Freeland criticizes O’Toole’s China comments: ‘Either ignorance or partisan insinuation’

Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and Conservative Leader O'Toole debated over Canada's relationship with China in question period.


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  1. First I want to say “keepnCanadians safe” and also we want to “keep Canadians safe” and lastly i want to reiterate we want to ” keep Canadians safe”…..

  2. if Freeland actually believed in human rights she should probably try and stay out of Xi jinping’s bed .

    1. @Martin Siedlecki and what type of education would make her more qualified? Quite frankly, if she isn’t qualified, no one in the HoC is.

    2. @Dan Rebelo her past job experience does disqualify her education. It does not mean she is unqualified for the position she is in. She is arguably one of the best educated MPs currently.

      If we’re going off of previous jobs, then you’ll be quite disappointed by many MPs as well as past PMs.

  3. I think he was speaking of Canada…you know, our own backyard… Let’s get to that first….how about putting Canadians first….!!!

  4. we want you to do your jobs one law for everyone not one law for one for them and a totally different law for politicians

  5. truedoh “empowering” women by making them clean up after his constant messes. Then
    he hangs them out to dry when their failures are exposed.

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