Freeland: Canada ‘there where it matters’ despite defence spending

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was asked about Canada's defence spending following U.S. document leaks.

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  1. This government needs to go, even their “responsible” spending is deplorably irresponsible.

    Oh great.. “we’re spending more than anyone else” – bankrupting Canadians one day at a time.

  2. Where it matters for Justin is in Jamaica, surfing and catching some rays. What a laugh this woman is.

  3. Wow another non answer..exhausting…what about the debt do you balance it when you’re broke😢

  4. Trying to invert ‘Talk softly but carry a big stick’ with ‘Squawk a bunch with nothing to back it up’

  5. Can Freeland explain what happened to the $2 billion invested in a company that doesn’t exist? 🙃

  6. Canada could not defend itself against the North Dakota national guard. It would be a cakewalk.

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