1. Iโ€™d vote a republican but only if they were upstandingโ€ฆ sick of all these crazies and whack jobs coming out. Itโ€™s complete lunacy

    2. @Dennis Rose LOL!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜† NOPE!! You should go to Russia and take tRump with you!

  1. The guy was laughing at the accusations; they’re a joke to him. Whether or not he’s guilty (presumed innocent until proven guilty), he demonstrates his worth — a decent human being would be shocked and horrified.

    1. All these so called modern countries are in reality created a heaven for raping women with the help of “feminism”.
      USA or West and same minded country’s Politicians, Office bosses, film Directors, CEO, Gymnastics&Sports Doctors Coaches and ordinary predators needs women to exercise their raping or groping or other form of nasty sexuality.
      But they will not gonna have their nasty desired fulfilled if women try to save themselves from getting raped by not falling into trap of feminism, by enjoying the life as a boss of their home. That will hinder the supply of women into the offices of people like Biden, Bill Clinton, rapist CEOs, gymnastic coaches doctors etc.
      So “feminism” brainwashes women so that the supply chain continues to meet the demand of all those western predators.
      Not only this. Those predators deman more slim figured sexy women. They knows if women love to become mother then women will become most honorable figure of the society with their great contribution to the society (risking life to bring human to world so that the human existance continues and society can have workers to move forward). This angers sexual predators and “feminism”. So they start brainwashing women by telling them that killing baby is not monster but just good cute medical practice just “abortion”. Then women brainwashed women become monsters and kill babies. They remain slim sexy for a bit longer to please all different types of sexual predators.
      In reality ” feminism” is anti women satanism.

    2. @Richard Reese OR you try to cover up your disgusting nature by pretending it never happened. Much like trump when he claimed he never paid stormy daniels, even when it was proven he did. You can not be this dimwitted or naive.

  2. “If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to get selfish, ignorant leaders.” (George Carlin)

    1. If George had only lived a few more years, imagine the material he would have come up with on the Chump administration.

  3. How to win a seat for public office when accused of sexual misconduct? Run the Trumpian playbook: deny the charges and play the victim of “unfair coverage.”

    1. How to remain in power when acxused of sexual misconduct? Follow the cuomo and biden playbooks, deny the charges and say you were just being friendly

    2. Republicans love to use Trump’s infamous words of “Fake News” whenever damming accusations and proven wrongdoings surface on them.

    1. Joe Morrissey ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ. LET’S GO BRANDON ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. If people who have legal issues going on like this, they should not be eligible for Congress. You cannot remove the corruption by continuing to allow corrupt people come in and legislate!

    1. @Jason M
      Yes yes quickly “Debunked” just like any news at all whatsoever that displeases the left.

  5. It’s funny to hear republicans complain that another republican is deplorable. I didn’t know they could make that distinction.

    1. @Stephen r Who TF is talking about that? This is not the subject being discussed nor was it the topic of my comment. Trump cultists again proving they can’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Please go away.

    2. @Stephen r So Ivanka flying on Air Force One to China to secure Trade Mark Rights is OK though?

      Even Republicans admit the Inflation is the Results of Trump! “Republican senator Tom Cotton … blames inflation on Donald Trumpโ€™s poor selection to lead the Federal Reserve.

      Cottonโ€™s view, laid out in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, places the blame for inflation squarely on Jerome Powell, the Fedโ€™s chairman. โ€œMr. Powellโ€™s Fed has forced millions of American families to choose whether to pay the mortgage, feed their families, fill up their gas tanks, heat their homes or buy Christmas presents,โ€ he argues.”

    3. @Stephen r So you are also ignorant about the Keystone pipeline? A pipeline that does nothing but transport CANADIAN tar sands crude to the Gulf to EXPORT! The US get’s no benefit what so ever out of a single drop of it! The pipe line would run through pristine aquifers when they have a known high failure rate. It would provide roughly 35 full time jobs while TAKING AWAY the hundreds of HIGH PAID trucking jobs currently used! But morons are convinced by ignorant shiny object lies!

    4. @Stephen r Where was your FAUX outrage over trump and his family breaking laws and making money off the Oval Office for the last 4 years?

  6. Violating a Woman is a Prerequisite of Entering
    Republican Party of Family Values. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

    1. @Taylor Fox Why is it that when ppl you love does something wrong you bring up Trump? Even though there is no evidence against him? Even the one who sued him dropped her charges because she had no evidence. Matt Gaetz has no accuser either. The story of Matt Gaetz was made up by another man who is 62 years old who lives here in Florida. The 13 year old girl story of Trump was made up by Jerry Springer’s former producer. You might want to do research before spewing your stupid liberal debunked talking points. This is why ppl like you belong in prison because you make up lies about ppl. Just like Hillary made up the Russia collusion story to vilify Trump. This is what John Brennan said in 2016. He briefed Obama and Biden about Hillary. I know you hate Trump but that shouldn’t make you want to lie about him. I don’t like demoncrats, but I won’t make up stuff about them. Whatever I say is based in facts because it is either on video or we have evidence. Like Biden pinching Steve Daines 8 year old niece breast or when she was 8. That is on video. There was a photo of Al Franken inappropriately touching on a woman. We have photos of Biden too. We have photos of Andrew Cuomo. These are demoncrats who have violated women. There is evidence of Don Lemonhead sexually assaulting a man. The man has witnesses who were at the scene. Cnn hired 2 pedophiles. Why is that when a republican is accused of something you can never provide the evidence? Because demoncrats want to hurt republicans when they run for something. Look at Kavanaugh and what he went through. Nobody found any evidence he did anything to Ford. Even friends of Ford couldn’t vouch for her. Eric Greitens was proven he did nothing wrong either. But when it comes to demoncrats and these accusations they are proven because demoncrats do their dirty work in public. Whereas you don’t see republicans do dirty work you just have accusations w/o any evidence.

  7. I say that he is the perfect candidate to run for the Trumpist GOP party since he fits all the qualifications which are: depraved, Mysoginist,lier, corrupt, deplorable and bend the knee and kisses the ring which in all reality makes him the perfect candidate to represent the Trump cult party.

    1. @A. Garza And where is he now? Cuomo is finished. The joke of the republican party is the ilk of yourself. Republicans love the uneducated.

  8. In GQP MAGA, criminality is a welcome trait in candidates; in any other party, why would you risk having to deal with GQP MAGA terrorism?

    1. There was a news story recently: approximately 50% of unemployed men; have a criminal record.
      I don’t know what it is for unemployed women.
      The trial for sexual misconduct against him; should have gone to court. There is a 75%chance; that people who commit these crimes; will be repeat offenders.

  9. Well, he threw in some God is good regardless of accusations, that’s all that’s needed now as a requirement to run under the republican umbrella forget morality aperently the Republicans have a ” god ” that does not mind much of those little things in a leader.

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