Funding for defence at top of agenda for Biden’s visit to Canada | CTV’s Question Period

U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Cohen speaks about the objectives of Biden’s visit to Canada and why defence will be at the top of the agenda.

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  1. Doesn’t matter at all. They will just show how unequipped either of them are at running a country.

  2. More money might be needed for defence, but more money is also needed to buy groceries in Canada.

  3. The RCN is falling apart. It is time for Canadians to take note of our Arctic sovereignty, and to have the stomach to defend our interests on the North via the RCN and RCAF

  4. i hope they discuss how expensive the defense industry is, sheesh, talk about a system that could use an overhaul.

    1. It’s really not. Our entire defence budget is like the cost of running about 5 hospitals in Toronto. Ontario has a few hundred hospitals. For what it’s worth defence is one of the best bang for your buck. When they help out with floods, senior care homes or nato defence it’s significantly less per person than many departments of the government. I’d argue shared services Canada and others are the real issue. And public sector unions are literally a leech sucking the Canadian taxpayers dry.

  5. lol more money need for construction contractors like me not to move our skill abroad and further destroy housing supply in GTA, 10 ppl per bungalow avergae now

  6. It’s time for Canadians to demand Canada Exit NATO!

    Read Ives Engler’s article entitled “How Canada’s support for NATO expansion contributed to Ukraine tragedy”.

    “The truth is that NATO has exacerbated instability around the world to serve as a pretext for its military interventions and as a justification for its continued existence.” Opinion by
    Tamara Lorincz
    MAY 7, 2019 in an article entitled “We need a progressive Canadian coalition against NATO”

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