Former Google Ethicist: ‘We Have Been Watching Different Movies Of Reality’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Former Google Ethicist: ‘We Have Been Watching Different Movies Of Reality’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Tristan Harris tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma, "predicted so much of what happened on January 6th." Harris says the Capitol insurrection was a manifestation of the social media business model leading us to "a more and more extreme view of reality." Aired on 01/15/2021.
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About The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell:
Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ""The West Wing,"" Lawrence O'Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. O'Donnell convenes diverse panels of guests, including a variety of politicians and cultural voices, to offer unique viewpoints and perspective. In his signature style, O'Donnell highlights the latest news developments and offers his take on the political stories driving the national conversation.

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Former Google Ethicist: ‘We Have Been Watching Different Movies Of Reality’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. If this Confederacy wants its, “civil war,” they should be treated as war criminals, when they insight death and destruction. This guy is talking about, “shared views,” but in a war, the government leads the way, which is what we pay them for. They need to introduce emergency legislation and take the reigns, FDR style. And they must OUTLAW propaganda! Fox can still lie, but just not be allowed to call themselves “NEWS” anymore. Like in the UK?

    1. @Joe Dementia Fingers my comment has nothing to do with Joe Biden, I’m just pointing out that many movements and groups both political and otherwise use censorship as a tactic and censorship itself doesn’t equate to fascism

    2. @Randy WilsonDo you realise mom and dad called you Randy because that’s what they we feeling when you were conceived.

    3. @michael erik Dementia Joe has already spent 14 trillion dollars! You idiot’s have destroyed America and you LOVE destroying America almost as much as you LOVE THIS #bidentouchingkids REAL LINK REAL LINK

    1. Corporations are supposed to make money. Legislators are supposed to keep corporations in check through regulations. This is the result of corporations owning legislators through legal corruption. Nothing will change until REAL campaign finance reform is enacted along with eliminating efforts of voter suppression.

    2. @Sean Patrick i see it going on. insider trading, pro sports arenas, pilfering dollars.
      sick greedy liars who’ll stop at nothing to make a profit. no room for hate anymore.

    1. These beast has been growing for long. Now has 74M heads. Can call It by many names. Not because is happening un the USA does not mean It is what it is: totalitarisium, authoritarity, domestic terrorismo, mix with racism and all the umms. Do not be so romantic, use the proper words, It has and it is happening in the USA. These IS an abominacion. “False profets, by their works you will recognize them…”

    2. 1st disarm them. 2nd surveillance and monitor online and offline. 3rd relationships and connections. 4th travel. 5th criminal background checks.

    3. @Rose X – In other words, treat them like they did the other terrorists, the brown ones sleeping under their beds.

    1. @Daisy Kennedy I remember from spring-summer 2017 I had at least two dreams of nuclear war. I remember very vividly seeing the skyline of my college town and being there, across the river, and seeing this arc of light come down from the west (from China most likely) and the bomb go off right where my apartment was. There was another dream in which I was atop a mountain, in the Appalachians looking towards the west, the direction from which I had come, and as far as the eye could see there were mushroom clouds, others faint as the rose above from behind the curvature of the Earth.

  1. The only thing that needs to come out of Trump’s mouth if GOP really wants unity is
    “Joe Biden won and I lost. I was desperate thats why I lied about the election.”

    1. @T S “It’s actually code”
      They especially like that one. It makes them feel superhuman, with superpowers.

    2. The most shameful thing about the GOP is they are still continuing to support his lies. That will never lead to Unity. Which our Country is truly in desperate need of NOW.

    3. @Katie L ya, I looked at “truth serum” stats and sodium thiopental is on a par with alcohol. How about strapping a lie detector on him and televising a Q and A session with the results visible. It would only work if he is sane enough to tell the truth from alternate facts tho.

    4. If the US wants unity, it needs accountability. People need to be charged, prosecuted and convicted – show the people, that everyone is equal to the law, be it rioters, protesters, senators or presidents. In times of crisis it’s the core principles of democracy, rule of law and equality that wins out.

    1. Hey, I found posters in our local park inviting people to join “them” and even worse. This was back in August, long before the election, so how would they know or suspect election fraud back then?. I called the authorities. First they thought it was me putting up the posters, then they did a report and finally gave me a nice printed out summary of their visit. I have no idea if they followed up on it or not.

  2. Tech companies allowed bots to infiltrate their forums creating a false sense of support for fascists. They should have worked harder to keep people from creating false identities and refused to take money from those who paid for bots to increase a false sense of supporters.

    1. as a web developer I can tell you this much, they would never do that because bots and targeted advertisement its around 90% of all their bussines income, if they would implement “fact checking”, literally the guys who pay their bills would take their money elsewhere, so long as social networks are free its impossible to avoid this without any kind of goverment regulation, then again…. imagine how much power a goverment could have if they simply… don’t regulate it just control it, say someone like Trump

    2. How do we know where the bots are from anyway? They could be coming from people Trump hires behind the 7 layers of veil, or even from a foreign nation like Russia, Iran or North Korea. All three would love to see the downfall our our nation.

    1. @Manuel I did. Democrat here for non violence. That’s one of the problems during this discourse. The popular view is that everyone on the “opposite side” is a radical. I don’t believe that. I truly believe that there is a middle ground. How to reach that? If I had the answer right now, I’d get a Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. We shut down Isis information network.
    We can shut down Parler and sleep soundly about it.

    1. @Bodhisattva At least sixteen Republican current and former state legislators were present at the event, including West Virginia State Senator Mike Azinger, Nevada State Assemblywoman Annie Black, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, Maryland Delegate Daniel L. Cox, Alaska State Representative David Eastman, West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans, Colorado State Representative-elect Ron Hanks, Missouri State Representative Justin Hill, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, Virginia State Delegate Dave LaRock, Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, and Tennessee Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, as well as outgoing Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones (a former Democrat who announced at the rally that he had joined the Republican Party), outgoing Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern, and former Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Saccone. Weaver claimed to have been “in the thick of it” and Evans filmed himself entering the Capitol alongside rioters. All denied participating in acts of violence. Evans was charged by federal authorities on January 8 with entering a restricted area.] he resigned from the House of Delegates the next day.

    2. @NoSkillzDad OMG! Your Donald the Trump aren’t you? You blew your cover with all that Trump speak about being the most balanced person ever! I knew you’d sneak around the bans somehow! That actually explains a lot! You troll you!

    3. @Norma Rojo Yes they are. They attacked democracy.
      The election is over. Trump lost. Let democracy do its thing.
      If you don’t believe in democracy you can sit at home and watch TV.

      But they took it one step further. They attacked democracy. They must be punished.

  4. One cannot have a president spreading lies on social media. It is a pity that it came down to the private sector to silence him. His government should have stopped his lies long time ago.

  5. Where is Donnie’s children? They are awfully quiet all of a sudden. Everyone runs when Trump becomes out of control. Where is Stephen Miller? When he’s doing interviews, he sounds like the people who attacked the Washington DC Capitol. Stephen Miller ideology is just like the people who don’t believe Donald Trump lost the election.

    1. Wholly agree! I would even go slightly further and suggest no-Internet days: No social media, no news, no distractions. Before Covid season I used to get at least two weekends a month of such unplugging when I’d visit relatives who live in, as we fondly refer to it, “the Seventh-Day Woods, that God never got to work on”: no Internet, no phone or TV reception, half an hour’s drive from the nearest store, marvelously boring. I can’t wait for the news to be boring again!

    1. “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within….” Nikita Krushchev

  6. If this Confederacy wants its, “civil war,” they should be treated as war criminals, when they insight death and destruction. This guy is talking about, “shared views,” but in a war, the government leads the way, which is what we pay them for. They need to introduce emergency legislation and take the reigns, FDR style. And they must OUTLAW propaganda! Fox can still lie, but just not be allowed to call themselves “NEWS” anymore. Like in the UK?

    1. Donald Trump is still in charge of the military. Congress still seems split down party lines. And there’s free speech in the constitution. Would need the supreme court for this one, but they tend to look the other way from hate speech

    2. Confederates are exactly what they are, and No Republican should be called anything less or more than a Confederate from here on out! The South will not Rise again!

    3. Dude cool your jets and read a bit of history. Ya it’s a mess, but “They” is “Us”, our representatives. We have gotten lazy in our responsibility and fat on hubris, disinformation & pride. We don’t want to do the exact thing these Qrazytowners are fighting against. Giving Authoritarian powers to the Government regardless which side has the reins is BAD

    1. I can’t believe that broadcasters are allowed to get away with blatant, outright lying on anything, but particularly with regard to national/international affairs. Fox has to take much of the blame for the USA’s current state – it is the trumpers’ network and has brainwashed its viewers to the point that they won’t believe anything else.

    1. START N…
      Sad to say though…he ISN’T shut down is he, not yet ???????

      I keep remembering that Martha Stewart literally went to jail…for her little bit of insider trading …and people like Loeffler and Perdue and Trump and Bannon…etcetc.. are still out there, walking freely…..trump shouting out orders as he is unravelling.. SO incredibly dangerous…..there is SO much more going on under the surface, obviously

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