Former VP Joe Biden Delivers Fair Performance As Candidates Pile On | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Former VP Joe Biden Delivers Fair Performance As Candidates Pile On | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Former VP Joe Biden gave a fair performance at the second debate and for now remains the frontrunner, according to Rev. Al Sharpton, who joins a discussion on grading Wednesday's Democratic debate.
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Former VP Joe Biden Delivers Fair Performance As Candidates Pile On | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Elizabeth Warren and Sanders are polling great, fund raising equally as well, maintained theirselves in the debate, yet don’t seem to get recognition. Sanders in particular! Oh, classic MSNBC!

    1. Fakenews CNN and MSNBC are promoting Warren so Bernie will get the boot. Then they’ll attack Warren so corrupt establishment pedophile Joe Biden will win. Cheers from Toronto

  2. …no one attacked President Obama, they criticized Obama/Biden policies. To go after him would be to criticize his character & intentions which they did not do.

  3. Poor pedophile Joe Biden got destroyed once again. Same with Harris. Tulsi Gabbard easily won but she’s antiwar so fakenews CNN and MSNBC won’t promote her.

  4. The meat grinder debate, candidates come in one one way and leave destroyed by their own lol never interfere while they destroy themselves.

  5. Love you Rev Al but…… some of the Latino community were not happy with how Obama did almost nothing to help well Latinos. Now I am a Latina and an American so I understand the challenges president obama faced with turtle neck Moscow Mitch but my parents who who are legal residents don’t know. So in a sense a lot of the people in my Latino community and even some for the black voters who then didn’t vote or went to support dumpster have said the Obama administration did nothing for them. Again that’s not me but I do see how there is a “silent majority” even in the left liberal blue democratic progressive whatever you want to call it.

    Side note**** I hate using that phrase “silent majority” because crook Nixon is the one who coined it. Nixon is Roger stones idol and now roger stone along with Paul Manafort who supported and worked with Nixon have a lot of legal issues involving corruption with the Russians and trump campaign) PEOPLE WAKE UP! Read a newspaper or do a google search.

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