Freedom Convoy Fallout | Watch the full first day of the Emergencies Act inquiry

The Public Order Emergency Commission’s public hearings into the federal government's use of the Emergencies Act kicked off on Oct. 13.

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  1. I suspect that the ridiculous volume levels on the translated portions are designed to limit how long anyone will be able to tolerate listening.

  2. Interesting headline. Are we not discussing whether the Liberals had grounds to invoke the emergencies measures act?

  3. The question is, what will come out of this inquiry…We know that the Public Safety minister lied and so did the Prime Minister?

  4. ❤Thank you to each and every trucker and their families for standing up and fighting for all our freedoms and an adherence to our charter and constitution.
    Godbless each and everyone of you .
    Bravo .
    Real Men/Women .

  5. Unrest and violence 😂😂😂 let’s call a spade a spade .. Trudeau evoked the emergencies act because he loves power… nothing more …

  6. can’t we mute him in french so we can hear the english translator? Instead of 3 hrs can we do a 1 hr english and 2 hr french version?

  7. With county and provincial states of emergencies declared, Trudeau’s invocation of the federal Emergencies Act is indefensible. This should have been a criminal trial, and not a silly inquiry.

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