia.

  2. the depth of disgust and contempt I experience toward these persons continues to affect my tolerence of them.
    I can no longer wish them health happiness or peace.

  3. “Election integrity?” Whatever! The GOP is despicable! They’re so entitled they feel it’s okay to cheat because nothing will happen to them. I’m so over them and their lawless behavior! They truly feel untouchable. Enough is enough!

    By the way, check Rick Scott’s win! I remember him taking office before all of the votes between he and his opponent were counted!

    I have no idea why Manchin thinks any of these people would do the right thing by working in a partisan way! They only care about power, PERIOD!

    1. LMAO . . How can u be Latino and support Donald Chump who came out and said that Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers and separated children from their parents at the border just because he didn’t want them to come here.

    2. That orange monster can’t stand people of color and the suckers still back hum. He won’t give you a glass of water to out the fire out burning there asses

    3. @Tony Montana LOL . Donald Chump will not ever be president again!! REAL AMERICANS voted him out of office and they will do it again but im quite sure Agent Orange will be wearing a Orange jumpsuit!!

  4. This is what these politicians do. The crazy thing that I just learned it’s not illegal to have a fake candidate just illegal to fund one. SMH

    1. You missed a key word. This is what these ***REPUBLICAN*** politicians do. They can’t win election normally so they cheat their way to winning. Whether that’s through outright scams as they did here or through the voter suppression they’re engaging in right now across the country.

  5. Until these people are held accountable, prosecuted and given long prison terms nothing will change. Furtherance of one’s own self greed is the main culprit.

    1. @Virgil Romero well in that case saydnaya prison in Syria is the perfect place for them because it’s torture everyday there

    2. @death sparrow I think sending them to the country (and race they hate the most) would be ideal. They don’t like Middle East, send them to the Middle East prison.

    3. @Virgil Romero well saydnaya is the worst prison because the food there has insects and everybody’s crammed along with being tortured nonstop according to the survivors and because of that the Republicans should all be sent there

    1. @Can’t get Right309 Trump needs to be (at the very least) indicted for his attempt to sway the Georgia election. If he isn’t indicted it will literally be LEGAL for anyone to run for office, lose and then call on election officials and demand that they change results to make them the winner.

  6. Putting money into a secret account to benefit himself. This is how the Republican party stay rich. They never earned money themselves. They steal it.

  7. There’s no possible way that Garcia didn’t know what was going on. She may not have been part of the game plan, but for certain she knew about it.

    1. Quite right there’s no way on earth candidate’s don’t analyse their opponents in an election contest. Its a shame this wasn’t publisized prior to the election day.

  8. GOP can’t win elections without cheating, they are becoming more and more desperate as ppl are abandoning the party…

    1. They even argued that before the Supreme Court recently, claiming that free and fair elections disproportionately benefit Democrats.

  9. Republicans were right, there were people stealing elections. They just blamed the wrong party.

  10. “fully intend to defend any charges in court”… He’ll quietly accept a guilty plea in a few months when this goes quiet.

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