Full update on Nova Scotia's COVID-19 response as cases rise | Tighter restrictions imposed 1

Full update on Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 response as cases rise | Tighter restrictions imposed


Nova Scotia is reporting 522 new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, the sixth day in a row the province has announced record high single-day case increase.

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  1. Two years in and we still can only test those who we already believe to have the disease. This is why the rapid tests are important, they are far less accurate especially with asymptomatic cases but it is possible to test widely and frequently with the rapid tests and yet these tests have only been just made available to the general public and far too close to Christmas, they should’ve been available to the public for almost a year instead of the province’s just sitting on them. Also, it was back in the Delta wave when the pharmaceuticals advise going to three doses, had we started widespread third dosing back then, the boosting hunger games for the Christmas Omicron onset could’ve been avoided. Addressing a pandemic is about being proactive not reactionary but so far, governments have only been reactionary.

    1. lol you are living in a dream world. How are you still not awake? Its been like you said 2 years! holy crap dude… open your eyes.

  2. Nobody is paying attention to these “guidelines”, we are fed up with the unscientific data and restrictions. I will NOT comply!

  3. Consulting with Iane Drankin. Why? Did you need some advice on managing a golf course? Or how to dodge a drunk driving charge?

  4. the prime Minister interview the other day says its mixed reviews between the supposing health care workers around the world if the new covid is any more extreme then the other variants…

  5. Is there an adult who believes in fairy tales?
    Of course young children love fairy tales and refuse to spoil the illusion they created by listening to them. But the adults ? …

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