Freeland: McCallum doesn’t speak for Canadian government

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland responds to comments made by former Canadian ambassador John McCallum.


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  1. Freeland is a back bencher if I’ve every seen one. Her level of incompetence as compared to the post she occupies can only be matched by Prince Justin. I feel sad cringe watching her try to do her job.

  2. They way this woman dresses, looks, behaves, and speaks is a true reflection of what wrong with Canada.

    1. Zdenek Niederle “let me be extremely clear… “ this woman is extremely incompetent and a blemish on our country.

  3. McCallum is probably right though. Not necessarily because of the China problem but because of the level of incompetence of so many Cabinet ministers and of the PM.

  4. NGO is just as powerful in todays Society as an elected government.. thats what the world has become a deep state of powerful players. welcome to 2019.

    1. I’m a born and raised 5th gen Irish Canadian living in University-Rosedale. Freeland is my MP, she speaks for me, I have maxed out my donations to her campaign, I have volunteered my time to support her campaign. She’s will continue to speak for Canadians and serve as minister long into the future.

  5. Freeland acts like a spoiled teenager that thinks she is all that. Arrogance like this has no business representing the people of Canada. The majority of Liberal cabinet members have no idea what humility is and how it is a strength of character. What a shame.

  6. I guess the truth hurts, but the liberals have also proven to be pro American, I don’t think either party is suited to run Canada as a sovereign nation.

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