Full Mulvaney: WH ‘Did A Really, Really Good Job’ With Early COVID-19 Response | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Mulvaney: WH ‘Did A Really, Really Good Job’ With Early COVID-19 Response | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. it wasnt that they were any less contagious, it was that the government at the time contained them better….christ these reps are in denial what else is new..

  2. Mulvaney looks sweaty and mad and weird. He knows he’s KILLED people and he’s fighting like mad not to admit that to himself.

  3. Imagine if Trump had actually taken the pandemic seriously in January. He could of sold MAGA masks and looked like a hero when the country had isolated the virus my March. Instead, he went full moron and now the deaths of 10s of thousands of Americans are on his hands. He should just get back in the bunker and let a real leader step in. #BYEDON2020

    1. @John Keith You can’t blame all the deaths on trump, it is a global pandemic and people have died all over the world.
      The disproportionate, unnecessary deaths in the USA are the blood on trumps hands.

  4. Mulvaney is so wrong! SARS was just as deadly, just a different administration handling of the crisis.

    1. trump minions said trump was joking about limiting the testing so the U.S won’t have so many reported cases… Today trump said he don’t joke lmao

      These idiots haven’t learned yet.😂😂

    2. Another stupid man that let Trump in his career like Joe Scarborough said they just don’t learn

    3. @Pipe Down Corn Pop hairy legs and kids rubbing his legs and jumping on his lap! 😃😃😃😀

  5. Mulvaney: We did a really really good job.
    124,000 dead people: Does that include the part where you called it a hoax?
    Mulvaney: **stare back blankly** We did a really really good job.
    124,000 dead people: **turns over**

    1. Hey Mulvaney…..your name is in the mud in Ireland! Because of IRELANDS sad history under the shameful cudgel of JOHN BULL for hundreds of years your apparent willingness to participate in FACISM makes your disgrace all the more sickening. SHAME ON YOU.

    2. @Gilles Charbonneau no Dementia Joe said preventing the coronavirus is xenophobic! 😀😀😀😀

    3. @Bud Fudlacker Biden said that the China ban was xenophobic, and it was, plus it was useless since Trump let 40 000 people come from China without a 14 days self-isolation!

    4. @Bud Fudlacker Thought there 1 million people, turned out to be 6,200.
      The only tears I got are from laughing. 😅😂🤣

    1. LX, Corn Pop was a bad dude! Vote for me Dementia Joe or you ain’t black! Obama was the first clean intelligent black man!

  6. SARS is coronavirus !
    What a liar! I hope he gets it. I had it it was freaking horrible. I almost died. And all I knew was I had the flu really bad… This was 2 1/2 years ago.

    1. Bassplayer Marty: I’m glad you survived, I hope you didn’t get debilitated by it, like so many…

  7. We are still running short on PPE. Why in the world did we send almost 18 TONS of PPE to China so early on????????????????

  8. Mulvaney foot in mouth got him fired. He boldly said “Yes it was a quid pro quo it happens, so get over it”!

    1. @desglacons Your comments are are very boring to read……Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..There is more excitement in picking out my socks……Yawn…..

    1. Yea. Unfortunately politics are about optics and that’s a really small percentage of the population number. So they reckon they can get away with it

    2. Let’ Trump and his leeching family take the lead. Inject disinfectants in to themselves. Trump fulfilled his promise…….Americas FIRST Leading the world with OVER 2.400,000 cases and The DEM HOAX Emporer Trump claimed SO FAR cost 124,000 American lives!!!!

    1. Not only that but, he missed out on a Grand Opportunity to be THE Hero! He could have enacted the Defense Production Act to help save Lives with PPE, Equipment & Testings, from the start! He could have created Jobs & Production for the U.S.A. to be less dependent on China. He could have helped our Allies in Their Fight! Trump would have gotten Credit & Respect when all he has now is Blame & Disgust from the whole World, who knows how much Blood Trump has on his hands! Each day that passes is another chance that Trump “Might Rise” to his Office and he FAILS! He sabotages his own position and character! Anyone who enables him does as well!!

    2. Simply by touching, King Midas can turn rock to Gold. King Trump can too, but turn INTEGRITY TO CORRUPTION, along with his family leeches. IVANKA, DON jr AND JARED KUSHNER FOR A BETTER WORLD: Dethrone Trump. Vote Biden to get rid of Trump…..JAIL Trump!!!!!

    3. @An Jin San Well said!!
      100% agree with you..straight to jail for chump and his chimpanzee of sycophants!!🤯😡🤬🥶

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