Freeland, Bergen face off over Canada's vaccination rollout 1

Freeland, Bergen face off over Canada’s vaccination rollout


Deputy Prime Minister Chystia Freeland and MP Candice Bergen sparred over Canada's vaccination program and shipment delays from Pfizer.


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  1. Love, super love, MP Candice Bergen! Chystia Freeland is cool too but not as exciting and warrior like as Candice.

    1. Ah hahahahahahahaha. Not even close. We’re you even watching? “I want to be perfectly clear, I will never answer a question, you’d have to know what you’re doing to give an answer.” -excerpt from every Freeland response ever made.

  2. Finally some guts from the conservatives! Be careful Candice! Try not to put shine O’Toole or you might find yourself on the outs with Sloan. Candice for PM!!!!

    1. You disgrace the word hero with the mere mention of Freeland’s name. She and Trudeau will drive this country into the toilet for generations once they’re done.

    2. A hero?…. She was a ” journalist”, with the Globe, before becoming a lifelong Liberal. And as a woman who has paid a credit card bill, she became the finance minister, and our country was gutted in the last free trade agreements……what a hero.

    1. Guess we won’t know until the next election when the Liberals are driven out of official party status. It’s highly unlikely a different government would produce the same completely inept results.

  3. Ms Freeland, please don’t insult your fellow Canadians intelligence by making comparisons to New Zealand…they have had fewer cases in total then Ontario registers DAILY!!

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