From Chrissy Teigen to Joe Manchin: How cancel culture has further divided America | Just the FAQs

Cancel culture may have recently grown in popularity due to social media, but it started way before Twitter existed. Find out how everyone from Chrissy Teigen to politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Joe Manchin have been affected. RELATED:

Weeks after her old mean tweets resurfaced, Chrissy Teigen returned to social media to apologize once again for her history of cyberbullying.

"I know I’ve been quiet, and lord knows you don’t want to hear about me, but I want you to know I’ve been sitting in a hole of deserved global punishment, the ultimate 'sit here and think about what you’ve done,'" Teigen wrote in a blog post Monday.

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    1. @Saircall thats happened in the past, for example think of all the catholic priests or corrupt police officers who abused power to ignore public or gas light others

    2. @Saircall have you ever been online? logic doesn’t work when everyone’s indignant and trolling.

  1. It’s so unfair how things have turned out to be due to the recent world pandemic things have been so difficult

    1. @Daniel Crutcher Hey your not far from making profit, she has taken care of my account for months..I have 25 wins so far

  2. You aren’t entitled to peoples admiration or attention. You can earn it or lose it. Should be called consequence culture.

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