Freeland responds to question about rent payments

"It would be a heartless act indeed, to evict someone right now ": Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland responds to a question about Canadians struggling to pay rent.

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    1. You Cooper You obviously have no idea how politics works. You work in law? Or within a Corporation? Her answer is how you are suppose to answer….You move your lips, spew nonsense which seems like you answered the question when you really haven’t, dodge the question and move on. Gee no wonder she’s a politician and you aren’t.

  1. what kind of answer is that? i got laid of in dec due to work shortage and went on i cant even go back to work for months now they are saying..i need more assistance..

    1. Dieter Kapelsky She ain’t a moron, she answered the way a politician would. Hence why she is in politics. When it comes to a political question, you give an ambiguous response….That way you deflected yourself of responsibility and accountability. She was trained well.

    1. It’s a political question, of course she ain’t gonna give a straight answer. She don’t want her words used against her later. This is how real world politics works. The more ambiguous, the better your answer.

  2. And in the meantime while she’s blah blah blahing…’s not helping the fact rent was due at 0000 01 Apr 2020!! Yada Yada Yada some landlords don’t care they want their rent so they can pay their bills. The old saying “cheques in the mail!”. 🤨

  3. Most incompetent, unprofessional, underqualified group of politicans ever. Dont screw up the next vote again. Send these loosers packing.

    1. Losers voted for them and they will again. Conservatives need to get their act together and combine back into one party…. 3+ more years of liberal hell…

  4. Blah blah blah so more a less Canadians are screwed but don’t worry MP’s got a raise and climate change will stop because Trudeau raised the carbon tax by 50%

  5. So what she’s implying by “health being the core center of our attention, then comes the financial concern: As if the department of finance is sitting on the sideline, waiting for the Federal govt to resolve health issue in order to get the greenlight to make pay outs! How could these two be correlated? Things can be achieved expeditiously & simultaneously from a logical stand point. How could a fed prioritize one over the other? Nonsense

  6. That’s a very goog question.
    She wants to be very clear.
    Government has a responsibility.
    They have to look after Canadians’ health and support the economy..

  7. She is careful not to lie, unlike Mr. Dressup, that is why she tap danced instead of answering the question.

  8. Trudeau sends Freeland out in the public to do his job for him, while he hides at home. He is the biggest coward i have ever seen.

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