Full Interview: Gov. Justice On West Virginia Vaccination Efforts, Transgender Athletes Bill | MSNBC 1

Full Interview: Gov. Justice On West Virginia Vaccination Efforts, Transgender Athletes Bill | MSNBC


Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) recently announced that West Virginians between the ages of 16 and 35 who get the covid-19 vaccine will receive a $100 savings bond. He joins Stephanie Ruhle to talk about vaccination efforts in his state and his decision to sign a bill that bans transgender athletes from competing in female sports.
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  1. Such an embarrassment. Now interview the representatives and senators that are voting against health care, education, infrastructure, good paying jobs, clean water, air, land, etc.

    1. I see nothing wrong with people lining up every year to receive mandatory injections from the government and corporations. Do you?

  2. The governor is living in the fifties, he gives people 100 bugs. Why not a thousand? Let his people work in his mines, why job training for modern jobs? Coal wil be out in 5 years people, beware.

  3. Mining is such a pleasant, easy, healthy job. Even transfolk should be recruited to help dig our coal.

  4. The governor isn’t listening, the miners WANT paid training to green jobs. And he’s saying he’s not ready to transition when the workers are……

  5. Oh yeah everyone wants to go a mile underground, risk death from black lung or cave in, I hear there are Drs and lawyers lining up for the opportunity, WTF

  6. I drove through a vaccination site in my town and nobody was there. 3 people showed up in a 4 hour period…nobody wants the shot it looks like.

    1. Exactly what I muttered listening to him, they are ‘No time away’, Now is the time…Stephanie is Great, “You signed it!”

  7. He reminded me of my son when he was young “I will do it later” Great interview!!! Hope to see more like this put all the politicians on the hot seat

  8. Jim Justice is not a leader, because he can’t even lead himself into making thoroughly researched opinions/decisions. This is how it is, until W. Virginia decides otherwise.

  9. Damm! Ruhl went from kissing billionaire butts to showing us what MSM is supposed to be like . Keep it up Stephanie!!!!

  10. “Everyone likes this thing and all of the scientists agree that if we don’t do it we will in fact die, what’s your opinion?”

    “Because I’m a Republican (and literally for no other reason), I disagree and want to do the opposite of that thing.”

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