Former Georgia election worker endured threats | USA TODAY

After being targeted by President Donald Trump, former Georgia election worker Wandrea ArShaye Moss testified to the violation of privacy that she endured.

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    1. Pray no one ever scapegoats you and attacks your family and integrity. Where’s your heart? Did you even watch today so you can have an opinion? Probably not.

    2. @NM Dakini where’s the coverage of people threatening SCJ members?… Where’s your heart? huh? not terrorism when it’s your side apparently…

    3. @K H its being covered, all over the media but it’s another subject outside of the 1/6 investigations. I find all the violence, threats and division reprehensible. Stay on topic.

    4. @NM Dakini …it’s something that happened very recently vs something that happened 2 years ago… stay on topic LOL

    1. Yes. Afghanistan Debacle ALONE was enough treachery!!!! Forget about scuttling the domestic energy industry!!!

  1. Her story makes 0 sense. She claims people pushed their way in her Grandmother’s home. Was anyone arrested for illegal entry, false imprisonment? Why isn’t her Grandmother testifying? If not this is hear say…0 credibility

    1. @Kekion W The mob did go to her house multiple times. Also, people claiming to be law enforcement tell her they’ll go easy on her if she confesses. It’s all recorded. Read the transcript.

    2. @elizabeth cope What you wrote doesn’t make sense but you can’t threaten a woman and then go to her house and tell her you represent the government and you are there to get her confession to a crime.

  2. If she helped “fortify” the election she should not have been threatened, she should have been dealt with.

  3. If you want to tell if a person is lying, then watch to see if their story contains the timeline of finer details which happened rather than emotional and vague statements. What I am hearing is a person exaggerating a situation she was never present for.

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