Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin defends controversial pardons

Former Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin issued hundreds of pardons and commutations in his final days in office, including a child rapist and convicted murders. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports Bevin defended the controversial pardon of a child rapist during a radio interview. #CNN #News


    1. @joe jose Truth hurts, doesn’t it Joe. Yes, there are plenty of democrats who are guilty of social improprieties, but there are MORE republicans, that have been.

  1. A final F YOU to the public on his way out. They donated to his political campaign. Hes also lying about evidence involving a child.

    1. Looked for the evidence convicting Micah, the guy he pardoned.
      Can you post the title of the story that shows it?
      I would appreciate it.

  2. Has anyone asked Mitch McConnell how he feels about this since he is one of two Senators from that State? Just curious on what “spin” Mitch would add to this Cluster.

  3. They didn’t mention that one of the guys who got a pardon was A family member of someone who gave him a campaign contribution

    1. This why in Georgia it’s hard as hell for anybody to get a pardon you know why because in Georgia the legislature took that power away from the governor and that’s the way it’s been in Georgia ever since only the Attorney General can I prove apartment and that’s very rare So in Georgia you don’t have to worry about no convicted felon getting a pardon not going to happen it hasn’t happened in almost 40 years The Parting is just one of the many perks of being the governor however the legislators can take it away from the government and they should but in some states did legislators reserved at exclusive privilege to the governor what guess what too many Governors are abusing it the latest Lakers need to get on a job and take away from the governor and turn it over to the attorney general legal never Grant pardons just like in Georgia in Arkansas where I live it it’s the last f****** Governor named Mike Beebe pardon his son who had a drug conviction but turned me down because I had an aggravated assault conviction against another black man that didn’t want to press charges man I went on my radio show and I blasted that motherfuking from here to Sunday for all the good it did and of course the new governor the Republican he likes to Pardon drug dealers but he’s not going to pardon me and all I have is a aggravated assault conviction just me another black man fighting in the parking lot 35 years ago the only victim with the state of Arkansas there was no white woman getting robbed in the parking lot and all that b******* just me and another black man who didn’t want to press charges every Governor since then has turned me down Bill Clinton Mike BB Mike Huckabee and the new governor ASA Hutchinson I don’t get a f****** break man these assholes always pardoning drug dealers maybe I should have been doing drugs LOL

    1. N S he was convicted… he let out more than 300 convicts.. one was a murderer that contributed heavily to his campaign… if a Democrat did this you ppl would have your pitchforks out in a heartbeat

    2. @BriNJoe LStyleSM yup exactly, but Bevin is a republican, so in their eyes he can’t do anything wrong, he could knock an old lady out live on television and they would support the man 100% I can see the comments now “well she was a Democrat so she had it coming”, “fake news”, “she was planted by the Clinton’s to provoke him”.

    3. @American Freedom World Peace There is a Hugh difference between all three states, though clear you do not know this!

  4. Bevin just wanted to ‘F” up the state before departing as governor. He does not care about victims, only to get revenge on losing his job.

    1. @N S Are you psychotic or merely stupid?
      Obviously the evidence was plenty sufficient to convince juries that they’re monsters.

      Why do you defend child rapists? Sounds like the FBI should take a look at your hard drive.

    2. @Javi dltr
      lets hope that sick fuk goes after some pos you know.
      i guess like trump you adore mass killings.
      you sick FUK,

    3. @Javi dltr I think you’re a liar. There is no Democratic governor who got in trouble because he sold pardons to child rapists and went on TV to lie about it and _slander a rape victim._
      If there is, link the evidence.

  5. Hey Kentucky! Just remember you folks voted this POS into office! And yes he was voted out but enough of the people of Kentucky thought he was good enough to vote him in in the first place! May I remind you that the good people of Kentucky have also kept that crusty, old derelict 🐒 McConnell in office for 30+ yrs! Here’s to you KYπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŽπŸ½πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Dummies!

    1. Don’t group everyone in Kentucky together, some people here actually have a brain, we voted the pos Bevin out, now McConnel is next, I believe 30 years is long enough for that piece of garbage.

    2. @enrique cortez Elderly conservatives are opposed to progress and hate change. They figure they’re candidate’s policies worked for them, so they don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t agree with them. In Bevin’s case, it’s referred to as “cognitive dissonance”.

    3. @Bellicose Ataraxia What does that say about most white people, in the deep south, when 1 out of 3 residents of Louisiana and Mississippi are black, but they STILL elect mostly republicans?

    1. Just like trump how many of his best people still work for the government none they have quit or are in jail.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡·πŸ˜±

    1. Terry Michaels oh look a pedo, sorry buddy Roy Moore is no longer running! Neither is you local Boy Scout leader!

    2. @sal been no . . short sited uninformed commentator. Both Indiana, Missouri are red states. . Also northwest Indiana is notorious for giving fake addresses to get medical treatment in Chicago because their “red state” healthcare is b.s.

    1. Bill Clinton issued 450 pardons throughout his presidency, 140 of those were issued on his last day in office.

  6. Not a surprise, Republicans under Trump are all jerks and love criminals. Not the Republican Party we used to know and love.

    1. Thats why he was a one term governor…unlike the Democrats who look the other way..rapist bill Clinton defender of a child rapist Hillary…kkk member Robert byrd. Womanizing Kennedys tax cheat Sharpton and rengel…the list goes on and on

    2. Don’t forget to mention all the Democrat baby killers while you are at it, because you must think they are so much better.

    3. @Adam Franzen Bill Oreilly is a pervert, Rush Limbaugh had sex with prostitutes in the Dominican republic, Gingrich cheated on his cancer stricken wife, Roy Moore was so hated that Alabama elected a Democratic senator. Oh, and how many marriages has Trump gone through? And are you aware of the dozens of homophobic Republicans who get exposed as being closeted gays (Roy Ashburn, George Rekers, Phillip Hinkle, Larry Craig, Steve Wiles, Bruce Barclay, Jim West, Glenn Murphy jr, Troy King, Paul Babeu, etc)

  7. If Bevin were a Democrat, Trump would have tweeted about it ad nauseam and mentioned it in all of his future rallies.

  8. Bevin is a sore loser. Let these criminals out to offend again and blame the new Governor. He needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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