1. @Juliette Gill lol adults know budgets don’t balance themselves, the smart adults knew this was going to be the consequence of reckless liberal spending

  1. “Well it’s a really important question “
    I don’t have a answer

    “I went to province to province “
    I got a warm welcome in Alberta

    “When it comes to our country’s approach “
    We will continue to hire ‘journalist’ in important positions to tailspin the story

  2. Soooooo, the budget didn’t balance itself? What do you expect from a finance minister who has no degree in any type of finance what so ever.

    1. I understand her run on answer went no where and what about the interest rate hike where is it at and where is it going ?

  3. You’re not a reporter anymore and what you’re saying is not relevant to the problems we are facing. We need leadership that is willing to acknowledge problems and come up with sound solutions. It’s called responsible government.

    1. Not true the hike in interest rate is to discourage taking loans . Less loans means less money circulating and halting the money supply aka inflation.

    2. @random stuff You please explain how that lowers the price of daily goods Food gas etc. Because the demand has not slowed

  4. A bunch of word salad with no substance.
    I highly doubt Canadians are confident in our country’s future when we have a finance minister who has no answers. I don’t know who the hell she was talking to on her trip across the country because I don’t know of anyone that is optimistic about our country’s future right now.

  5. it is soooooooo time for this Government to GOOOOOOOOOO. I can’t stand listening to her. She is horrific and incompetent!

    1. Yeah, I played the segment with subs on, muted, bc just looking at her smirking, “cat who got the canary” mug is grating enough.

      High crimes, not incompetence.

  6. Like Father like Son. His father put Canada in a terrible recession in the early 80’s due to his prior decade of spending in the 70’s.

  7. Canadians are working hard , doing everything right but still can’t make ends meet. This government is completely clueless

    1. seems like the slaves are if they keep paying to put put into shackles and disrespected, oh well, you have to learn to stand up and say no,

  8. “We understand the most vulnerable in our society needs to be supported”
    “But we have a responsibility to be fiscally responsible”
    So supporting our most vulnerable would be seen as irresponsible??
    If your child is sick, I suppose you would see it as irresponsible to buy medicine.
    Shame on you Chrystia Freeland.

  9. Omg this is government is painful. Just a bunch of clueless “intellects” speaking in circles about nothing. Love to know who she spoke with that has optimism in Canadas future right now.

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