Former Top EU Lawyer Says Article 50 Is Not Entirely Final

Former Top EU Lawyer Says Article 50 Is Not Entirely Final 1


Jean-Claude Piris, a lawyer who oversaw the insertion of Article 50 into the Lisbon Treaty, says the wording makes it less final than some might suggest. Does Brexit still definitely mean Brexit?

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15 Comments on "Former Top EU Lawyer Says Article 50 Is Not Entirely Final"

  1. Please stop taking money from pro-EU banks and dodgy businessmen

  2. Matthew Mitchell | September 7, 2016 at 3:32 PM | Reply

    We’re leaving. Deal with it Sky.

  3. Staying in the EU is for slaves that dont want to think for themselfs and
    want to be ruled with no choice britan leveing and standing on its own two
    feet is for free thinking people! what is the problem with leveing? wannabe


  5. we voted to leave which was democracy whatever the outcome was. even if
    your a remain voter and want democracy accept the outcome and unite. if
    somehow the eu stops us leaving and remainers are happy with the democratic
    vote being ignored is a disgrace to this country.

    • Oh, we definitely are obliged to leave but it might not be yet. It might be
      in 100 years time after we’re all dead anyway.

  6. We want to leave the single market and join THE WORLD MARKET !

  7. He is right the UK has no trade agreements with anyone they don’t even have
    enough trade negotiators to handle the process. It will take time and money
    to train them and even then countries around the world are going to put a
    small country like the UK behind big trading blocks like the EU when they
    negotiate trade deal. Times are going to get tough over the next decade.

    • Of course they havent, they need to invoke article 50 or the 1972 european
      communities act first, but your being disingenuous, because australia
      canada china and the usa amongst others, are all waiting to trade deal with
      us, and besides, we export more outside the eu than we do in the eu, so we
      wouldnt lose much, if at all, we buy much more from the EU, than we sell to
      They the EU, would be most fearful of losing our trade, especially germany,
      france and netherlands, because we are their biggest customer, and
      germany’s car manufacturer would have a fit if the EU blocked the UK,
      because it would lose millions of business from us, and would have too lay
      off millions of workers, so stop your scare mongering and get your facts

    • +Wisdom Offered
      about 50% of the trade that the UK has is with the EU so any disruption in
      that would have a major impact on the UK economy. The UK currently trades
      with the rest of the world through treaties that have been negotiated with
      the EU and not the UK these all need to be renegotiated and it will take
      time to do so the could also have a major impact on the economy if trade
      outside the EU slows down whilst the UK negotiates trade deals.

    • +tomlinid
      its not 50% its 44%,
      £220 billion exports in 2015 down from £242 bill in 2010 these were classed
      as exports to the eu but not necesarilly all for the eu, look up the
      ‘Rotterdam Effect’, which distorts the true facts.
      This is out of 510 bill exports we sell both in and out of the EU, so they
      need us a darned more than we need them!
      so we are not in dire straights AT ALL

  8. ignore this jargon and leave, it’s typical legal double talk.

  9. so much fear mongering trough the vide and in the end he says that it cans
    be good in the long term xDDDDDD good decision then

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