Full update on new Canada COVID-19 modelling data

Full update on new Canada COVID-19 modelling data 1


    1. @Rob S

      Me recognizing mathematics has no correlation with being told what to do lol

      But if it helps you sleep at night….sure
      I love being told what to do … 😉

    1. @Sqae no there isn’t a consensus of that. The consensus is that it can easily overwhelm hodpitals which is now doing many places in the world. Usa especially. Are you dumb, or trolling?

    2. @Clark Johnson actually Clark boy, it would clean up that terrible grammer of yours and make your point more understandable.

    3. @Skeefu No probably one of those idiots that walk alone down the street and no one around with a mask on. They all are dreaming of being in a Chines porn movie.

  1. Watching govt spending 20 min implying govt responses is directly related to case numbers. I thought they were statisticians not snake oil sales ppl.

    1. hard to say for certain but the number going around seems to be up to 40 cycles accepted as a positive result , meaning up to 97% error rate for all purposed data.

    2. @Scott Sugden Indeed but I want to watch the movie noise
      P.S Only men in this movie are making noise …

    1. Typical Canadians doing things for the sake of doing it, and having something to show with little to no purpose or meaning.

    2. @Urseye I’m agreeing to the fact that dubbing the french to english is useless. If i am french i wouldn’t be able to hear the french.

  2. Government modelling has been as accurate as Wiarton Willie predicting an early spring. On second thought, Wiarton could probably predict better numbers.

    1. Merci et Joyeux Noel tout le monde!

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