1. If female sports are failing in viewership you can’t blame men for that, blame women. Ask women why they aren’t supporting their own sports. Business follows money.

  2. People have to want to watch the product in order for the money to be available. It’s clear, people don’t watch the product so where does the equal money come from?

    1. Yes but a person that is not pro capitalism or has never produced anything can not understand that concept, remember we are currently living in a society where there’s more and more people believing that everyone deserves a trophy

  3. Who’s going to tell her that they’ve always paid the players under the table and then it’s always been about the money????

  4. Just because someone is a head coach doesn’t make them experts on other matters.
    Exhibit A: the senator from Alabama

  5. How much money does the women’s league bring in?

    For instance, in baseball AA and AAA men’s could argue that they should get equal pay as MLB.

    1. @Eric Craig  I’m painting with a broad stroke because most of them feel womens sports and athletes should receive the same funding and pay as men’s sports. Men’s sports are more popular for a number of reasons and we all know why. In turn, men’s sports generate more revenue, and because of that, male athletes get paid more. The whining about unequal pay is getting old. What they want is for men’s sports to split their money equally with women sports and athletes, which is the ultimate form of socialism. Instead of playing the race, gender and equity card Maybe someone can come up with a solution. And don’t ask what that should be. if I knew I would be getting paid a lot of money right now instead of commenting back to you.

  6. Nothing is ruining it, it shouldn’t still exist. Sports shouldn’t even be related to schooling, it should be a completely detached thing and generally should be ignored.

  7. When I think of all the thing wrong with the world… I will never ever think of this as a problem. Is she part of a lobby, she just spoke in taking points? Yea it’s about $ you dope, your not putting a ball through a hoop to save a puppy

  8. *When it was Wallace and Biden against President Trump at the Debate!! Wallace Lost Me!! President Trump Just Wanted to Talk About Hunter’s Laptop was Real!! And it Was!!*

  9. Most of us, regardless of gender, were born without the genes to play big-time sports. Anyone for height equity?

  10. Coaches dont like the new transfer rule because kids now have options when they are stuck in a bad situation. She would rather coaches still own their players for 4 years.

  11. Since most of the women were scholar athletes to begin with they will move on to their careers with their degrees while only a handful of the men will see the inside of an NBA locker room. Unfortunately many of the rest will see the inside of a Walmart stockroom.

  12. Took my daughters to see Penn state women’s basketball a few years ago. They were playing a top ten team and seats were 95% empty. The 5 % were mainly Girl Scouts we came with.

  13. Let’s make the whole question moot, and get competitive sports out of academic institutions. Other countries get better college educations, because all the money is spent on education, not lush locker rooms and training facilities. Let professional sports pay for farm teams, and make every university and college like MIT, where sports teams are just for recreation, and anyone can join any team. End *all* academic scholarships (as well as get rid of legacy admissions), and only grant scholarships for merit.

  14. There’s just too much money in college sports. I love how she says what are we teaching them? You’re suppose to be learning a degree. Not a game that most will never play after college.

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