1. “Counseling to commit mischief” is the most bogus sounding charge I’ve ever heard. What a joke.

    1. @Lohengrin I decided to stand for law and order. And democracy. And science. But you wouldn’t understand any of that. Go get your GED and we’ll talk.

  2. Imagine a country where you serve more time in prison for “mischief” then you would for a gun crime.

    1. @Randy Tricker I think you should check your facts on mandatory minimums against bill c-5 which repealed many of the minimums. if you recall that Alberta boarder protest and the weapons alleged to be connected to the protest most of those offenders where out the very next day on bail yet a simple protestor who is charged with counseling to commit mischief gets to trial with time served. a person can only pretend that is law equally applied because it very obviously is not.

    2. @cantfindausernamedamツ and this was not about stalkers this was about soliciting mischief and gun crime

    3. @Randy Tricker sorry I was not clear on my rant. He was arrested with an illegal handgun and initially charged with a few related offences

  3. The police were the ones committing mischief. Disobeying unconstitutional police orders is not mischief.

    1. @GnR Railroad: Hey…wait…what about the millions of Canadians who DON’T agree with him? What about the fact that no one, whether they agree or not, hired, elected or appointed him to act on their behalf? Doesn’t that make him an anarchist? Is that how you want your country run?

    2. Exactly! Never mind the cowards commenting below, if it were up to them Ottawa would still be on lock down with mask mandates while half the country wouldn’t be able to get on a plane.
      Truckers won!

  4. Any & all involved in parliament & police need to held & charged for thier involvement in the crimes against Canadian citizens . It was ruled a legal protest after all . So nobody is above justice being served equally , including Trudeau & Freeland all the way down too the goons with tarnished badges.

    1. @Shane Davis Found another what? The judge just declared it a legal protest this week and stated that the police acted under false pretenses because the information used for the basis of their actions wasn’t legitimate.

      It’s not complicated and is staying within the bounds of the law. The PM acted without any type of parliamentary oversight, which is a straight up violation of procedure according to regulations.

  5. Any investigation, charges laid or convictions in the illegal burning of over 30 churches?

    Didn’t think so.

    1. @Definitely Not Nathan Planetta No, that’s not it. The arsonists and their supporters didn’t try to hide the fact that the churches were intentionally burned.

  6. Sad he had to plead guilty. Unjust. Actual criminals get less time in jail then him and Pat.

  7. Mischief is a very low-level crime. Counseling to commit mischief is telling someone to commit a low-level crime, yet they do not explain what the mischief is. Pleading guilty to a charge like this is based on the advice of your lawyer to get out of jail or to have a lower sentence. This is the same charge they hit everyone with, its basically nothing.

    1. The prosecutor dropped most of the charges in exchange for info or testimony on someone higher up the food chain. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

    2. Mischief is a broad charge when it’s difficult to nail down an exact charge. It’s kinda like trying to make rules for drone flying before drones were even invented. 6 and 6 plus a criminal record is serious in everyone’s book except lifers and pinheads.

    3. Well he won the following prizes:
      1. As a guest of Her Majesty
      2. A Criminal Record, which is not going to impress his American friends when he crosses the border to visit
      3. And having to admit that he committed a Crime and that it was all wrong.
      4. By copping a plea, he saved the Ontario Government the costs of hosting his trial.
      5. He’s now on the Radar, read probation. He pulls this stunt again Her Majesty’s Minions will welcome him with open arms.

    4. @Kai Malino Kai, they are some wonderful parting gifts for our confessed criminal contestant George. Thanks for playing Convoy Clown.

    1. I’d say … for the accused. What was it all for? I bet the only person laughing is his lawyer.

    1. For what? If Trump can get away with inciting a riot or an insurrection guys of little consequence like True Dough are breathing easier.

  8. of course he pleaded guilty. Government took all the money and went after go fundme donators so no real lawyers could be afforded. Mind you mischief is a negligible charge, but will negatively affect his travel out of the country. So hopefully he can do local trucking

    1. Or from the criminals, who are apparently aware of their criminality, since why else would they plead out instead of going to trial? You support these grifters? Hahaha.

  9. The federal gov went against the Geneva convention
    Hes not guilty of anything
    Corporate canada is guilty.

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