Freeland reassures that Canada has enough COVID-19 testing kits

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland discusses how the federal government is providing relief to Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Just curious does she get her script written by Goerge himself or does his lawyer, (Freeland’s mom) write her script for her ??
    Just curious ???

    1. in Nova Scotia we have enough supplies but we have to ration the tests. we’re checking the results here now because it takes At least 4 days to get results from Ottawa

    2. Guelph General in Ontario is asking the public to donate their masks to the hospital via Facebook.

    1. @Canada’s Worst Fisherman Shes one of TRUDYS ANGELS!!!!!!! LOL……BOBLLEHEADS they are all BOBBLEHEADS

  2. Yes day 6 waiting for results. Where is the playbook for emergency. What step are we on!. Update. Contacted results negative.

  3. the liberal also send medicine supply to Chinese and help to another country too so how can the government do both at this time

    1. @Steve Rogers ? I know a second wave is coming to China, but I never seen new cases at this moment in time.

      In 1918, three waves hit in quick succession within the space of a year, with the latter two waves accounting for most of the 50 million total death toll.

      While researchers do not know for sure why later waves were more deadly, a phenomenon known as “antigenic drift,” in which small, natural changes build up in a virus’s genetic make-up over time, can change the pathogen enough to make it more harmful to human beings.

  4. Wow…who even beleaves Freeland except Jr. . We do not even have enough to test right now imagine when the snowbirds hit the border.

  5. Fyi, Freeland: Hospitals are already calling out on Facebook for citizens to donate their masks to hospitals.
    Yea, you got this….

  6. Want a clear picture? Every two minutes, an Italian died yesterday of COVID19. That, could well be Here, by 6 April. This party of Unicorn Rainbow fantasies needs to get out of the way. Quarantine nationally NOW.

  7. Challenge the premise….get off your high horse and just do the job…couldve closed the border and kept essential trade flowing as was said…weeks ago

    1. @Haw Boy

      Cite your source for this allegation.

      Ontario has 55 million masks that have expired but may still be usable. They are being assessed now.

    2. More lies from your loving government. Stay safe guys. This is the first wave in Canada and unfortunately from history there are 3 waves and in the last 2 waves the pathogen changes know as the antigenic drift. They have pills now that remove the virus in 6 days. Test of 24 treated and 18 got rid of the virus. Though you all need testing kits now in the millions and you need those pills. This will save lives during the first wave.

  8. I’m, a “grateful”.
    She’s a liar, she hasn’t heard from a single business owner who is happy with the Trudeau governments response

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