1. We need to ban violent video games like Grand Thief Automobile, rap music by Eminem and R. Kelly who is actually in prison right now, songs like Closer by Nine Inch Nails which the music video is highly disturbing as it has a five year old and a monkey, movies like Fast and the Furious, which a 10th movie is in production, and shows like Breaking Bad and the upcoming sequel to Game of Thrones where Kit Harington announced on June 20, 2022 that he would be reprising as Jon Snow, another Game of Thrones sequel called House of the Dragon releasing in August 21, 2022, American-developed Reddit, and Chinese-developed Tiktok!

    1. You need to watch Eminem’s official “Darkness” video… the entire 6 minutes & 9 seconds. Then, with the little time of life you have left, search for some feasible solutions.

  2. Wasn’t USA TODAY once considered a legitimate newspaper? This is embarrassing clickbait.

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