Fox-Mania: Capitol Insurrectionists And Their ‘Ridiculous Excuses’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC

One of the insurrectionists, Anthony Antonio, and his lawyer are arguing that he “became hooked with what I call ‘Fox-itis’ or ‘Foxmania’ and became interested in the political aspect and started believing what was being fed to him.” His attorney claimed that after losing his job at the start of the pandemic, Antonio spent hours watching Fox. 
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    1. @Louis Tully denying reality due to persistent ignorance is imbecilic, trumpsollini is a grifter created by foxy murkdog

    2. @Louis Tully it wasn’t unarmed. The insurrectionists had molotovs, pipe bombs and guns.

    3. @Sarah F 4.0 not a single gun was found according to FBI.. pipe bombs have still not been linked to anyone since they were found

    4. @Marle Taylor not recognising reality and proven fact is being delusional or your persistent ignorance is simply being imbecilic, seek help.

    1. No one’s watching MSNBC right now. Hardly anyone watches it anymore. They dunno what to talk about without Trump so have to keep talking about rubbish like this. Fact!

    2. @Chaos it looks like You are watching…Or just trolling their videos just to comment..😂😂😂😂😂

    3. @Sunny73 so don’t watch…Nobody is forcing You..Keep watching Fox they spread so much love..😂😂😂😂

    4. @Carolyn Baez I keep telling YouTube I’m not intrested in propaganda, but it seems they dont understand.

    1. @Ashley Horne No stupid. For radicalizing their viewers based on conspiracy theories and lies. Fox News is part of the reason why the US capitol was attacked on Jan 6. Fox News is part of the reason why 580,000 Americans are dead because of their dangerous misinformation about covid-19 being a hoax and telling people to not wear masks that saves lives. Fox News is part of the reason Dominion lost billions of dollars because they pushed Trump’s big lie about widespread fraud and constantly claiming Trump won which was false. Fox was sued billions for all of that. So it’s not just having an opinion stupid.

    2. @J so will you blame liberal media for the BLM/Antifa riots that have been going on for a year? Democrats enabled it and liberal media defended it. January 6th was just a few hundred morons who went crazy for an hour or two. There’s no comparison. Fact!

    1. @Chaos I don’t see you or anyone else condemning white on white violence either. Just last month a white guy opened fire on a cop for no reason at all and killed him.(forgot their names) When are you going to condemn that?

    2. @Free American Perhaps you are intentionally spreading lies. If not then please learn how to use internet search. For example, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Database, 95% of BLM protests have been peaceful.

      Now it’s your turn. Please cite a reputable source that backs up your claim.

    3. It’s unbelievable how these Trumpian loyalists, felt so entitled while carrying out Trump’s demand; they thought they were immune to any criminal charges !? This belief, after seeing their Leader getting away with every criminal actions while still in office !?

      They are truly the most ignorant, misinformed and pathetic of all Americans!? And if they think that Trump is untouchable to the laws of America?!, they haven’t seen anything. The best is yet to come !? Just ask Cohen !?? His predictions on Trump has been nothing short of accurate.

    4. @Chaos You’re pathetic?! Using the BLM protests to justify the insurrection, shows how desperate and despicable your mindset !? Are you really that stupid !??

  1. He wants to conference call all those in prison who were at the capitol on January 6th… including mum? She was the one chanting HANG MIKE PENCE… HAHAHA

  2. Insurrectionist: “I used to be a free man until you locked me up!”

    Joy: “Yeah, that’s kinda how it works, Landon.”


    1. @Robert Murrell do you have any thoughts on Maxine Waters inciting violence against the police? I personally think she should be locked up in an old folks home for dangerous criminals. Fact!

    2. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year . I’m already familiar with the seditionist’s credo.

    3. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year . So you’re saying that the truth actually does hurt doesn’t it sweet pea. Diaper filler Don was fired and evicted by sane people you looney seditionist’s just need to move on, it hurts that you didn’t get to install a dictator but in time you peeps will eventually get over it.

    4. I’m just amazed Maxine Waters isn’t in prison. She’s a wrongun that one and she’ll be remembered as being one. Fact!

    1. @Edwin Gutty What a weak comeback, since you can’t refute me, you cowardly attack me personally making up b.s.

      If you do drugs, don’t project your personality.

    2. @Borvo – are militas different than the Military in that section 8? Or are they the same? Also, do you think the comma separates the “milita” and “the people”?

      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, 👈(this comma)the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    3. How about holding the people accountable that have burned and looted all the businesses in our cities since last summer in the name of “equal rights”? Those people had their right to make a living taken away from them. And almost all those businesses were either owned by minorities or employed minorities. How about the innocent people they’ve murdered since last summer in the name of “equal rights”? They had their right to live taken from them. Most of those people were bailed out by your VP. So don’t run your pie hole about people being held accountable. You only want the right to be held accountable but not the left. They ALL need to be held accountable. You’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. PERIOD!!

    4. @Ramon Guzman look up what Trump said in it’s entirety and quote one time he called for violence. You can’t because he never did. You’re the one deflecting when countless democrats have actually called for violence against the right and you never call them out. One of yours even tried killing Republican politicians at a softball game because of the violent rhetoric from the left. Steve Scalice was lucky you lefties know nothing about guns or how to aim or he’d be dead right now.

    5. @Mike Hunt67 Hypocrite, remember when the orange traitor said that he would pay for legal fees for those beating those who attended his campaign rallies to oppose his rants.

      And that’s only a sample, he called the insurrectionists to march on the Capitol.

      Your whitewashing the traitor’s crimes is preposterous.

  3. There is a term used by Legislators in the US of A and it is ‘Purity at the Ballot Box’.
    Do you know what it really means?
    One interception is ‘Whites Only’, another is to ‘Restrict Voting’.
    Yes and then when you are called out ‘Just play Dumb’.

    1. Redhats are done. Spread the news. Here is a proven medical fact concerning the human brain. The LEFT side is always RIGHT, and on the RIGHT side there isn’t anything LEFT. It can also truthfully be said that..The Left side is the only side in it’s right mind.

    1. That should send a message to Fox news,must be true that fox is to blame cause they not blaming any other news channels

    2. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year No one is absolving Fox (or Trump). Everyone involved is responsible for their own actions.

    1. @nattyski what black people? Most Antifa and BLM supporters are white, but just like white liberals they have no black friends. Fact!

    2. @nattyski oh, and I haven’t once defended January 6th. Maybe you’re hallucinating or something. Fact!

    3. @Chaos Stop with the false equivalencies. The two events were completely different. BLM are protesting over centuries of human rights abuses, police brutality and racism. You MAGAts lost an election. And to the point, most of the BLM riots and looting were gangs, rightwing insurgents and opportunists. The VAST majority were extremely peaceful. But you go ahead with your little talking points and white privilege tantrums, I’m sure someone is interested.

    4. @Chaos
      Lie. Not a fact. There are many Americans who march with blm, from every demographic, though only slightly representative for conservatives. Antifa is a boogy man, some of you stupid conservatives exaggerate about. Know what Antifa does best? Work with other organizations and security interests to track white supremacists, Anti government and Nazi sociopaths and nutjobs, who are all republican, and other deranged conservatives. You’re not stating facts, you state your own biases, lies and radical right wing propaganda and fictionalized talking points. I’d wager you rely heavily on fried brained conspiracy theories too. All propagated by Republican and other slimey conservatives.

  4. For those that are old enough…Geraldine Jones (Flip Wilson) “The devil made me do it”

    1. @Dan Burnes LOL thank you for making me laugh. You might consider getting your TDS looked at.

    2. @Imaginary Person AOC was driving along the Beltway in D.C. when traffic came to a complete stop. She looked out the window and saw Michael Moore stopping to talk to every driver. Eventually Moore got to her car, and she asked him what’s going on. Michael said, _”Terrorists have captured a limo with Trump, Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka inside. They’re demanding $10 million in ransom, or they’ll burn them alive. I’m collecting to help out.”_ AOC asked, _”How much have you collected?”_ Michael replied, _”Fifty gallons so far, but people are still siphoning.”_

  5. The term “Foxitis” fits. itis=inflammation and Fox definitely inflamed the insurrectionists.

    1. Liberal news certainly played a part in the BLM riots. Billions in damages and dozens dead. January 6th pales into insignificance by comparison. Fact!

    2. @Chaos you know nothing about January 6th. Our FBI is hunting these people down deovtedly for their criminal actions. How is the weather in Vladivostok?

  6. Republicans are taking a page straight out of Goebbels’s playbook. And they have the audacity to call themselves patriots.

    1. Yes, and for anyone unfamiliar with the beliefs of Hitler as stated by Joeseph Goebbels,
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the TRUTH is the mortal enemy of the LIE, and thus by extension, the TRUTH is the greatest enemy of the State.” Or more pointedly TRITH has become the greatest enemy of the Republican party! SMH!

  7. If this insurrectionist suffered from “Fox-itis” or “Foxmania” and has been taken to a mental hospital to be analysed, it would also be a good idea to send those in Murdoch House or the Conspiracy House to get the same treatment

    1. I won’t even ask what you think about large scale blex mobs rioting and using mob intimidation in regards to domestic terrorism as you clearly are not sane enough to comprehend that.

  8. This ladys brilliant.

    Ed. Fox News is banned in my country because it’s not news. I think it’s the same in the UK.

    1. @G. Strauss I don’t care what other country you’re from you don’t have free speech because the US is the ONLY country that guarantees it in our constitution. You may “think” you have free speech because they have you brainwashed into believing you do. How do you know they let the press report everything when that’s where you get all your news from? You wouldn’t have any idea if they suppressed the press because you wouldn’t hear about it. And how would you know what Fox News reports when you don’t get to see it? The only reason you think Fox lies is because they tell you it does. Free speech is getting to hear ALL speech whether you agree with it or not. If they won’t let you watch Fox then you don’t have free speech because they’re suppressing speech.

    2. @Mike Hunt67 Headline. “Trump mocked for disgusting use of Fox to spread voter lies”.

      Its not free speech, it’s free bullsh*t.

    3. @Iceberg Rose you call that a fact??? That’s a headline written by a leftist “reporter” with an agenda. That’s the problem with you leftists, you read some headlines but not the articles then repeat the headlines as “facts”.

    4. @Mike Hunt67 it’s common knowledge around the world. Sorry, the only ones fooled by Fox lies are people like you. If its not rubbish, then why is Trump not in the White House?

  9. They seem to believe that their actions inherently cannot be criminal. Idk if I’m fascinated or stupefied.

    1. @Imaginary Person far from oblivious, just making sure it’s clear that I’m not referring to the same “they” as the “they” in every story that starts with “sir”. Good on you for making sure I covered that.

  10. I’m just howling that the opening credits just say “the worst” with pics of Cruz and Haley 😂

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